Jumping on the Céline bandwagon

celine3london12dag2vogue2In the last couple of months, I’ve been attracted to the idea of getting the Céline trio bag. I’m not going to go into details as to why I should get it other than the fact that I could really use a small purse which can fit only the essentials. I’m not that high maintenance so I’m fairly amazed by how much I tote around. Albeit I love my tote bags, they tend to accumulate a lot of random papers and stuff that belongs to the trashcan, and eventually I’d become a living dumpster.

When I started the quest for the perfect small purse, the Céline trio bag was the first and only one that immediately caught my eye. Funnily enough, it’s been completely off my radar for so many years. I just realized that it’s actually a very popular bag and omnipresent in the fashion blogosphere. I get it. It’s quite exquisite and photogenic. In terms of design, the purse decidedly caters to my taste and style, so why continue searching for something I’ve already found? Well… The catch? The price tag.

Truth be told, I haven’t put that much effort into finding a less expensive bag. Then I remembered the Steven Alan version for a fraction of the price and had a look at it in New York. Turned out I preferred the Céline version. It looked sturdier and felt way more luxurious and well made than the other one from Steven Alan. The decision was easy, far from time-consuming. I’ve settled for the Céline trio bag. I will put my hands on it when I go to Paris in a few months at the Galeries LaFayette, as tourists get 10% off a purchase and then I will get the VAT refund. All of a sudden the Céline bag became a bit less pricey and easier to digest. In the meantime, I have to figure out which color I want. Blah… it’s the agony of choice. Navy? Burgundy? Black? Gray? White? My bet would be navy as I always go for navy but I’m kind of hoping that I will opt for something a little more unpredictable. Looks like I’m jumping on the Céline bandwagon after all.

Winter wishlist

From left: Steven Alan beanie, MHL by Margaret Howell sweater, Steven Alan bag, Steven Alan pants, Acne sweater, Hope trousers

In terms of clothes, I haven’t been window shopping online in a while. Maybe because I feel like I have exactly everything I need these days. Lately, I haven’t felt that irrestible urge to buy something new to wear or fill in the gaps – if there are any to fill – either. I know for sure that I’ve got the shoes covered. New Church’s brogues and Nike Air Max sneakers in and now my footwear collection is complete. Anyhow, the stuff above is merely stuff that I want and not necessarily needs. Okay, except for the Steven Alan pants. I have been on the quest for a pair like that for a very, very, very, very long time but I won’t give in right away. In the past 3 out of 4 purchases that I made online have proven to be unsuccessful, so I won’t take a risk again. If it weren’t for the shipping cost back and forth, not to mention the import duties and VAT, I would have ordered the trousers online and returned them if the fit isn’t right. Life would have been so much easier then….. or not.

How about you?

The little black romper

via lagarconne.com

I’m the kind of gal who is, alas, more at ease in a pair of trousers than a dress or a skirt. Whenever I don one of my dresses, no matter how pretty it is, I can’t help but feel completely self-conscious and not like myself at all. Hence it more often than not ends up languishing in my closet. It’s a shame because I happen to have a penchant for lovely dresses and can’t help myself from purchasing one at times, wishfully thinking that I’d wear it with panache one day. Admittedly, I suppose it’s largely because of my vanity that I really loathe how my legs look like in a dress. Truth be told, I guess I haven’t genuinely accepted or got used to the transformation from a childish body to a more developed, feminine figure. I’m still young and completely aware of the fact that I’ll be facing lots of bodily changes down the road. Everything from pregnancy to a sudden weight gain thanks to my persistent sweet tooth or extreme binge eating – there, I just let the cat out of the bag –, and so on. Come to think of it, I’ve avoided talking about body-related issues in terms of clothing on my blog for as long as possible, as it’s quite a sensitive topic, not to mention that it’s difficult to acknowledge loudly that you have a twisted body image.

