My humblest thanks to all of you for your continued readership and support. It’s been an awesome journey, but sad to say, as with all journeys and lives, they come to an end. My life changed 360 degrees this summer. I lost both my dearest dog and my dearest mom within just three weeks. Every single day, I wake up believing that it was merely a nightmare until I pick up my phone to FaceTime with my mom, because that’s what we used to do when I was too lazy to get out of the bed in the mornings, and realize that the last call was made a month ago. As you might have gleaned from reading this blog, they were so important to me that a life without them was completely unimaginable. Yet here I am…. so I guess you all understand why right now it feels so terribly meaningless and utterly absurd to have a blog, to carry on with the things I like, to be excited about anything, to be the child I used to be before cancer took my mom away from me and my family.

I never showed mommy this blog because I was so embarrassed but I think she knew about it. Parents, you know… A few days before her funeral, I looked through all the pictures on her computer and came across an extremely awkward outfit picture of me with an anonymous bunny face. That was kind of really mortifying in a good way.

I will still be on instagram because that’s one of the few things that honestly keeps me sane these days… and maybe I’ll revive this blog in a few years since it seems like I’ve got some real issues with keeping my hands off the “create a new blog” button.

Goodbye <3

The art of giving

The past few months have literally been all about acing exams. Yesterday, I finished my last exam of the year, so it’s finally high time to give some love to the dearest people in my life, who haven’t been anything but extremely supportive and good to me all the way long. And with Christmas just around the corner, the timing couldn’t have been better! Needless to say, I am, just like any other year, far behind when it comes to buying gifts as I’ve been involuntarily locked up in my room for months now. Anyhow, that doesn’t mean that I haven’t been pondering over what to give this year. As for what I want for Christmas? Well, I am the kind of person who loves to give more than to receive, so I don’t have a Christmas wishlist as usual – unless you count world peace, willpower and other abstract things….

For those who are in the same boat as me, here are some last-minute nondisposable Christmas gifts ideas. If you are my friend, please don’t read!

For the music lover: AiAiAi “Capital” headphones. Top-notch sound quality, bass, not to mention the design. They’re also a good alternative to earmuffs.

For the tech geek: A pair Etre FIVEPOINT gloves with special “contactwoven” fingertips that make touchscreens easier to handle during winter months.

For the writer or the poet: Notebook from Leuchtturm1917. A book that’s small enough to carry anywhere with plenty of blank pages to fill with words.

For the reader: Books are generally hard to gift unless you know the person very well. However, you can’t go wrong with classics or popular science. Some of the books I’m gifting this year are “Thinking Fast and Slow” by Daniel Kahneman, “The Year of Magical Thinking” by Joan Didion, and “Les Enfants Terribles” by Jean Cocteau. Additionally, “Stuff White People Like” and “Whiter Shades of Pale” by Christian Lander are witty reads that inevitably hit close to home, perfect for the not too touchy souls out there.

For the tea drinker: Teapot from Marimekko.

For the twosome: Cute and timeless porcelain Moomin mugs. I don’t know with you guys, but everyone loves them here in Scandinavia. And most people collect these mugs too, so the limited editions or the seasonal ones are good options.

For the tomboy: Breton sweater or a cable-knit sweater from A.P.C.

For the food lover: The Rose Bakery book “Breakfast, Lunch, Tea”. It’s my favorite!

PS: A gift to dad is a biannual struggle. Any ideas?

Postcards and mosquito bites

Barcelona: Spent two nights in this room in a beautiful and quiet apartment in Born after the Sonar festival.

Barcelona: One of my best meals in Barcelona. Restaurante Rincon de Aragon in El Raval. Carrer del Carme, 28 

Barcelona: Solo lunching at Boca Grande. This place has the trippiest restroom ever. Passatge de la Concepció, 12

Berlin: Best Japanese ramen ever at Cocolo! Gipsstraße 3

Berlin: Burger at The Bird in Prenzlauer Berg. Am Falkplatz 5 

Berlin: Cheesecake heaven at Princess Cheesecake. Tucholskystraße 37

Nice: Mouthwatering pastries on the street

Nice: Visited Monastère de Cimiez after walking up the hills alone.

Nice: Jardin d’Eden designed by Yves Klein on the MAMAC roof terrace.

Paris: The Marrocan deli at Marché des Enfants Rouges in Le Marais. 39 Rue de Bretagne

Paris: Water melon and a mosquito bite on the park bench in Square Trousseau.

After having looked at my holidays photos from the past eleven weeks, I realized that my vacation was just a big feast. My summer has been a dream, almost too good to be true so, of course, it just had to end badly. I traveled to Mallorca, Barcelona, Tromøya, Copenhagen, Berlin, Nice, Monte Carlo, Grasse, Cannes, and Paris in this exact order. I’ve been drafting a recapulation of my blissful weeks of idleness and hedonism for my blog but quickly found out that I have yet to overcome the uncomfortableness of being overly open online. But one important thing I’ve learned in the last couple of weeks while being on the road, is to go with the flow without any expectations whatsoever (Barcelona, Sonar festival, Oslo in the end of June – amazing) and you’ll never be disappointed. In addition I’ve also learned that nothing can replace the “first time” – for anything, come to think of it – so any attempt at recreating the “first time” experience is just a waste of time and upsetting (Hove festival, Oslo in the beginning of August).

