Jumping on the Céline bandwagon

celine3london12dag2vogue2In the last couple of months, I’ve been attracted to the idea of getting the Céline trio bag. I’m not going to go into details as to why I should get it other than the fact that I could really use a small purse which can fit only the essentials. I’m not that high maintenance so I’m fairly amazed by how much I tote around. Albeit I love my tote bags, they tend to accumulate a lot of random papers and stuff that belongs to the trashcan, and eventually I’d become a living dumpster.

When I started the quest for the perfect small purse, the Céline trio bag was the first and only one that immediately caught my eye. Funnily enough, it’s been completely off my radar for so many years. I just realized that it’s actually a very popular bag and omnipresent in the fashion blogosphere. I get it. It’s quite exquisite and photogenic. In terms of design, the purse decidedly caters to my taste and style, so why continue searching for something I’ve already found? Well… The catch? The price tag.

Truth be told, I haven’t put that much effort into finding a less expensive bag. Then I remembered the Steven Alan version for a fraction of the price and had a look at it in New York. Turned out I preferred the Céline version. It looked sturdier and felt way more luxurious and well made than the other one from Steven Alan. The decision was easy, far from time-consuming. I’ve settled for the Céline trio bag. I will put my hands on it when I go to Paris in a few months at the Galeries LaFayette, as tourists get 10% off a purchase and then I will get the VAT refund. All of a sudden the Céline bag became a bit less pricey and easier to digest. In the meantime, I have to figure out which color I want. Blah… it’s the agony of choice. Navy? Burgundy? Black? Gray? White? My bet would be navy as I always go for navy but I’m kind of hoping that I will opt for something a little more unpredictable. Looks like I’m jumping on the Céline bandwagon after all.

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  1. Oooh, that’s super exciting! I honestly never even consider purchases like this, just assume the price will be prohibitive, but when you spell it out like that, it’s not bad at all. I know here in Spain the VAT is about 20% so when you get that back that’s a huge chunk of change… As for color, while I do like a lot of the colors I’ve seen (red, grey, blue, green, tan…) I know in my heart of hearts I would get black. It won’t scuff or show dirt and age the same way and will truly be a classic piece to last forever. I’m all aflutter just thinking that you’re going to do it, I don’t know why I’m getting such a vicarious thrill through your shopping but I am!


  2. When I don’t need to carry books and /or a computer around I always carry a small bag. I hate carry around big bags, and I have no idea how to fill up a bigger bag/tote. I think beige would look with navy. Burgundy is also very pretty, but doesn’t red and blue clash? Navy and black are safe, but never bad choices. (If you want to be really unpredictable, then opt for hot pink. I like the irony of hot pink in an otherwise sophisticated and neutral/dark colored outfit.)

    • Navy and burgundy are perfect together. Trust me! I have a dark redd dress which I pair with a navy bag! When you mentioned that you have no idea how to fill up a bigger tote, I realized that I oftentimes go out with an almost empty tote bag and fill it with my big scarf so that I don’t have to wear it when I go to clubs/bars etc. (cloakrooms in Norway are almost nonexistent). Ok, where to put the scarf when I wear a smaller purse? Maybe it’s more like a summer bag? And how about my headphones? I use gigantic ones…. wah, I’ve never thought of these things before.

      • Sometimes I just put the tote in my bag if I suspect that I might need that extra space. Bags are actually quite tricky things, either you don’t have space enough or you have too much. Sometimes it’s also very nice if you can fit a water bottle in your bag. At least just one of those small juice bottles. What about a small satchel kind of bag, could you fit your headphone in those? Three rooms in a small bag can actually be a bit of a problem. I have three bags in about the same size. I can fit a water bottle in two of them, but one of them is divided into three rooms, which makes it trickier. I always also forget which room I put fx my keys, and then I think I have lost them or forgot them or something.

      • Just tie the scarf around the strap of your bag! It doesn’t need to go inside. Then again, I have no idea what you’d do with your headphones.

