Top 5 of 2012

I know, I’m really late to the party but I haven’t gotten around to making this post that has been on my mind for some time. So here comes a belated and incomplete list of some of the top 5 things that 2012 had to offer. I could probably go on and on because 2012 was such a terrific year but so far this took me 4 hours to put together and I have to study now…. what a life. Anyway, I’ll update it now and then so that I won’t ever forget the things I loved in 2012!

Top 5 wardrobe investments

1. A.P.C. ‘Petit Standard’ raw denim jeans (this is how they looked like after 6 months of wear and tear)
2. Church’s ‘Burwood’ glossy leather brogues
3. A.P.C. gray lambswool sweater (similar here)
4. A.P.C. leather and cork sandals
5. Acne ‘Canada’ scarf

Top 5 most listened to albums 

1. John Talabot – ƒin
2. Kendrick Lamar – Good kid, M.A.A.D. city
3. Kindness – World you need a change of mind
4. Frank Ocean – Channel Orange
5. Beach House – Bloom

Top 5 unpredictable yet successful purchases 

1. A.P.C. denim jumpsuit
2. A.P.C. liberty jumpsuit
3. Nike x A.P.C. navy air max shoes
4. Vanessa Bruno Athé jumpsuit
5. A.P.C. shirt found on eBay

Top 5 concerts I attended

1. Nicolas Jaar @ Sonar in Barcelona
2. Beach House in Oslo
3. Azari & III @ Sonar in Barcelona
4. Kendrick Lamar @ Hove at Tromøya
5. Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs @ Hove at Tromøya

Top 5 best tracks chosen randomly
1. Luke Abbott – Modern Driveway
2. John Talabot – When the past was present
3. Todd Terje – Inspector Norse
4. Jessie Ware – 110%
5. Dino Lenny vs Hardrive – A DJ deep inside (Shadow Child vocal)
(6. Kendrick Lamar – Now or Never feat. Mary J. Blige)

Top 5 burgers

top5burgers1. Honest Burgers in London (hand burger)
2. The Bird in Berlin (hand burger)
3. Fil a la Une in Toulouse (foie gras burger)
4. Halifax in Copenhagen
5. Cafe Gavlen in Copenhagen

Top 5 blogs discovered in 2012
1. Empty Emptor
2. Joanna Karenina
3. The Second Renaissance
4. The Log (essai)
5. I Love Fika

Looking back… and forward


Now, facing one and a half months of exams, it suddenly struck me that I’ve never been as calm, cool and collected before despite the fact that I’m way behind the syllabus. Another self-proclamation here: Queen of procrastination. Yet I’m totally embracing this state of mind as I finally have a few days to catch up on reading at my own pace.

Just finished my first, and somewhat unplanned, semester of school. I’ve never undergone such an intense semester before and I think it’s the ideal warm-up for university down the road. In retrospect, I didn’t really study that much on my own. All the lessons, study groups and traveling back and forth to school were quite time-consuming, so in the end I didn’t really have the time or energy for the labor-intensive workload of mine. So… I probably have to retake some of the exams, but whatever, I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it.

Most importantly, this semester got me thinking of how I want my next semesters to be like: I’ll be opting for quality over quantity. As with anything else in life, it takes a bit of trial and error to get things adjusted accordingly. I’m still young, and I just realized that I ought to stop comparing myself to my peers, who are finishing their bachelors next year, if I want to be one step closer to my goals – even though it sometimes feels as if I’m moving backwards, not forwards. Sure, it will take a few years till I’ve attained the score I need for med school or clinical nutrition, but if I take things slowly I’ll get there faster. As cliché as it sounds, I still have my entire life before me and this is only the beginning. So I’m not rushing into anything. And one’s age isn’t an indication of success. Cutting down on the amount of classes and study groups so that I can seize all the prospective opportunities, beside studying science, sounds like a stellar plan to me. Because I’m a freaking restless person. On top of that, giving up on writing and contributing to magazines is not an option though I’ve basically put my life on hold since January. I’ve always loved writing, albeit I cannot see myself doing journalism for a living, simply as there are so many other things I want to do.

And speaking of restlessness… I have an incredibly amazing summer to look forward to while also being productive, thanks to the sometimes inconvenient restlessness. It’s downright my kind of motivation to stay the course. Totally unplanned, it was just on the spur of the moment that I decided to journey this summer. Well, I already had tickets for Paris but I was supposed to make money this summer, not spend them. But what the heck, I want to have fun! So I sat down, drew a quasi-map of all the likely destinations, and booked the cheapest flight tickets available a couple of days after that sudden, yet brilliant idea popped in my head.

So right after my last exam, the worst one, I’ll be traveling to Barcelona for the Sonar festival with some friends from France. I’m looking forward to late summer nights on the patio accompanied by magnificent music, friends, food, and wine – just picture all the lovely scenes from Kinfolk magazine. Then I’ll be heading to the south of Norway for the Hove festival (watch out for a giveaway soon). It was awesome last year, so there’s no doubt I’m going back. Following the festival, I’ll be travelling for three weeks in a row. First I’ll spend a couple of days in Copenhagen, then a week in Berlin, and after I’ll go to the Côte d’Azur, mainly Nice. Can’t wait to take the train from Nice to Monte Carlo, Grasse, Antibes, and Cannes, which I’m dying to explore. Then I’ll be visiting my beloved family and friends in Paris before going back to school. And although my summer looks a bit packed now, I’m trying to fit in a trip to Pisa and Forte Dei Marmi in Tuscany where I’ll be visiting Leen Hilde and surfing on the waves.