Long time no blog

Well, I guess it’s about time to say hello/goodbye to those of you who still stop by this dead-end of a blog, before I dash off again. I’ve been living out of a suitcase since the end of May and truth be told I really do look forward to going back to day-to-day routines. How I miss waking up at 7.30 AM every day and not drinking 8 units of Red Bull a night. But first, I’m just going to idle a bit more and go to Paris before becoming a hermit again.

I honestly have no idea what will happen to my blog after summer. As I’m turning 21 in September, I kinda feel like my Dead Fleurette days are over considering that I created my alter ego as a confused 16 year old gal in need of an alternative presence or pastime (don’t even ask) … I had this fantasy that I would remain an online ‘enigma’ forever but I guess I just want to be me for now.

Regardless, I’ll keep you in the loop. Enjoy the rest of the summer!

PS: Summer in Europe has been ridiculously COLD and schizophrenic. I guess you could tell from my outfit above… Fortunately, summer wasn’t absent in Spain or France so I’ve got my first tan in years. What a shocker!

Looking back… and forward


Now, facing one and a half months of exams, it suddenly struck me that I’ve never been as calm, cool and collected before despite the fact that I’m way behind the syllabus. Another self-proclamation here: Queen of procrastination. Yet I’m totally embracing this state of mind as I finally have a few days to catch up on reading at my own pace.

Just finished my first, and somewhat unplanned, semester of school. I’ve never undergone such an intense semester before and I think it’s the ideal warm-up for university down the road. In retrospect, I didn’t really study that much on my own. All the lessons, study groups and traveling back and forth to school were quite time-consuming, so in the end I didn’t really have the time or energy for the labor-intensive workload of mine. So… I probably have to retake some of the exams, but whatever, I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it.

Most importantly, this semester got me thinking of how I want my next semesters to be like: I’ll be opting for quality over quantity. As with anything else in life, it takes a bit of trial and error to get things adjusted accordingly. I’m still young, and I just realized that I ought to stop comparing myself to my peers, who are finishing their bachelors next year, if I want to be one step closer to my goals – even though it sometimes feels as if I’m moving backwards, not forwards. Sure, it will take a few years till I’ve attained the score I need for med school or clinical nutrition, but if I take things slowly I’ll get there faster. As cliché as it sounds, I still have my entire life before me and this is only the beginning. So I’m not rushing into anything. And one’s age isn’t an indication of success. Cutting down on the amount of classes and study groups so that I can seize all the prospective opportunities, beside studying science, sounds like a stellar plan to me. Because I’m a freaking restless person. On top of that, giving up on writing and contributing to magazines is not an option though I’ve basically put my life on hold since January. I’ve always loved writing, albeit I cannot see myself doing journalism for a living, simply as there are so many other things I want to do.

And speaking of restlessness… I have an incredibly amazing summer to look forward to while also being productive, thanks to the sometimes inconvenient restlessness. It’s downright my kind of motivation to stay the course. Totally unplanned, it was just on the spur of the moment that I decided to journey this summer. Well, I already had tickets for Paris but I was supposed to make money this summer, not spend them. But what the heck, I want to have fun! So I sat down, drew a quasi-map of all the likely destinations, and booked the cheapest flight tickets available a couple of days after that sudden, yet brilliant idea popped in my head.

So right after my last exam, the worst one, I’ll be traveling to Barcelona for the Sonar festival with some friends from France. I’m looking forward to late summer nights on the patio accompanied by magnificent music, friends, food, and wine – just picture all the lovely scenes from Kinfolk magazine. Then I’ll be heading to the south of Norway for the Hove festival (watch out for a giveaway soon). It was awesome last year, so there’s no doubt I’m going back. Following the festival, I’ll be travelling for three weeks in a row. First I’ll spend a couple of days in Copenhagen, then a week in Berlin, and after I’ll go to the Côte d’Azur, mainly Nice. Can’t wait to take the train from Nice to Monte Carlo, Grasse, Antibes, and Cannes, which I’m dying to explore. Then I’ll be visiting my beloved family and friends in Paris before going back to school. And although my summer looks a bit packed now, I’m trying to fit in a trip to Pisa and Forte Dei Marmi in Tuscany where I’ll be visiting Leen Hilde and surfing on the waves.