  3. I’ve been thinking the same thing. I’m really pining for a timeless, small, not-flashy bag that works for all occasions. I’m hoping to be in Paris this summer and would love to be able to buy one from Céline directly, but I’m worried that it’s not going to be in stock anymore. Burgundy and black are at the top of my list. I think navy would be perfect for you but the grey or nude/camel would be a nice and light contrast to the rest of your wardrobe–good luck!

  4. Get it! I got myself a navy trio last month, and I love it. Yes, it is pretty expensive but it is definitely worth the hefty price tag.
    A question, do all tourists get that discount at LaFayette? And do you have to ask for it? That would be something to keep in mind next time I go to Paris…

  5. De er så fiiine! Definitivt på listen over ting jeg ønsker meg. Tror dog ikke man får 10% av på merker som Céline, dessverre:( Det gjelder vel mer de rimeligere merkene de har.

  6. NAVY – it’s soooo dark and subtle that people always think it’s black at first look. And on another note, if I don’t feel like showing the Celine side, I just wear the logo flipped towards me.

  7. I had the exact same debate with myself: Steven Alan Lily or Celine Trio. I felt a sense of urgency to own so I settled for the Steven Alan because of the price- I’m a student don’t make much money.

    But I desire to have the Celine trio in Red or Black. The functionality of it is the best! I’ll be excited for you when you’re able to make the purchase!

  8. ooooh i say navy or burgundy. black is always black, but lacks some of the dimensions of the other 2 colors :)

    annnnd that VAT/galeries lafayette discount is the reason i’m planning on making a wishlist purchase later this year in Paris too!

  9. I seldom – if at all – comment on the blogs I read. However, I feel compelled to warn you about the Celine Trio. The Trio was my dream bag, and I used several days of my UK trip to hunt it down in the burgundy color. After one month of use I noticed one of the pouches getting very wrinkly and the color was wearing off on the corners. However, the deal breaker was when I was walking around Manila airport and the strap just detached itself from the bag. After one month! On closer inspection the thread holding it in place had cut through the leather. Of course I contacted the seller (Harvey Nichols), but to my great dismay they told me Celine wanted to repair the bag. Seriously… If you google around you will find that there seems to be quite a number of Celine Trio owners that are unhappy about the quality of the bag. My bag has been at Celine for the last 2 months, and I still don’t know if they are going to repair it or refund it… I am not even sure I want a replacement. Very disappointed… If anything I will just keep the bag to remind me that the hype of an it-bag or an it-brand is not necessarily equal to good quality. It is a beautiful little bag, but I am not impressed by Celine’s quality control or customer service.

  10. Think about the large size as well! That’s what I had my heart set on in paris but was sold out everywhere (They should have restocked when you’re back). It’s so beautiful and was about 700 euro when I was there, and a little bit more practical for everyday. I love my trio but it is a smidge too small, even for just the essentials. I also end up with it puffed out from so much stuff. The larger size is a dream!


  11. Just wanted to say that Cathrine above there is correct, you definitely do not get the Galeries Lafayette discount on all brands there. First-hand experience from last spring.

    But love your blog, and love your thoughtful approach to style / adding pieces to one’s wardrobe. Trying to implement the same careful selection process when building my own style.

  12. I love that bag – so simple and elegant. My vote would be burgundy!

    For a while now internet explorer hasn’t displayed your blog properly so I’ve missed about 6 months of content. Tonight, I thought I’d try it on Chrome on the off chance that it worked and have just spent a very pleasant half hour with a cup of green tea catching up on your posts. It’s a pleasure to be able to read your blog again.

  13. A photo of the said bag which you posted on tumblr (slung on a girl in a mariniere & camel coat) triggered me to hunt for a navy one. Saks SF has it in many colors, but upon inspection I doubt if it will fit my tiny french wallet, lipstick, keys & iPhone. Instead, I got the APC half moon bag. Navy, small and chic, and can fit my four essentials plus an extra room for my folding wayfarer.