Needless to say, it’s going to be one of these holidays where you practically do nothing aside from living in the moment while wearing no-nonsense, yet pretty clothes, as epitomized by the girl in the picture above and in this post by Hannah-Rose. And hopefully, I’ll find the inspiration to write more and fine-tune some of my potential write-ups. Anyway, I can deal with my summer fantasies later. In the meantime, I’ll study hard. Best of luck to all of you who are in the same boat. And please let me know if any of you are renting out flats/private rooms or host travelers in Barcelona, Berlin, or Pisa.

My Hove festival look of the day

So far, Hove has been great. One of the main reasons why I’m attending the festival is because I’m working for the festival’s newspaper. How could I decline such an opportunity? As promised, here is my festival attire of the day. I’m truly excited for tonight’s gigs – Charles Bradley and The Vaccines + clubbing!

Secondhand hat, A.P.C. shirt, Zara shorts, Marc by Marc Jacobs bag + loafers

Hove essentials

Here are some of my festival essentials. So, in the midst of being the worst-case scenario of a busy bee, I have one way or another managed to launder my clothes and pack for 7 days of escapism from the real world. Tomorrow morning I’m leaving for the divine island Tromøy to attend the Hove festival. It’s going to be such a fun and interesting week, I can tell. Obviously, I’m overly excited, as I’m a virgin when it comes to festivals of this kind. Be that as it may, I have always prided myself on being a light packer, but in this case I think I may have overpacked a bit due to possibly unpredictable weather changes. I can divulge that this photo only presents 1/4 of the stuff I’m bringing. Thank goodness I have accumulated quite an amount of refillable travel-size bottles over the last few years of traveling – they’re such saviors, otherwise I wouldn’t at all be able to fit my bathroom’s cabinet’s top shelf into a small bag.

Anyway, I will most likely blog my personal approach to festival style every day next week. After all, I’m a festival rookie. On top of that, I’ll be tweeting daily snippets from the festival around the clock, only to make your life seem more miserable. He-he! On the other hand, I never got around to announcing the winners of the Hove festival passes giveaway: Olga from Warsaw and Jane from Toulouse. Congratulations! Looking forward to seeing both of you soon. Super stoked!

See you at Hove! (If anyone recognizes me at the festival; pardon my chronic bitchface that might repel you from saying hi, but please say hi regardless!)

My dad's old wife-beater shirt, two striped breton tops, cardigan from American Apparel, COS t-shirt, A.P.C. liberty print shirt, tailored shorts from Zara, Ray-Ban Clubmasters, disposable camera, Coco Mademoiselle perfume, Bumble & Bumble texture cream, Bumble & Bumble curl conscious reactivating mist, Kiehl's ultra facial moisturizer SPF 15, Neutrogena sunblock SPF 100, Chanel rouge noir lipstick, Kiehl's ultra facial cleanser and toner, writing pad.

Summery outfits for festivals

Here are some silhouettes that are ideal for summer, outdoors festivals and my style. I’m going to the Hove music festival that takes place on the island of Arendal in southern Norway in the end of June. It is rumored that the festival is situated in beautiful and idyllic surroundings – I’m a sucker for fairytalelike settings. As much as I love music, I’m not really a camping kind of gal, so I have only been to music festivals held in the city. Luckily, I’m not going to sleep in a tent, otherwise I would never go to a festival with camping.

Initially, I was a tad concerned that I don’t really own clothes that are tent festival-appropriate – clothes that I’m eager to trash or adorn with red wine stain and beer, that is. This post evidences that my closet doesn’t encompass throwaway material. On the other hand, I’m not keen on compromising my current philosophy of shopping and wardrobe building by obtaining new, disposable clothes just for this one particular event. Also, I want to wear summery festival versions of my everyday uniform, as I’m not much of a style chameleon. Consistency is the keyword! However, after making these collages I realized that I’ve got nothing to worry about – unless I’m sleeping in a tent for an entire week. I am certainly not planning to bring anything breakable, so why should I worry? Lol! And it’s just clothes (which I spend a fortune on)… haha. Oh well, as you might have gleaned from my reading my posts, it’s in my nature to over-complicate simple things by participating in over-thinking. To be honest, I can’t curb my over-analytical nature.

Vanessa Bruno Athé blazer, A.P.C. breton shirt, Acne shorts, Boyy bag, Repetto flats,
Ray-Ban clubmaster sunglasses, Byredo ‘Blanche’ perfume, Omega wrist watch

A.P.C. chambray shirt, Acne shorts, See by Chloé sandals, Celine bag, Topshop hat, Stella McCartney bra,
Chanel rouge noir nail polish, Ray-Ban clubmaster sunglasses, Byredo ‘Blanche’ perfume, Omega wrist watch

Vanessa Bruno Athé blazer, Vanessa Bruno combi shorts, Celine bag, Marni sandals,
Ray-Ban wayfarer sunglasses, Topshop hat, Byredo ‘Blanche’ perfume, Omega wrist watch

In any case, these outfits are seemingly very consistent in style. If I want to wear these silhouettes during spring or early fall, I just swap the shorts with pants or jeans. As for shirts, I would wear them semi tucked into the shorts and roll up the sleeves for an off-the-cuff look. The linen-cotton blazer serves as a chic go-to jacket for chillier summer nights. Incidentally, I would never wear such delicate fabrics and items to music festivals, let alone a $4000 purse.