Anyway, I wasn’t supposed to broach this matter today but merely pop a few words about rompers. They might be a great alternative to dresses for girls like me. I love jumpsuits and I think I pull them off pretty well. Now that winter is approaching, a long-legged romper that stops just above the ankle is the perfect solution. I don’t feel anywhere near self-conscious when wearing them, which is cool considering that a romper isn’t exactly a “normal” garment to wear. Oh well, when you know that something just works for you…. I really like this one from Christian Wijnants. It’s super elegant and still looks like a dress. Unfortunately, it’s way out of my league. But I want it! It’s the perfect LBR, haha.

The agony of choice

Black sandals from Maryam Nassir Zadeh VS tan sandals from K. Jacques

Rucksack from Makr VS rucksack from Ally Capellino

Pleated top from A.P.C. in navy silk VS speckled silk

The title says it all! Choosing is quite painful. In this case, should the choice be based on price, scarcity – the words “limited stock” or “only one left” often make the item more desirable –, or perhaps the brand as it might be an indication of the quality? Right now I have no idea, but the good news is that I’ve finally managed to pare down the options to two. Yup, it’s the agony of choice – the agony of wardrobe planning… and the agony of online shopping.

Just can’t get enough shoes?

(via vogue.fr)

All the shoes above belong to the very inspiring Gaia Repossi. You know, the Italian heiress and creative director of Maison Repossi, who possesses that intangible “je ne sais quoi” allure and who’s always decked out in the best boy-meets-girl attires. She assuredly has a small, yet splendid collection of well-loved Church’s brogues, which have been on my “someday”-list for quite some time now. I’m talking about the classic Burwood brogues from Church’s. And truth be told, I’ve postponed this purchase several times before because I couldn’t account for buying them at the time even though they’re decidedly timeless and made of high quality leather. But I think it’s ultimately the right time to get hold of a pair, and of course I have some “bona fide” reasons for adding another pair of shoes to my ever-expanding footwear collection:

– I’ve been wearing my winter boots non-stop for three months, so I think both my feet and boots deserve a break from the constant wear.
– The temperature is rising, the snow is melting, and it’s time for a change in shoes.
– It’s still wet outside so I’d better keep my suede boots out of the danger zone.
– My loafers need to be resoled and repaired.. God knows when I’ll have time for that… Plus, it’s still a tad too cold to wear loafers since they don’t cover the entire feet.
– I reeeeallly want a pair of brogues. They’ve been on my list forever! Argh..

Admittedly, these are merely excuses to purchase them. They’re not even reasonable enough if you ask me. Anyhow, when I came across the picture above, it only intensified my desire for a pair of brogues. Internet is indeed a dangerous place.

And, while I’m at it, I think it’s refreshing to see photos of clothes that actually carry the signs of wear and tear in fashion articles that offers a peek into other people’s closets. Miss Repossi’s shoe collection is a good example. The epitome must be “the essentials” section of Self Service magazine. It’s real and not at all untouched. I’m fed up with clothes that look completely polished on blogs, in magazines etc, as if they’re still in their pristine condition. I find them so boring because they’re just an illusion. Beautiful clothes are the ones that have been worn with a big portion of love over time.

The search for the perfect rucksack

I haven’t worn a rucksack since the tender age of fourteen, and all of a sudden I’m in desperate need of one. I need your advice! Where can I find a chic and affordable backpack that is consistent with my style? Something clean, simple, sophisticated…. It must be large and rugged enough to carry three notebooks, four heavy books, a macbook pro 13″, pencil case, food, chargers, water bottle, and music sheets. I like the ones from Fjällräven, but every other teenager in my city wears that backpack, so I’m not really eager to jump on that bandwagon right away.

Merci d’avance!

An intense, inexplicable desire

One of the assets of being a selective consumer is that I just know when something’s just right for me. Take the infamous bator coat from Isabel Marant, for instance. I literally freaked out when I found out it was completely sold out in Paris, and boy did I go that extra mile to track down that jacket like a loony. AIbeit I must divulge that I’m a weeny bit unfaithful at times, it’s one of my best sartorial love affairs. And how did I know that the bator coat was just right for me? As I realized that it’s not available any longer, it just clicked for me right away. It’s like an intense, inexplicable desire.

