Edible New York: A shortlist

IMG_0599This weekend, I’m finally leaving for New York to eat my way through the Big Apple. Natch as a huge food lover/food nerd/closet fatso/food addict (depending on how you look at it), it’s no wonder that I’ve spent an excessive amount of time finding and drooling over potential eateries for a week of culinary debauchery in the city. I have 5 breakfasts, 5 lunches, 2 brunches, 7 dinners, and possibly a few more treats to look forward to. Here’s a not-so-short shortlist that I’ve compiled for prospective trips. It surely needs a lot of fine-tuning and a helping hand from those of you who know the city well. Anti-recommendations, recommendations, and so on are much appreciated and welcomed!

Besides, if you know where to get the best burger, best pho, best bánh mì, best salted caramel, best dim sum and whatnot, please let me know. I only trust recommendations from people who eat, though! Just sayin’…

Here’s hoping this list will come in handy for you at some point!

(Paranthesis = overrated? worth a visit? mehh?)


- Maison Premiere (oysters, drinks) – 298 Bedford Ave (between 2nd St & 1st St)
- Egg restaurant – 135 N 5th St
- Marlow and Sons – 81 Broadway
- Dumont Burger – 314 Bedford Ave
- Diner – 85 Broadway
- The Bagel Store – 349 Bedford Ave
- Nhà Tôi (Vietnamese) – 160 Havemeyer St
- Juliette (French) – 135 N 5th St
- Bakeri – 150 Wythe Ave
- Dun-Well Doughnuts – 222 Montrose Ave

- Five Leaves – 18 Bedford Ave

Bedford Stuyvesant
- Peaches Hothouse – 415 Tompkins Ave
- Saraghina – 435 Halsey St

Crown Heights
- Barboncino pizza – 781 Franklin Ave
- Chavela’s (Mexican) – 736 Franklin Ave

- Roberta’s pizza – 261 Moore St

Prospect Heights
- Ample Hills Creamery – 623 Vanderbilt Ave


SoHo and NoHo
(- Balthazar – 80 Spring St)
- The Mercer Kitchen – 99 Prince Street (between Greene St & Mercer St)
(- Jack’s Wife Freda – 224 Lafayette St (between Kenmare St & Cleveland Pl))
(- Ed’s Lobster Bar – 222 Lafayette St (between Kenmare St & Spring St))
- Lucky Strike – 59 Grand St
- Osteria Morini – 218 Lafayette St
- Il Buco Vineria – 53 Great Jones St
- Dominique Ansel Bakery – 189 Spring St
- La Esquina (Mexican) – 114 Kenmare St
- Lure Fishbar (Seafood) – 142 Mercer St

Nolita / Little Italy / China Town
- Café Gitane – 242 Mott St (between Houston St & Prince St)
(- Cafe Habana (Cuban) – 17 Prince St)
(- Nom Wah (dim sum) – 13 Doyers St)
- Eileen’s Special Cheesecake – 17 Cleveland Pl
- Saigon Vietnamese Sandwich Deli – 369 Broome St
- Xe Lua (Vietnamese) – 86 Mulberry St
- Jing Fong (dim sum) – 20 Elizabeth St (between Canal St & Bayard St)

East Village
- Ippudo (Japanese Ramen) – 65 4th Ave
- Blue 9 Burger – 92 3rd Ave (between 12th St & 2nd Ave)
- Luke’s Lobster – 93 E 7th St
- Northern Spy Food Co. – 511 E 12th St
- Motorino pizza – 348 E 12th St
- Momofuku Noodle Bar (Japanese ramen) – 171 1st Ave
- Peels – 325 Bowery (between 2nd St & Bleecker St)
- Prima (seafood, drinks) – 58 E 1 St
- Boka (Korean) – 9 St Marks Pl
- Momofuku Milk Bar (bakery) – 251 E 13th St
- The Redhead (Southern) – 349 E 13th St
- Angelica Kitchen – 300 E 12th St
- Big Gay Ice Cream – 125 E 7th St

Lower East Side
(- The Bowery Diner – 241 Bowery)
- Schiller’s – 131 Rivington St
- Katz’s Delicatessen (corned beef sandwich) – 205 E Houston St
- Odessa (biner) – 119 Avenue A
- Clinton Steet Baking Company – 4 Clinton St
- Russ and Daugthers (bagels) – 179 E Houston St
- Pala (pizza) – 198 Allen St (between 1st Ave & Stanton St)
- Cocoron (soba) – 61 Delancey St (between Allen St & Eldridge St)