Needless to say, it’s going to be one of these holidays where you practically do nothing aside from living in the moment while wearing no-nonsense, yet pretty clothes, as epitomized by the girl in the picture above and in this post by Hannah-Rose. And hopefully, I’ll find the inspiration to write more and fine-tune some of my potential write-ups. Anyway, I can deal with my summer fantasies later. In the meantime, I’ll study hard. Best of luck to all of you who are in the same boat. And please let me know if any of you are renting out flats/private rooms or host travelers in Barcelona, Berlin, or Pisa.

Party time!

Grayzine is more than just a blog collective. In fact, the other bloggers at Grayzine have been working on a wonderful exhibition that will be presented tomorrow. There will be oysters, bubbly, awesome music, lovely people, and great photos by the great bloggers (sans moi, too busy studying)…. but Grayzine is nothing without you readers, so of course you’re invited to the party! If you happen to be in Oslo tomorrow evening, please leave a comment and your e-mail address in the e-mail field if you’d like to hop by the soirée, and I’ll randomly choose two readers who can bring a plus one to the exhibition tomorrow. Watch out for an invitation in your inbox!

See you!

(short notice, I know, but just got my computer back).


Boohoo! My Mac is dying. Worst timing ever, since my exams are approaching and I can’t afford to fail them just because my computer all of a sudden decided to let me down. So while apple is trying to save my precious work my blog will be sympathizing with the potential death of my Mac. Besides, blogging from my phone on the road is a nightmare! Kudos to all the phone bloggers out there.

I was supposed to announce the apc totes AND hove festival passes giveaways this week but that will have to wait :( :(

Anyhow, instagram is the shit nowadays so say hi to
bonjourtristesse if you’re as addicted as I am.

So long


I’m not dead (just almost) but my online presence is. The funny thing is that I’ve been flirting with the idea of making another blog, solely to post random ramblings and bits and bobs – something I’d call a cross between my relatively slow blog and fast tumblr. Anyway, I have a few A.P.C. canvas tote bags to give away to those of you still pops in here once in a while – and also because I want to make up for my involuntary absence –, so make sure to stop by in a few days to see if I’ve gotten around to announcing the giveaway.

In the meantime, take care and stop taking your loved ones for granted.

The blog title is just a reference to Feist’s “Graveyard”. 

The first of many posts in 2012

Wishing you and your loved ones a happy new year! Hope you’ve had a wonderful festive break before that horrendous transition back to the daily grind. I must have jinxed myself as new year’s eve wasn’t at all legendary, but I guess it was faith telling me that 2012 will be a somewhat fulfilling year, knock on wood. I don’t share much about myself or my personal life on my blog, but to recap fall 2011 in a nutshell; I dropped out of university, wasted away four months of my life doing nada, and at some point it felt like my life had fallen apart, hence the lack of posts despite the time off. And after a year of debauchery and decadence at the school of hard knocks, I’ve finally figured out what I want to pursue in my life, and I really cannot wait to start devoting energy towards what matters to me. And I cannot wait to feel empowered for a change. As of next week, I’m going back to education.

And although my schedule and workload is likely to turn me into a hermit, I’ve made a few new year’s resolutions for my more and less dead-end blog. Basically, I ought to get back into the bloggy swing of things and run a healthy posting routine. Blogging is going to be a fun activity when school is kicking off, because when I need a break out of calculus and Newton’s laws of gravity a weekly dose of frivolity will only do me good. So, will I manage at least one post a week?

Thank you so much for your continued readership. My blog hit 2000 followers on bloglovin just before 2011 drew to a close, which is just mind-boggling. Anyhow, I can’t wait to get the show on the road! Here’s to a legendary apocalypse!

Thoughts on blogging

I’m sorry for being such a reserved blogger. I really want to update, but every time I’m about to make a new post on my blog it only strikes me that my blog has unpredictably progressed in the wrong direction, which is quite off-putting. It’s suddenly all about consumption – in a bad way. If I’m not doing a post on online window shopping at A.P.C., then I’m posting my wishlists or another wardrobe planning post. Judging by the lack of inspiration to blog about anything but consumerism lately, maybe shopping actually is my be all and end all, which is beyond creepy. Not to mention, my blog somewhat reflects what I loathe so much about fashion magazines. They do nothing aside from advertising and blurring the distinction between wants and needs – thanks to the endless feed of products and images, which people are blinded by.

But don’t my posts on recent purchases and items of my dreams have a similar, if not the same, effect on people who read my blog? Although I’m not running a trend-focused blog, I assume it is still generating the same desires in people, am I right? I’m afraid that all that talk about wanting and needing this and that must tempt some readers into buying more.

Initially, I wanted to post my purchases and shopping lists to show that being a selective consumer and contemplating potential buys pay off in the long run, but I’m a bit concerned that these posts don’t serve their purpose. I won’t stop doing those posts, though, because they are very helpful to me. I just hope that I don’t come across as a show-off, which isn’t my aim at all.

Puh.. Just a couple of thoughts that have been springing in my head for days that might explain my blogger’s block of late. But seriously, I’m very worried that shopping might be my be all and end all.