The same feeling emerged yesterday, and as a picky shopper, I’m more often than not too late to the party. For months I’ve been eyeing this amazing dress from the Brooklyn-based designer Ilana Kohn, and yesterday I found out that I both need and want this dress. It’s perfect for day-to-day wear and just my cup of tea. The design is so understated and verging on minimalistic, but the beautiful print adds an extra element to the simplicity. I’m such a sucker for the cut and the way the textile drapes on the model. And most importantly, this kind of style matches my taste – the boat neck, the waist, the print, and the dropped shoulders. I only have one dress, and even though it’s more of a black tie dress the cut is quite similar with the boat neck, semi-accentuated waist, and so on.

Unfortunately, I found out that it’s no longer made in the original material and print. So I kind of freaked out, again. I’ve been googling and googling for the original dress to no avail. It’s a long shot, I know, but I think I’m going to e-mail the designer and ask if there are any possibilities to track down the original material. And if I ever get my hands on this dress, I’m positive I’m going to wear it day in, day out.

Christmas gift guide

I guess this post is bordering on last minute, but what the hey! For the first time in ages, I actually have a wishlist for Christmas that doesn’t contain just one wish that is a grand piano from Steinway & Sons – well, it’s a perennial wish that will come true at some point. Apart from a grand piano (and handwritten cards and homemade mixtapes), I always wish for unobtainable abstract things such as world peace, immortality, a photographic memory, a sixth sense, and so on. I assume the reason why I haven’t had a decent wishlist for Christmas since I was little is that I normally get hold of the things I need myself, because I’m so picky about what I bring into my life – I guess it’s a virgo thing. Anyway, here is my wishlist for Christmas, which hopefully might come in handy for those of you who struggle with last minute gift ideas for your friends and loved ones:

1. Music sheets, urtext version – I’ve developed a love affair with Beethoven’s sonatas and really enjoy playing them. Music sheets are perfect for musical friends and siblings. 2. A.P.C. O-neck wool sweater – Simple and perfect for the picky ones with a simple approach to style. I’ve tried on this particular sweater a gazilion times and I’m determined to put my hands on it once it hits the sales. 3. Comme des Garçons Play O-neck cardigan – The only cardigan I want. I adore the heart, it’s such a great, subtle detail. 4. iPhone 4S case – My 3 weeks old iPhone and its case were stolen a couple of weeks ago. Since I just purchased a new one, a new phone case would be useful – though I’ve already bought an ugly one. Anyway, I love this particular one with mustaches. It’s humorous and quite stylish at the same time. A nice present for someone who has or is getting an iPhone 4. 5. Books – I love books, but truth be told books are kind of tricky to gift – luckily, I’m surrounded by people with good taste in literature so I’ve got nothing to worry about. Read the extract below from Christian Lander’s “Stuff White People Like”, and you’ll understand – said book is by the way extremely hilarious and probably close to home, perfect for gifting:

“So now that you know white people like books, you might assume that a book is the perfect gift. Not so fast. There are a few possible outcomes from giving books, and a few of them end well. If you get a white person a book that they already have, the situation will be uncomfortable. If you get them a book that they do not want, you will be forever viewed as someone with poor taste in literature. In the event that you get them a book that they want and do not have, they are forced to recognize that they have not read it, which instantly paints you as a threat. There is no way to when you give a book to a white person.”

6. Chanel Mademoiselle body cream – It’s my signature scent and the packaging is so luxurious and nice. 7. Angled blush brush – I just bought a new blush and realized today that I don’t have a brush for it. 8. Velvet slippers – Slippers are the one thing that I need but never get around to buying, because I always get them for Christmas from an unknown aunt who just pops out of nowhere during the holiday. 9. Comme des Garçons pouch – I’d be completely over the moon if someone gave me this CDG pouch for Christmas, but I’ve already planned to get my hands on the burgundy one as soon as I’ve paid off my credit cards. 10. Office chair – I’m currently sitting on a broken chair. The screws and seat have fallen off, and even though it can be repaired it’s about 20 years old, so I guess it’s high time to get a new office chair. I wish my parents read my blog right now, so they could get me a nice chair for Christmas.. well, another thing is that I’ve stopped asking for stuff, so I won’t tell them anything unless they ask.

