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You know that kick you get from putting your hands on an inexplicable desire that you’ve been coveting for so many years, or something that you have been trying to unearth and track down for god knows how long like the most amazing coat ever that you simply cannot live without? Well, buying flight tickets apparently does the same trick. Oh yes! Two days ago I finally booked tickets for my West Coast trip and just received the confirmation today!! Man, I swear that words can hardly convey how frickin’ thrilled I am!! I’ve been dying to go for such a long time and started organizing this whole trip in my mind last spring. I guess that aforementioned kick is also a true indication of a successful investment or buy or whatever you’d like to call it.

The flight tickets were a lot more expensive than what I hoped for, but the prices kept skyrocketing. However, this means that I cannot afford any clothes or knickknacks – I still have plenty of Diptyque candles left to burn – until my summer vacation starts. I always save money for my travels so that I can splurge on food and whatnot. The only way I can afford to maintain my sometimes lifestyle is by being frugal for a while.

Luckily for me I don’t have anything on my wishlist that I need to get pronto. That Céline trio bag I was planning to purchase is out of the picture right now. I can postpone all potential purchases – most of them are merely wants rather than needs. Besides, nothing in particular has caught my attention this season – well, apart from a few A.P.C. pieces as usual. I don’t even have time to go shopping for things I need like a new ruler or socks. Today I went on Net-A-Porter for the first time in months and I was repelled by the sight of clothes, which reminded me of New York and my lack of desire to go shopping for clothes there at all. I haven’t been window-shopping online for a long time. Having too much on my plate seems to be the best buffer against consumerism, so a temporary shopping ban is no sweat as I’m unintentionally and constantly banned from shopping.

Sometimes I wonder if my current attitude towards shopping and clothes stems from the fact that my wardrobe is, by my standards, complete or is it perhaps because boredom (and procrastination) is almost nonexistent in my life nowadays? Hmm… or maybe this whole online window-shopping thing and lust for beautiful clothes has been replaced by hours of daydreaming about the West Coast and the quest for the best cheeseburger? The latter is certainly a way to kill boredom and any possibilities to become a short supermodel.

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  1. oh I just love the way you write…… have fun!me and my best friend we’re always saying,next year we’re going to the west coast but we always don’t manage to save enough or to have enough time……

  2. Congratulations!! It’s nice to have both, but travelling is way more fulfilling than fashion ;-) plus I’m sure the Celine Trio will be sticking around for a while so there’s no rush on that front. Can’t wait to hear what you think of In-n-Out burger, lol.

  3. Yeah, I don’t know what happened to Net-A-Porter lately, nothing seems appealing to me. I think the only things that have caught my attention lately is a pair of APC sandals and a Hope t-shirt. Also, maybe I’m embracing m y whole PNW lifestyle, but I’m starting to dress more and more like a union worker. Anyhow, I think you should start a website :-)

  4. Oh, last summer I made a road trip down the Pacific Coast Highway from SF to LA – with camping, sitting on the bonfire, watching dolphins, counting shooting stars… what’s your plan for the trip so far? Enjoy the anticipation :)!

    • That sounds just amazing! So far I’ve booked two nights at the Ace hotel in Palm Springs. I’m really excited to check out the Joshua Tree park. My trip is also a beach and food trip so I’m definitely going to pig out on burgers and oysters, lol. Gonna sign up for surf lessons, I’ve been dreaming of surfing the waves for years!!! And of course some hiking too!

      • That sounds like a plan :)! I love the months, weeks before a trip where you can dream about everything you like to do! (oh, and: In ‘n out burger! If you order it ‘animal style’ which isn’t written on the menu, then it comes with roasted cutted onions and a little bacon on it ;)! ) (and another pssst: I like Five Guys more :) )

  5. I save my money to travel too. 2 years ago, 7000 miles in USA, from Arizona to New Mexico, Utah, Nevada… for 1 month, was perfect.
    Next trip, Andes and Northern Lights (I’m in Toronto so good time for me).
    Enjoy your trip for me! :)

  6. I now realized why I hate reading blogs sometimes – cause they have shopping lists and *new in* posts what leave a poor student like me droolin’n’hattin over all the beauties I can’t aford! Still I must confess I never hated yours! You always give an analyse of what and why you buy or not buy, it’s not just *I puked a Celine bag overnight* like it seems to happen on other blogs – this helps me enormously! Even now for instance: I’ve been sawing for a SCxLV bag for ages but recently got invited to spent my Easter holidays in China! I can afford it but this would mean to delay my dream bag purchase for one more year so now after reading this very post of yours I decided I’ll go travelling in China. In fact I find it very stupid of me that I could have actually chosen a damn bag over such an opportunity to travel. Sorry for my English

  7. How fabulous. The west coast is beautiful, I have visited many times and lived there for three months some ten years ago. Had a wonderful time. Do go to City Lights bookstore in San Francisco and spend some time in Napa valley, it’s gorgeous and home to some lovely hotels, with great food and wine.

