Notes for spring 2013

– Come fall I will partially move out and have flatmates and stuff like that, which merely means that I won’t afford maintaining my current lifestyle. Sucks big time! So I ought to either choose between saving money for prospective travels or spending them on beautiful clothes. And since I have a pretty expensive taste, beautiful clothes always come with a hefty price tag that would instantly trigger heart attacks in my parents. Fortunately, I’ve spent years building a wardrobe that works most of the time and I can be stylish and well-dressed for a few more years without any additional “frivolous investments”/shopping besides items that are much needed. Of course traveling trumps shopping any time as I find it a lot more fulfilling! Traveling also makes me a better and happier person, whereas buying beautiful clothes occasionally yields temporary materialistic happiness.

– I’ve been talking a lot about applying to medical school or becoming a nutrition researcher or even a pharmacist or biochemist so that I can develop drugs and acne treatments. After years of deliberation and wavering between so many different career options in the same field, I finally know what I want to do and study.

– I’m truly excited about going to university as of fall for pre-medical courses like cell biology, biochemistry and more chemistry and mathematics. Turns out my hatred for studying science isn’t hatred at all but quite the opposite. I was certainly an ignorant teenager, and naively thought I could write my way through life like nobody’s business. Be that as it may, I think it’s somewhat spectacular that someone who practically failed maths in middle and high school now wants and is eligible to study university-level mathematics. My high school math teacher told me to give up my dreams of having a career within medicine because I couldn’t do my math… well, he can suck on that now. Truth be told, he should never have become a teacher in the first place.

– Believe it or not, I have started to… wait for it.. work out – at least I’m TRYING – as I simply cannot afford a whole new wardrobe. If money wasn’t a problem, I would probably and seriously not care and keep on devouring unhealthy nosh… Turns out I have to do what other mortals normally do, which is to engage in physical activity. My sedentary lifestyle has taught me that my no-longer-existent completely out-of-this-world teenage metabolism is gone forever. And I thought I could get away with my self-imposed diet…. That’s a heads-up for you know who you are!

– Someone please help me understand why and how people can party hard, socialize and celebrate straight after their last exams. I need at least a week long post-exam rehab that consists of being in bed while eating junk and catching up on cable television. Or maybe it’s just me?

– I and two other ladies are working on a new blog project which I cannot wait to show you all. It’s something unexpected, I don’t think any of you could guess what it’s even going to be about. Well, hopefully not!