So, in the materialistic spirit of the season, what do you want for Christmas?

The perfect long weekend bag

I’m turbo picky when it comes to bags. Frankly, I’m somewhat happy that I have quite an expensive taste so that it takes me a long time to save up for a special item, and as time goes by I might get cold feet or change my mind as the saving process gives me plenty of thinking time – this way I’m sure I’m making the right choice.

Early tomorrow morning I’m heading to London. Since I’m staying for only two nights I’ll bring a carry-on, and a weekend bag would definitely come in handy. Of course I don’t own the perfect weekend bag yet, but at least I already know which one I want to bring if I ever am going to divide my time between European cities down the road. I found the perfect one a long time ago and it’s remained on my wish list ever since. It comes in several colors but I’ve already settled on the navy and black combo as it’s more consistent with my color scheme – plus one can never go wrong with navy, right? The bag is from Ettinger and it’s called the Hurlingham bag:

“The Hurlingham, in London, is an iconic English institution where town meets country and sport is an elegant affair. This bag is designed to be big enough to be used as an elegant sports bag but also small enough to pop in just a few clothes for an overnight stay.” (source)

It’s very elegant in a understated way and the design is absolutely timeless. I love the immaculate mingling of leather and textile – it’s just the right dose of leather.

Hope springs eternal that the price will drop a bit at some point, because I’m not sure if the price of this bag is anywhere near justifiable – unless I become super rich – given that it won’t be used on a regular basis. Or perhaps the bag could serve as the means to motivate me to start going to the gym – it would make a very elegant gym bag and totally be worth the expense if it, indirectly, proves to have a good effect on my well-being, haha!

PS: I’m traveling to London like a boho and would love some tips on very reasonably priced eateries. And as much as I’d love to have a piece of the glorious quiche at Rose Bakery, I ain’t going to wait in line for hours. Last time I went there, the top floor of Dover Street Market was jam-packed. Why aren’t Rose Bakery expanding their business in London?

What I would wear today

Barbour ‘Beaufort’ jacket, A.P.C. sweater, Current/Elliott jeans, Alexander Wang loafers, Balenciaga City bag, Omega wrist watch, Byredo perfumeMalin + Goetz candle

Horrible weather in Oslo today, it was just about unbearable. Today, after having finished my English final exam, I celebrated with some ice cream. I tell you, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that eating creamy food in such w-i-n-d-y weather is certainly not the smartest move. Well, I must admit that ice cream isn’t exactly my preferred hair accessory. Note to self: Only eat ice cream when the weather permits. Oh my, I can’t believe I’m actually talking about weather…

And apropos of weather, I think I have to revise my list of potential spring purchases because the climate of late has proven to be my nemesis. I could really use a proper transitional jacket right now. I have also figured out that a Barbour jacket would make the perfect accompaniment to festivals, especially if it rains. Predictably, Norwegian summer nights will be rather chilly this year, so a transitional jacket has unquestionably risen to the top of my list. Furthermore, the large pockets are pretty convenient, as I’m not keen on carrying around a bag at concerts. It’s perfectly roomy, enough to fit all my day and night essentials. So, this is how I would wear the Barbour “beaufort” jacket. I wonder if the jacket’s color goes well with chambray shirts?

By the way, if anyone of you has seen these Current/Elliott jeans in size 24 anywhere, please please please let me know. I have realized that these jeans are, in my inference, the closest to perfection that I have ever found. It’s such an elusive style and shade, which I really regret not purchasing. If I’m not completely off-base here, this particular style/shade is no longer in production, right?