marfa journal was launched one of these days, and i am going to order it as soon as i manage to have my wallet next to me while i am at the computer. i just relax in front of the computer and never do anything smart or productively. maybe because i always prefer to write by hand and never do school work by hand and write my notes by hand, so my mac isnt connected to doing smart or constructive stuff. i have several shopping baskets all over the internet that i end up forgetting about because i never bother to find my wallet while i am in front of the computer. maybe it is a good thing. as a child i never got all the toys i wanted, and i remember the strong desire for something i wanted but couldnt get. i would draw it and look at it and think about it for days and weeks instead of having it, playing with it, get tired of it. i remember i loved to look through all kinds of catalogues – rather than books and magazines. the catalogues represented something i only would be able to have in this passive form – which was the best form of them all.

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  1. oh grayzine is off? I havent read you for a while, totally disappointed as from all the others i only read your blog. I think you have talent and i hope one day to read more from you, very creative and engaging and mature for what i think your age is. How old are you emma, if i may ask? Greetings Ema

  2. Are you staying on the Grayzine platform even though the founder moved elsewhere? Hope you keep writing one way or another.

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