pose of the month

i go through periods with different poses and ways of behaving physically. i remember i once saw a picture of carine roitfeld crossing her legs in a really funny and nice ways, and now i find pictures of myself doing the same. i don’t know if it first was on purpose (for the both of us?) or if it just happened unconsciously. last winter i had my hands in my front pockets of my pants while standing. earlier, i’ve had my hands tucked in my back pockets. i’ve also been through a phase where i always had my arms crossed, but i think my mom told me it looked defensive and that i should stop, so i did. i really like this hands on hips pose, but i think it’s just too posy. no one wants to look like they are standing in front of the camera if they’re not. the pose you give yourself in the mirror in the morning, especially with face expressions in mind, are much nicer than the ones you make in front of the camera. selfie faces are the worst.

(the gentlewoman issue ten)