What I would wear today

Barbour ‘Beaufort’ jacket, A.P.C. sweater, Current/Elliott jeans, Alexander Wang loafers, Balenciaga City bag, Omega wrist watch, Byredo perfumeMalin + Goetz candle

Horrible weather in Oslo today, it was just about unbearable. Today, after having finished my English final exam, I celebrated with some ice cream. I tell you, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that eating creamy food in such w-i-n-d-y weather is certainly not the smartest move. Well, I must admit that ice cream isn’t exactly my preferred hair accessory. Note to self: Only eat ice cream when the weather permits. Oh my, I can’t believe I’m actually talking about weather…

And apropos of weather, I think I have to revise my list of potential spring purchases because the climate of late has proven to be my nemesis. I could really use a proper transitional jacket right now. I have also figured out that a Barbour jacket would make the perfect accompaniment to festivals, especially if it rains. Predictably, Norwegian summer nights will be rather chilly this year, so a transitional jacket has unquestionably risen to the top of my list. Furthermore, the large pockets are pretty convenient, as I’m not keen on carrying around a bag at concerts. It’s perfectly roomy, enough to fit all my day and night essentials. So, this is how I would wear the Barbour “beaufort” jacket. I wonder if the jacket’s color goes well with chambray shirts?

By the way, if anyone of you has seen these Current/Elliott jeans in size 24 anywhere, please please please let me know. I have realized that these jeans are, in my inference, the closest to perfection that I have ever found. It’s such an elusive style and shade, which I really regret not purchasing. If I’m not completely off-base here, this particular style/shade is no longer in production, right?

Spring wardrobe planning pt. 3

So, I finally got around to writing a seasonal list of essential things that I might put my hands on soon.

1) An in-between-seasons transitional jacket
A pretty much self-explanatory item. My Isabel Marant bator coat is too hot to wear during the cusps between cold and warm seasons, whereas the other jackets in my closet only exacerbate the chilliness. I am in love with all the jackets shown in the first row, especially the classic Barbour jackets. Unfortunately, it is a little bit too late to invest in one because summer is approaching. By the time I acquire one, people are probably wandering around virtually naked. Besides, my funds are a bit tight right now so it’s not really my top priority unless something very unpredictable occurs. I think I’m going to wait till the sales, as I might be able to unearth some discounted tidbits.

2) A pair of sandals
I don’t own any summer shoes because sandals have never intrigued me until just recently. My sudden desire to wear sandals is a significant turnabout for my style. At first, I had to figure out my previously nonexistent taste in sandals. I must admit it’s a tricky task, but I ultimately ascertained that I am quite fond of cute sandals with sturdy heels and straps that don’t cut my legs in an awkward way. I really like the sandal style that A.P.C. makes with a few alterations every year. However, it’s more likely that I will purchase the black wide-heeled sandals from Zara. They are very elegant in an effortless way, and vaguely reminiscent of the utterly celebrated sandals from Celine. Sadly, they are currently sold out in Oslo and I’m still slightly self-conscious as to toe exposure. I’ve got to work out this issue before getting a pair of sandals.

3) Wide brim sun hat
I’m not a hat person but definitely not a sun worshipper, I assure you. I need a nice but inexpensive hat for the purpose of sun protection that features a wide brim. The only issue is that hats don’t really suit me, so I’m having such a hard time to find a decent one. Plus, I need a hat that reflects the heat because I have dark hair. Everyone who has dark hair knows how infernally hot it gets when you’re in the sun.

4) Ray-Ban sunglasses
I used to own a pair of prescription wayfarer sunglasses but somehow they shrunk or my head most likely expanded, hence they are way too small for me today. Although I already own a pair of prescription sunglasses from Dior, I want a pair of Ray-Bans because I feel more like myself when I’m wearing wayfarers. I feel a tad awful about not wearing the Dior sunnies often because I simply don’t feel comfortable wearing them. After all, they’re a gift from my parents, which means my parents were greatly involved in the process of selecting sunglasses. Alas, not all highly priced investments are successful. Anyway, otticanet.com sells very cheap designer sunglasses, and you get free prescription lenses. Still, I’m wavering between the wayfarers and clubmasters, though I’m not sure if I’m able to pull off the clubmasters. I just have to go for the one pair that suits my face shape.

5) Tailored shorts
See this post.

