Raw denim journal: 13 months

I know, it’s been a year since the first and last time I published this post on my blog, which was supposed to be the first of many about my raw denim journey. Unfortunately, I totally failed at documenting my jeans month by month. Anyway, this is how my A.P.C. petit standard jeans look like after 13 months and 2 soaks. I used to wear them at least five times a week for an entire year before I decided to start wearing the three pants I own in rotation so as to break out from the style rut. Judging from the fades, I obviously don’t do extreme sports or bike every day because those fades are the result of a very inactive lifestyle and sporadic travels, yet they are the fingerprint of my life lately. And nope, my jeans don’t smell funky or anything, but truth be told they don’t smell like roses either.

More photos and a proper review to come in a year or two, hah.

No boredom


You know that kick you get from putting your hands on an inexplicable desire that you’ve been coveting for so many years, or something that you have been trying to unearth and track down for god knows how long like the most amazing coat ever that you simply cannot live without? Well, buying flight tickets apparently does the same trick. Oh yes! Two days ago I finally booked tickets for my West Coast trip and just received the confirmation today!! Man, I swear that words can hardly convey how frickin’ thrilled I am!! I’ve been dying to go for such a long time and started organizing this whole trip in my mind last spring. I guess that aforementioned kick is also a true indication of a successful investment or buy or whatever you’d like to call it.

The flight tickets were a lot more expensive than what I hoped for, but the prices kept skyrocketing. However, this means that I cannot afford any clothes or knickknacks – I still have plenty of Diptyque candles left to burn – until my summer vacation starts. I always save money for my travels so that I can splurge on food and whatnot. The only way I can afford to maintain my sometimes lifestyle is by being frugal for a while.

Luckily for me I don’t have anything on my wishlist that I need to get pronto. That Céline trio bag I was planning to purchase is out of the picture right now. I can postpone all potential purchases – most of them are merely wants rather than needs. Besides, nothing in particular has caught my attention this season – well, apart from a few A.P.C. pieces as usual. I don’t even have time to go shopping for things I need like a new ruler or socks. Today I went on Net-A-Porter for the first time in months and I was repelled by the sight of clothes, which reminded me of New York and my lack of desire to go shopping for clothes there at all. I haven’t been window-shopping online for a long time. Having too much on my plate seems to be the best buffer against consumerism, so a temporary shopping ban is no sweat as I’m unintentionally and constantly banned from shopping.

Sometimes I wonder if my current attitude towards shopping and clothes stems from the fact that my wardrobe is, by my standards, complete or is it perhaps because boredom (and procrastination) is almost nonexistent in my life nowadays? Hmm… or maybe this whole online window-shopping thing and lust for beautiful clothes has been replaced by hours of daydreaming about the West Coast and the quest for the best cheeseburger? The latter is certainly a way to kill boredom and any possibilities to become a short supermodel.

Jumping on the Céline bandwagon

celine3london12dag2vogue2In the last couple of months, I’ve been attracted to the idea of getting the Céline trio bag. I’m not going to go into details as to why I should get it other than the fact that I could really use a small purse which can fit only the essentials. I’m not that high maintenance so I’m fairly amazed by how much I tote around. Albeit I love my tote bags, they tend to accumulate a lot of random papers and stuff that belongs to the trashcan, and eventually I’d become a living dumpster.

When I started the quest for the perfect small purse, the Céline trio bag was the first and only one that immediately caught my eye. Funnily enough, it’s been completely off my radar for so many years. I just realized that it’s actually a very popular bag and omnipresent in the fashion blogosphere. I get it. It’s quite exquisite and photogenic. In terms of design, the purse decidedly caters to my taste and style, so why continue searching for something I’ve already found? Well… The catch? The price tag.

Truth be told, I haven’t put that much effort into finding a less expensive bag. Then I remembered the Steven Alan version for a fraction of the price and had a look at it in New York. Turned out I preferred the Céline version. It looked sturdier and felt way more luxurious and well made than the other one from Steven Alan. The decision was easy, far from time-consuming. I’ve settled for the Céline trio bag. I will put my hands on it when I go to Paris in a few months at the Galeries LaFayette, as tourists get 10% off a purchase and then I will get the VAT refund. All of a sudden the Céline bag became a bit less pricey and easier to digest. In the meantime, I have to figure out which color I want. Blah… it’s the agony of choice. Navy? Burgundy? Black? Gray? White? My bet would be navy as I always go for navy but I’m kind of hoping that I will opt for something a little more unpredictable. Looks like I’m jumping on the Céline bandwagon after all.