Raw denim journal: 13 months

I know, it’s been a year since the first and last time I published this post on my blog, which was supposed to be the first of many about my raw denim journey. Unfortunately, I totally failed at documenting my jeans month by month. Anyway, this is how my A.P.C. petit standard jeans look like after 13 months and 2 soaks. I used to wear them at least five times a week for an entire year before I decided to start wearing the three pants I own in rotation so as to break out from the style rut. Judging from the fades, I obviously don’t do extreme sports or bike every day because those fades are the result of a very inactive lifestyle and sporadic travels, yet they are the fingerprint of my life lately. And nope, my jeans don’t smell funky or anything, but truth be told they don’t smell like roses either.

More photos and a proper review to come in a year or two, hah.

25 thoughts on “Raw denim journal: 13 months

  1. Thank you for posting this update! Your jeans look fantastic. It’s inspired me to rescue my New Standard jeans from the eBay sell pile (where it’s been sitting for months, haha). I thought since I couldn’t button up all the buttons, I had sized down too much. I mean, I knew they would be tight, but egads! Anyway, I’ll try wearing them for a few weeks and see what happens.

  2. They look so good. I would like to know how the colouring worked, did they shed on lighter fabrics? Live these jeans but I’m worried they will ruin my white shirts… And chairs!

    • Well, I’ve been avoiding to sit on white chairs and sofas and I didn’t wear my jeans with lighter fabrics. Better safe than sorry! But lately I’ve been wearing white t-shirts with my jeans and I have yet to see the hems turn blue.

  3. I can’t even tell you how glad I am you just posted this! I’m going on a super quick trip to Paris next week and as I was thinking of all the places I need to go, I remembered your original post and thought about heading to APC to try out the raw jeans in person. And then of course inevitably I started wondering how yours were doing… So maybe it’s fate, maybe I really do need to make that a priority in the few days I’ll be there…


    • If you are seriously considering getting a pair of raw denim jeans, you should buy them on your first day in Paris and take up the legs through APC’s tailor service (I just assume that they might be too long for you as the jeans are unisex). Have you thought of what style you want to go for? Bear in mind that the jeans will look ugly on you when you try them on in the store regardless of style and size. I kind of wish I went for the new standard jeans because I prefer straighter legs.

      • I don’t know which ones I would go for. I guess the idea that I would try them on and be able to tell which ones I like is erroneous, right? I remember becoming obsessed after your first post and doing tons of research, but that was a long time ago… Didn’t you buy the straight leg version? What is it you don’t like about the ones you have? Too slim in the leg or too loose?

  4. Looks great. Conversely, I wonder what it would look like on a hyper active person—would such a personality fit the restrictive raw denim? I don’t think it’s nearly pliable enough to allow for the diversity and range in movement.

    • I’ve seen pictures of raw denim jeans worn by skaters, bikers etc and they get a completely different and a lot more distressed look that just looks like they have an active lifestyle. Guys also get more fades on places that seem impossible for girls.

  5. I’m just wondering if your jeans fit you nicely now and did sizing down one size worked in getting the fit you wanted? I sized down two sizes as I wanted my PS to be more fitting. Sadly, after I finally managed to button all the buttons, i now spy weird bulges in all the weird places and it’s upsetting me :/

  6. I found an A.P.C outlet store hidden away at Canal Saint-Martin in Paris. It’s on a quiet street where only locals hang out. I’m the same. When I find a pair that suits, I wear them to death. Right now, I rotate between my rather ragged James Jeans Twiggy and Zara boyfriend jeans.

  7. These things are so fun to track, and your jeans have faded so nicely! I have one pair of raw denims that hardly look different even after years of wear, while the other pair has faded quite quickly, like yours.

  8. this is the project that i didn’t have the patience to finish a few years ago! your APCs look great – i think now they’re selling them in the shops with saltwater/beach ‘recipes’ :)

  9. I love your jeans – they look fantastic and seem to be softening nicely. Are they comfortable? I’d like to try raw denim but since I have to wear classroom-appropriate clothes 5 days per week I worry that they’d never wear in!

  10. My relationship with style is that I know it when I see it… on others.

    And everytime you post pictures of clothes or styleguides I get a “THAT was exactly what I was thinking about”-feeling.

    However, I have been thinking about Birkenstocks.. yey? or nay?

  11. Hi Fleurette,
    I hope you didn’t quit blogging :) I’m checking your site every couple of days, patiently waiting for a new, inspiring post :) We miss you xx

    • Hi! Thanks for stopping by. I’m terribly busy with way too many exams. Hopefully I’ll be back into the blogging swing of things come June before I dash off to the Paris and West Coast!

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