6) A black pouch
I have been searching for a while for a small, black pouch to use as a go-to clutch for nights out – preferably an inexpensive clutch that won’t suffer from frequent doses of red wine stains and obsolescence. I’m not sure whether I should go for a bag with straps or a hand-held pouch, which might be impractical at times. The pouch from Comme des Garçons is great but too expensive for something that I’m hypothetically disposed to break. I’m considering buying this pouch in black from Clare Vivier. It’s affordable and I wouldn’t feel a deep distress if I accidentally happen to scratch or spill a drink on it.

The much coveted boots

I fell head-over-heels in love with these boots by The Kooples – a French hipster brand – in 2008 and nearly got them out of my system until I started adding them to my collages last fall (examples here and here). I’ve always considered these shoes as the epitome of la street spontanéité and they are somewhat reminiscent of the infamous Isabel Marant ‘dicker’ boots. They’re almost the same, but not quite.

My penchant for these shoes was completely revived during my last trip to Paris, largely because I saw how fantastic they were in real life when Jeanne wore her own pair of The Kooples boots to her party. Imagine my materialistic delight when I ultimately won the auction after having stalked these tidbits for months on ebay. Initially I wanted the black version, as I already own a pair of taupe boots. However, because these boots are tremendously hard to track down, let alone the complicated process of convincing French ebay sellers to ship worldwide or to a friend’s address in France (thank you Stephanie!), I decided to put my hands on this find.

Anyhow, I received the highly coveted boots today. Much to my disappointment, these particular boots are too large for my feet despite I bought them in my size. I suppose they are about one size too big. Wearing these boots with insoles and socks help a bit, but they are still too loose around my ankles, as evidenced by the photo above. Yet I’m going to wear them for a day or two to see whether they are good for my feet or not. On a different note, these boots truly elongate my legs. Boots like these are hard to find, so I hope I can keep this buy.

So far, I’ve bought 7 pieces. That’s a lot but I’m in the process of rebuilding my wardrobe. My Isabel Marant boots are a tad weary nowadays, so I hope these ones will work out, as I really need to rotate my shoes if I want to extend their life. Haha!

Spring wardrobe planning pt. 2

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Yesterday I organized my closet and found a pair of black shorts which I purchased last summer from Zara. Said shorts were supposed to be the ideal pair. Also, they were intended to escort me through all the music festivals this summer. You can see the shorts here and here.

Evidently, the fit was super; the length was perfect but alas, the disposable fashion-quality is utterly off-putting. Now my only pair of shorts have completely lost their shape, and the fabric is stiff and really uncomfortable. They are officially useless as there is not much wear left in these shorts. Nonetheless, I didn’t expect top-notch quality at all, but I certainly did not anticipate that they would merely last one summer and a dozen wears. Hey, I am not rich enough to buy cheap things! Therefore I ought to find a high-quality, durable replacement for this approaching summer, as I refuse to kill myself by covering my legs in a pair of suicidal jeans on boiling hot days. Searching for a perfect substitute is such a bore… In addition, I haven’t been eager about spending a lot of money on something I only wear a couple of times during summer. Still I’m not exactly eager about buying a new replacement every year either. I better spend wisely this time!

PS: I’m not planning to buy any of the shorts pictured here as they’re probably out of my budget, but I’ll be searching for a similar style.

1. Alexander Wang tuxedo shorts, 2. Cacharel silk shorts, 3. Acne sensational shorts, 4. Rag and Bone tennis shorts 

My wish lists in retrospect pt. 1

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Today I rediscovered a moleskine notebook filled with my old shopping and wish lists from 2009. My taste has undeniably changed since then, so to speak. Be that as it may, I find it rather fun and enlightening to see how mon goût has progressively moved in the direction of my current taste. I am positive that my taste will remain somewhat the same for years to come, inasmuch as I can perceive that I’ve finally figured out my style and taste.

However, I want to share the aforementioned lists on my blog. The first one was dated March 2009. To put it bluntly, my approach to style was still fairly schizophrenic at that time. Yet some of the items on my lists are a tad embarrassing as they are far from in accord with my taste nowadays. Trust me, every list gets better with time.

Otherwise it’s nice to look back at my lists so as to sort out things in terms of wardrobe building and grasp why I need a lot of time to reflect before I settle for an item. The funny thing is that I can’t even recall wanting to acquire any of the items listed below.