  8. How fantastic! Getting new experiences like this are so exciting, aren’t they? You remind me of when I got my very first tickets for Japan, so I get the thrill :) I think that kind of travel leave great memories, and a much greater imprint on life than material items…

  9. I love reading your posts! Your blog is so refreshing. I feel that when I look at most blogs I feel a sense of competition, that they have everything and I need to keep up with them because I don’t have the latest item. But then reading your views on wardrobe building is so calming! Interesting point on keeping busy too, I’m quite sure I am very prone to shopping out of boredom although never realised it until now.

    Congrats on the travel plans too!

  10. When are you going to be CA and what’s your itinerary? I’m (hopefully) going to be there, too, for an internship. I was in SoCal once before and loved it. The climate is the best. And they have great food, google the food trucks! I personally can’t wait to get my hands on the “best fish tacos in Enseneda”. Have you ever tried Mexican food? I swear it’s so good. Skip TexMex unless you’re a big cheese fan (and by “cheese” I mean melted, bright orange glibber).

    • I will be in Southern California from July 18th till the August 1st. And then I will go to Northern California until august 10th. I and my friend figured that we wanted to spend more time in the south because it’s so cold in NorCal. Oh yes, FOOD TRUCKS!!! I’ve been dreaming of food trucks for such a long time. My plan is to track down the CoolHaus truck for ice cream haha. I’ve tried Mexican-ish food but never authentic Mexican (like tacos etc), so I cannot wait to try it. I’m sure I will like it, I’m no picky by any means!

      Please e-mail me if you will be in Cali too!

  11. Rather than an obstacle, I think travel can be a step in developing your personal style. You might glean inspiration from the people and places you encounter that will forever be part of your signature look. Also, if you are going to be in the Carmel region check out Point Lobos state natural reserve, it is one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen. Bon voyage!

  12. so excited for your west coast trip!! :)

    it’s funny that you mention being uninspired by anything on the NAP site. i don’t know if it’s due to the trends this season, or the overpopulation of the streetstyle/fashion paparazzi scene that is just seems so tired nowadays…

    anyway, always good to take a break now and again, and let new inspiration arise naturally! i’m sure your travels out west will help with that :D

  13. I have been on a shopping ban as well and I find it refreshing and I don’t even see anything I am interested in. The hassle of getting something and looking it over and trying it on is almost too much. I would rather spend my days in the sun, doing Pilates or Barre. I am bored by the constant influx of new stuff, finally.

  14. How great! Don’t forget to let me know the dates and where you are so we could meet :D

    Totally agree on the post and shopping. When I get busy (school and getting a job) it’s very hard to be finding myself buying things (no time, no energy). As Prêt à porter P mentioned, I also need more accessories, which I plan to update on during spring break!

    Exciting that you will be making it here :)

    • Of course! We’ve been talking about this for so long so it’s finally high time to meet up. Not sure where you are living right now but I’ll be in San Diego from July 18th for a few days and then I think I’ll be spending a week in LA before going to Northern California in August.

      And yes, about energy… tell me about it.

  15. Saving up the monies to spend freely when you are on vacation beats buying material things any day. Experience > Material objects. :)

    I used to spend hours reading blogs but since combining full time study in engineering and work 2 full days, I have less time or desire to read blogs as much now. I definitely agree that blogs, internet in general is a way to sate your boredom. It’s also a way to live vicariously through others.

    • Couldn’t agree more with everything you say. These days it feels ridiculous to pay $1500 for a bag but I could easily spend that same amount on just flight tickets because I know I’d derive more happiness from experiencing rather than a bag. Instagram seems to be the new platform for bloggers now and for me it’s easier to keep up with all of my favorite bloggers on instagram than on their actual blogs… and living vicariously through them continues on insta.

    • Cool! What kind of engineering! I’m a mechanical and yes I agree with you when you get busy, there isn’t much time to keep up with either following blogs nor blogging itself but I try to so as to keep myself still sane and dreaming about other things haha

      • High five to women in engineering! I study civil engineering, I have permanent dark circles under my eyes. :D

        It’s very freeing to not want things, I mainly thrift now because I am not happy with the working conditions for garment workers and crap quality for over priced goods.

        The bag will always be there to buy, but experiences are priceless. Have fun planning your trip – California in the summer sounds divine (it’s one of my dream trips!)

        • Wait! Are those dark circles really permanent or is it evacuee of your no sleep only work lifestyle? I was hoping that mine would only be temporary but they’re getting darker and darker. Lol.

          • I think mine are permanent too. When I went back to my parents’ place for two weeks break where I was able to sleep properly, my dark circles were reduced to lighter blue-grey. :D It might be genetic too..

  16. Enjoyed your post. I’ve also been dreaming of a Californian road trip for a number of years (I live in England). Each year I’ve kept putting it off ‘until next year’ due to the cost. I’ll be reaching the grand age of 30 soon and I’ve finally booked to fly to SF and back out of LA in May. Suffice to say I’m so excited and have had fun planning places to visit (and most importantly – where to eat!)

