she got them at the tanning salon

even though neither the people nor the music were dull, i felt bored all that evening. maybe i wasn’t bored, just tired, i dont know, i didnt think about it then. sometimes being bored makes you tired, which in this case probably was the situation. but what was i supposed to do, tell everyone i was bored, probably because i was tired, or the other way around, i wasnt sure, but that i really needed some time for myself. it would be impossible to say something like that. instead i would just go to the bathroom and sit down at the heated floor and take a short nap. i would wake up by people knocking the bathroom door and ty dollar sign in the background (as longĀ as i recognized the voice). people would say my name and keep knocking, and as soon as i opened the door they would start laughing at me instead and treat me differently from before i went to sleep. they would think i was drunk, which i now understand they must have thought, but then it annoyed me. i would still be tired, still be bored, and now also annoyed of how they treated me. i would leave it all immideately and go home to be tired, bored, annoyed, and it their eyes, also drunk, on my own.

milton avery

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