- Beanie
I’m glad I never got my hands on a beanie as I subsequently found out that it’s not my style at all. I don’t know but I assume I was slightly influenced by the Alexander Wang mania at that point.
- Bowler hat
Purchased in London and worn a couple of times. I looked silly and forced. I’ve learned my lesson!
- Chanel-esque tights from Lindex
- Asymmetric cardigan à la Rick Owens
I abstain from anything asymmetric these days.
- White, slouchy tank tops à la Alexander Wang
Not exactly my top priority. I don’t even have white tank tops on my basics list.

I have nothing else to add but a good laugh!

Spring wardrobe planning pt. 1

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I have been dreadfully busy and I can’t even remember when I’ve had time to purchase all these things. Oh well… at least I’ve made some great purchases and indulged in small luxuries to lighten up my sappy life.

I often get questions on what to wear under a semi-sheer or white shirt. Frankly, I’m the last person one should ask when it comes to bras and such, but hear me out! Net a porter offered free shipping last week, and it would be remiss of me not to take advantage of this promotion to invest in the perfect solution for white shirts. So, for those of you who have been struggling with alarming exposure of certain body parts or undergarments; I highly recommend this bra from Calvin Klein. It’s truly magical!

Also, I stumbled across two items I have been trying to unearth for almost a year now simultaneously. The taint of anger is permanently vanished now that I have obtained them. The striped cashmere sweater from A.P.C. is utmost perfection – it’s such an incredible confection that ought to be broached. I’m not exaggerating when I say that it looks as though it was constructed on my body. Too bad I managed to spill red wine on that sweater on its first outing.

In terms of wardrobe planning, however, I haven’t been planning at all, yet I am absolutely happy with each investment. I think my current method works wonderfully – I only settle for perfection. Although I don’t work from a list, I am positively confident in my aptitude to instantaneously descry what works and what doesn’t for my style. I do keep an unwritten list of essentials in mind when I hunt for new wardrobe cornerstones, but I’m open for unpredictable and unplanned finds too, as I’m aware that the most successful mainstays of my wardrobe result from an acute, unaccountable craving. Moreover, making collages helps me to discern between likes and dislikes – it’s as though I reach a kind of collage nirvana that has the answer to whether I should settle for a garment or not. (Credit to Stephanie for the ‘collage nirvana’-phrase).

PS: I’ve bought a domain for my blog, deadfleurette.com.

I might want to take a closer look

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.. at this chic cotton-linen blazer from Vanessa Bruno Athé. Yes, I can divulge with earnestness that I have a thingfor jackets, and I assume my inclination derives from those French Voguettes and their partiality towards statement jackets. Regardless, I can’t help but adore garments, particularly jackets, that are made from a cotton/linen blend; it’s really the best thing to wear, especially during the warmer months. I love the casual look of linen clothes, and this confection would instantly impart a perennial casualness to sleek and polished outfits. It is also a great option for those chillier summer nights. And of course; the sleeves need to be offhandedly rolled up in order to achieve the effortless look.

I imagine myself wearing it over whichever linen t-shirt, with a pair of black cropped, perhaps a bit slouchy, jeans and a pair of Salvatore Ferragamo flats. I will surely look for this jacket in Paris.

And oh! I just realized that this post instances my wardrobe planning process. Anyhow, my blog serves as a place in which I can ramblingly document my wardrobe planning process, so you should expect many posts comme ça in the future. Rather boring, I know (but it’s my blog, hehe!).

Fall wardrobe planning pt. V (final follow-up)

In the beginning of September 2010, I compiled a list of five items I wanted for the fall/winter season.

- A pair of brogues or loafers
- Isabel Marant tweed/bouclé jacket
- Clutch from Balenciaga or Mulberry
- Black O-neck sweater
- An intense, inexplicable desire or an item from Isabel Marant

I revised the list once and replaced 3) Clutch from Balenciaga or Mulberry with “Hobo from Balenciaga or Marc by Marc Jacobs”. Probably the smartest move I made. Later on I realized that I no longer wanted the clutch from Balenciaga.

I purchased everything on the list; a pair of loafers, Isabel Marant ‘tweed’-like jacket, hobo from Marc by Marc Jacobs, black crew neck sweater from Acne (image) + ‘an intense, inexplicable desire’ from Acne. In addition, my mom gave me a pair of tapered trousers from Zara and another crew neck sweater from COS.