  14. Ah, the trio! It is a stunning bag in all its elegance and simplicity. I almost, *almost* decided to buy one myself, but common sense eventually prevailed – the trio is uselessly small for me. Seriously, it would not even fit my wallet in it, since my wallet is a tiny bit longer than the trio pockets (and I am not getting a new wallet for the sake of getting a new bag, especially given how much I love my wallet). And my day-to-day bag is a Céline horizontal zipper cabas, i.e. a freaking enormous bag. That’s the kind of space I use in daily life, so a trio really doesn’t suit my purposes, as gorgeous as it is. (I even considered whether I might carry two bags at once, a larger one as well as the trio, but that just seemed ridiculously over the top.)

    If I were to follow through on my now extinct plan to buy a trio, I would most definitely get a burgundy one. They had one at Selfridges and it was so stunning and looks so good with black, navy, cream, camel, whatever.

    Speaking of bags, though, I have to thank you for a past post of yours that I dug up when I realised that I needed to buy a rucksack/backpack! My new job means I walk to work now rather than catch the bus, and it’s a half-hour walk, which was killing my shoulder if I just had a tote bag like my cabas or whatever. So I decided to buy a sensible backpack, and recalled that you had written a couple of posts a while back about searching for a rucksack and you had posted some options that I remembered liking the look of. And voilà! I now have an Ally Capellino Wiggo rucksack, which is fantastic and does its job brilliantly. So thank you for the incidental recommendation. ;)

  15. The Celine Trio is really beautiful. And it doubles as a clutch…two bags in one! I like the Navy and Burgundy ones the best.

    If I’m not mistaken, Printemps offers a similar coupon to tourists, but you can print it out online. Not sure if the discount is valid on all brands though.

  16. I don’t know how much stuff you usually carry around, but for me the Céline trio bag is the perfect size for an everyday bag. Then again, I only bring with me my wallet, phone and keys (and sometimes a tube of hand cream and gum). I’m boring and chose navy, but I wanted to be able to wear it for years to come and I know I won’t get sick of navy (well this one is like black really).

    Mine has gotten quite worn around the edges, but nothing more than that (other than a mistake of my own: a bottle of hand sanitizer exploded in my bag, thankfully it’s the middle pouch that got damaged so you can’t see it!). I figure that’s fixable though with some kind of lotion or leather moisturizer.

  17. Ahhh the norwegian purchasing power… With a 50 % higher net income/year, does not seem to compare to what I can afford (I’m from Germany).

  18. I’ve just spend 4 days in London with a friend, and I went to Honest burger ! We loved it, thanks to you ! Without your blog I would have never found this small place in this big city.

  19. I have to admit that I’ve been fantasizing a bit about this bag as well … I think I need a bag that is a bit more refined and minimal looking to go with my new DvN sandals lol. Anyway, I’m concerned about the quality issues mentioned above, and I think in the end, this is a little too small, bc I like carrying my glasses case in my bag.

  20. What a coincidence. I’ve been searching for a decent sized mini bag and actually just wrote a post about it. Seems like we’re on the same radar. I’ve narrowed it down to a Chanel WOC and Celine Trio. I’ve completely forgotten about the 10% at GLF. I wonder if it applies to Celine? Lucky you for being able to get a VAT refund.

  21. If you’re going to Paris to buy it maybe you could go to La Vallée Village, is an outlet and there is a Céline store. Maybe you are lucky enough to find the bag you’re looking for! Hope it helps!!!

    By the way I have to say that I just discovered your blog a few weeks ago and I totally love it!


  22. this big is so lovely. i whished i could purchase it some day. i would go for navy. it’s my favorite color. or black if you want to keep it classy, but navy is more special.

  23. I would choose burgundy or some other rather risky color. It’s an IT bag after all, so it’s not like it has to be a color that fits to everything and that you’ll always love. Plus I love the combination of gray and burgundy as of late..

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