    I’m saving hard which has meant trying to live frugally the last few months. I feel the same about the new season collections and I’m hoping to take a little extra spending money to be able to buy a few things in the stores we don’t get in the UK!

    Not sure when you’re going but I look forward to seeing some more West Coast related posts!

    • Haha, I truly share your enthusiasm when it comes to planning where to eat! I’m going in July and since I ain’t gonna do any shopping until I travel, I might as well do West Coast planning posts. :P Have fun on your trip!!

  17. How do you not procrastinate!? Anyway have lots of fun in LA. It’s more expensive than usual because it’s spring break season. I think putting aside purchases for an experience is so worth it. It’s too bad I never got a chance to catch up with you while you’re on the East Coast (I’m going to DC for my spring break). Enjoy the wild west!

    • Hah, good question! I used to be the queen of procrastination. Well, I procrastinated on wednesday when writing this blog post, otherwise I just don’t have time to procrastinate any longer. Always on the run, if I’m not having lectures I’m either at work or studying or eating or commuting. That’s why I’m sooo looking forward to this getaway. I’m definitely going back to the the East Coast soon so we should organize something! :D

  18. Congratulations! Your trip sounds fabulous. The anticipation of an upcoming trip always makes me so excited.

    You’re so right about being busy. These days I’m simply too busy or constantly traveling back and forth between to Paris and NYC to shop or even browse the internet. Not to mention the fact that my wardrobe is very much complete.

    Do come back to the East Coast soon:)

    • AA – dårlig kvalitet, COS – dårlig…. har fått hull i alle klærne mine fra COS. A.P.C. – vel, med tanke på at jeg kun handler hos A.P.C. så er det fordi jeg synes at klærne holder seg godt. Men det er ikke den aller aller beste kvaliteten, så jeg kjøper alltid klærne på salg. J. Crew – har ikke kjøpt noe fra J. Crew, men alle jeg har snakket med sier at det er svært dårlig kvalitet.

  19. travelling trumps shopping any time! I’ve been unable to commit to any travel plans because of work commitments, so i was so envious when i read about. A road trip through the west coast with some hiking is a dream trip for me but i haven’t gotten my driving licence, haha.

    i hope to visit Scotland and London this summer, or if i can swing enough leave, do the transiberian from beijing to moscow. in the meantime, living vicariously through you…

    • You might be able to find very cheap last minute tickets if you like spontaneity! Man, I can’t wait till my schedule gets more flexible (will it ever?) so that I can just go for great deals.

  20. Oh lucky you, that sounds like the trip of my dreams! I went on a road trip with my boyfriend from Colorado (Denver)to LA and back last year, and it was the BEST trip ever. I’m literally dying to go back, especially to southern cali. I could be living there, really. The weather, the nature, the people, the food…Aah! As much as I love NYC, there’s just something very special about the west coast.

  21. Burgers!? As an Inland NW native I have to tell you, it’s all about burritos out West. Well, and you should probably try a buffalo burger too, so much better than beef ;)

    My wardrobe is still far from complete (so many items that need to be chosen, so many to be replaced soon too unfortunately) but after my last wardrobe edit, I know what you mean. The closet’s never been emptier, yet I’ve never been happier with the things I do have. It’s a weird and good feeling.

  22. If you visit SF check out these places for burgers: In & Out Burger and Roam (on Fillmore). I just moved here so my list isn’t extensive, but I’ve come to enjoy a good burger when I never really at them before. Also, try The Elite for a Sunday morning brunch- it’s the best! Good luck on your travels

  23. Just like to add to this post. Having just returned from eating my way around California I thought I’d share a few food suggestions that I thought were worth the hype…

    San Francisco
    Dotties True Blue Cafe for breakfast – worth the wait in the dodgy area (sandwiches were being thrown into the street from somewhere above us in the queue!)
    Tartine Bakery – beautiful sandwiches easily share between two.
    Little Star Pizza for delicious deep pan pizza
    NOPA – yummy moist roast chicken
    Biergarten and Two Sisters Bar and Books for drinks in Hayes Valley

    Not sure if you’re passing through Big Sur but Big Sur Bakery was great, the bread was amazing. Avoid Nepenthe!!

    Square One Dining – Breakfast
    Hart & Hunter – breakfast (didn’t eat lunch or dinner
    Baco Mercat
    Cafe Gratitude – Vegan for when the heavy food was getting too much, blew us away!
    Joan’s on Third – probably one of the best lunches of the trip. Fried chicken sandwich, salad and mac n cheese, yum!
    Gjelina – best meatballs ever!
    Kogi truck for Korean style tacos
    Venice Beach Wines and Oscar’s Cerveteca -mean tacos and burger
    Dresden Room, Bar Stella & Thirsty Crow for drinks
    Forage – canteen style, we ate there twice. Great mac n cheese!
    Baby Blues BBQ – chicken sandwich mmmm…
    Disapointed in the food at Chateau Marmont but worth seeing this stunning hotel and having a drink in the garden.


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