Although I adhered to my list faithfully, I haven’t succeeded, as I am not fully content with my purchases. I think the problem lies in the fact that my shopping became overly dictated by the list, as if it was a list of tasks I was obliged to solve in order to finish my homework. Admittedly, I was a better consumer last fall. If I remember correctly, I bought only three items that I still cherish today; my beloved coat from Isabel Marant, Balenciaga bag, and a shirt from Isabel Marant I bought on a whim in Paris.

Having that said, I love the loafers I bought but they are a tad too small for my feet and I have given up trying to expand the shoes.

Regarding the Isabel Marant ‘tweed’-like jacket, I love the fact that I managed to get my hands on my dream jacket, but I hate the fact that I suppose I’ll never wear it because I can’t get over the visible silver zippers. Additionally, I figured out that maroon doesn’t go with my wardrobe’s color scheme. Regardless, I am keeping the jacket to see if the color and zippers grow on me. The jacket is such a rare and stunning piece of clothing, but I think I settled for second best.

On the other hand, I am very happy with my hobo from Marc by Marc Jacobs. I wear it every day and it is practical for school. I am also very happy with my crew neck knit from Acne (image). The knit is from the S/S 2009 collection and I ordered it from Acne’s outlet. As a matter of fact, I didn’t like the knit when I received it, but eventually it grew on me.

I ended up re-selling the item that was supposed to be an intense, inexplicable desire – an asymmetric shirt from Acne that wasn’t really my style, I found out subsequently. The shirt was merely an impulse buy, which I tried to label as ‘an intense, inexplicable desire’.

Needless to say, I have learned a lot from my mistakes and I have made some shopping resolutions for 2011.

Fall wardrobe planning pt. IV

1. A pair of brogues or loafers 
2. Isabel Marant tweed/bouclé jacket
3. Clutch from Balenciaga or Mulberry Hobo from Balenciaga or Marc by Marc Jacobs 
4. Black O-neck sweater
5. An intense, inexplicable desire or an item from Isabel Marant 

Although I’m extremely strict in terms of adding new items to my wardrobe, I allow myself to revise the “4/5 items a season”-list according to my needs. I realized that I don’t really need a clutch right away, so I replaced the wish with a hobo bag that I actually need.

I’ve been searching for the perfect hobo bag for years. I need a shoulder bag that is sturdier than the canvas fabric tote I wear for school. I’ve been considering a black Balenciaga day bag, which seems rather perfect. As I already own a black Balenciaga city bag and might purchase a clutch in black from the same designer, I’d like to try something different. Besides, I don’t want to own three similar bags in black from Balenciaga at the age of 19. I reckon it’s over the top, and I do not want to become fed up with my Balenciaga bags either.

Despite I’ve always disliked Marc Jacobs; I made an exception for this lovely bag. There are plenty of reasons why I really dislike Marc Jacobs. Mainly the design, but I’ll keep the other reasons to myself. I, however, decided to get my hands on this hobo from Marc by Marc Jacobs. It’s a model from 2006/2007 – exceptionally hard to hunt down. Eventually, I managed to track down the bag. On the other hand, my friend* has this bag and she made me fall in love with it. I’ve been craving her bag for quite some time and it’s finally mine. The bag is perfect. It even slouches perfectly. Due to my aversion to Marc Jacobs, I hope it doesn’t scream Marc Jacobs at all.

*Photos of my friend J sporting her MbMJ bag

Fall wardrobe planning pt. III

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Why are the simplest garments so incredibly hard to find?

For the past few weeks, I’ve been freezing to death. I’ve certainly miscalculated the Norwegian weather. I did not realize that I must look like the Michelin man so soon. My latest purchase, the perfect loafers – that I am supposed to wear this fall – are all of a sudden not appropriate for the weather conditions any longer. But it’s partly my fault that I’m freezing to death – I have an extremely low body temperature and I do not dress properly due to the lack of knits in my wardrobe.

Recently, I’ve been hunting for a simple knitted sweater that I can wrap myself in. Ideally a loose / non-fitted knit in black or grey with an o-neck. And the knit must be made from natural fabrics, preferably wool or cashmere so it can keep me warm during the six months of winter hell. Ergo no elbow patches, fuzzy details or funny cuts. I try not to buy anything made from synthetic fabrics. However, it seems like all the stores in Oslo merely carry knits that are made from synthetic fabrics such as nylon, polyamide and acrylic. I’ve seen a couple of nice sweaters online but I will not order anything unless I have tried the garment on. Have I succeed to find a simple knitted sweater? No! Am I the only one who struggles to find a simple sweater? I guess so..