egyptian lover


from left: a glass with pencils and paint brushes and a scissor and charcoal in plastic (this one is for drawing but i’ve heard that charcoal is the only detoxifying thing, next to clay. other detoxifying things only move the toxins from the cells and out in the body, while charcoal and clay removes the toxins from the body!), two small cars from kinder eggs, a plaited straw box from my mom’s youth where i keep secret stuff and jewelry, 4 norwegian kroner, a brown box with colored pencils from muji, melatonin, a book by andreas banderas, ruler from a nice shop in nyc, a stack of notebooks. the clip far to the right belongs to my desk lamp.


Skjermbilde 2014-11-02 kl. 21.43.38 Skjermbilde 2014-11-02 kl. 21.43.45 Skjermbilde 2014-11-02 kl. 21.44.00

i am determined to hang on to the story about my weekend with masha
and our common fascination for the bergman film called persona
i am just in doubt and it doesn’t seem to end
it is extremely difficult to decide the outcome of a situation i never before have been a part of, with a person i’ve never even met
i will have to make up something, which will make a new problem: fiction has endless possibilities, and makes it hard to choose. what to choose?


i tried to focus but i just couldn’t
the room where i studied was warm, i had turned the heat up more than necessary because autumn was approaching and i knew my room tended to become chilly in the evenings
thinking that a change of temperature would make me focus more i opened one window and took my pants and my sweater off and sat there, with my macbook and my book in my lap, at a metal/wood/straw chair, only wearing tshirt and undies
yet it was still hard to focus, so i had a shower and put on clean underwear (the crisp feeling of clean laundry) and returned to the chair
as it was still hard to focus i tried not to think about it