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for a long time i’ve hated to admit that i find inspiration in fashion, and i probably haven’t allowed myself to take fashion seriously either. there has been a strong sense of irony associated to the word fashion, and i still agree there is so much more to the word style than fashion, as fashion excludes the personal approach to a large degree. however, i visit style.com every day at the moment (bcs of fw), and i am still fascinated by the concept of making something new for every season, which should both reflect the designers image, the season, the earlier seasons and whatever inspires the designer. and although i hate the thought of changing something every season bcs of something as stupid as a trend and claim it’s personal – the fact that clothing is something you actually use. it is available to everyone.

even though fashion mostly is associated with designers and fashion week etc, i am curious why some things become so appealing and popular, and how the mainstream (if just within a certain group or society) develops. there must be some reason why i suddenly feel such an urge for a certain garment or that i like some clothes just bcs i like the designer and hate some clothes just bcs i hate the designer. and i am rarely able to tell why it is like that. yesterday i borrowed my bf’s jeans, which i’ve never thought of as particularly nice, but they had such a nice cut above my ankles. i don’t know if they are trendy, but i guess that would change my view about how nice i felt last night (both physically and mental and social while i had a hangover).

this morning i found a lot of nice photos from barbara casasola’s ss 15-show and i think i just got a new favorite designer.

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