West Village
(- Pastis – 9 9th Ave)
- Buvette – 42 Grove St
- Little Owl – 90 Bedford St
- Sundae and Cones – 95 E 10th St
- Minetta Tavern – 113 MacDougal St
- Café Gitane – 113 Jane St (between Washington St & West St)
- Keste Pizza & Vino – 271 Bleecker St
- Pearl Oyster Bar – 18 Cornelia St (between 4th St & Bleecker St)
- Taim falafel and smoothie bar – 222 Waverly Pl
- Five guys burgers and fries – 296 Bleecker St
- Hakata Tonton (Japanese) – 61 Grove St
- Num Pang (Cambodian banh mi) – 21 E 12th St

- Cook Shop – 156 10th Ave
- Murray’s Bagels – 242 8th Ave (between 22nd St & 23rd St)

Upper East Side
- J.G. Melon (burgers) – 1291 3rd Ave
- Shake Shack – 154 East 86th Street

- The Breslin – 16 W 29th St
- Sake Bar Hagi (Japanese) – 152 W 49th St
- Kun Jip (Korean) – 9 W 32nd St
- Sakagura (Japanese) – 211 E 43rd St
- Burger Joint at Le Parker Meridien – 119 W 56th St
- DB Bistro Moderne (burger) – 55 W 44th St

Union Square
- ABC Kitchen – 35 E 18th St

Food trucks
- Sweetery (ice cream)
- Cool Haus (ice cream)
- Van Leeuwen Artisan Ice Cream

57 thoughts on “Edible New York: A shortlist

  1. oh my god! EXCITING! And to think, I was gonna be in NYC next week too!!! But the mountains are calling my instead.
    :( Sigh.

    So, i’ve been to Maison Premier for oysters/happy hour. It’s definitely worth checking out for drinks, I don’t know if I’d do a meal there though. They have really unusual (cool) drinks and the atmosphere is just great, although it was super busy when I went. The bartenders are really cool and into the whole thing. It kinda feels like you stepped back in time when you enter.
    I’ve also been to Marlow and Sons. Their menu is really small but they try to be as local as possible so that why. If you go there, get the brick chicken cause NO chicken will ever ever compare to it. I still dream about that chicken sometimes.

    I’d like to bring you some suggestions for some pretty outstanding pizza places. imo, New York is just tooooo good for pizza. They say it’s all in the water.
    Keste is a rustic and down to earth place – their pizzas are better than a lot of pizzas i’ve had in italy (!!!). It’s near Washington sq and they’ve truly mastered the brick oven.
    Then there is Pala, my ABSOLUTE fave. Seriously, I need to go there EVERY time I am in NYC. It has so many healthy options (GF crust, vegan cheese) and unbeatable unique combinations. It’s really, really, really tasty. If I could give you one rec, this would be it. It’s in the lower east side & the shopping around there is cute too! You gotta go!
    Spumoni Gardens in Brooklyn has the BEST napoli style pizza and ices. Drooool.
    For Indian, try Seva in Astoria. It’s a little shabby but the food is OMG finger licking good.

    Wow, I just got way too excited typing all of that.

    Obviously you’ll check out the APC on Mercer Street ;) While you’re around there though, be sure to check out Aritzia too (mainly their Wilfred and WilfredFree brand) – it’s a Canadian boutique that’s recently expanded heavily into NYC. I’d love to know what you think, I do most of my shopping there :)

    Excited for you & the full post-trip report!!

  2. here are some fave places from a west village local:

    Cocoron for the most delicious soba (i’ve only been to the allen street location, though; there’s another that opened recently on kenmare)

    Sakagura “hidden” japanese restaurant/sake bar in midtown east

    Pearl Oyster Bar, west village

    Taim falafel, west village

    Basta Pasta – italian food by japanese chefs 17th street

  3. For a very good burger, it’s simple: Five Guys. I tried a lot, Shake Shack, Hotel Méridien etc, but Five Guys is one of the best, and they prepare their french fries with peanut oil, delicious!

  4. if you are a burger fanatic, then you must of course go to minetta tavern (also owned by the brilliant keith mcnally, of balthazar / pastis fame). it is a high end burger and renowned around the city.
    if you are in the west village, you must also stop by buvette, a most charming little place that transports you. breakfast (not brunch) is stellar, and an apperitivo with a snack will tide you over before dinner.

  5. Two West Village recommendations:

    Il Cantuccio around Christopher and Bleeker – great little Italian bakery to grab a little snack like focaccia or a cookie

    Hakata Tonton at Grove and 7th Ave – spicy Japanese hot pots from a region in Japan close to Korea, my favorite restaurant in NY

    Have fun!

  6. - Peels have great apple pie, really yum!
    - Had lunch at Jack’s Wife Freda and was sorely disappointed. Maybe I had gone on an off day but, based on the reviews I was really expecting a lot better.
    - Had brunch and dinner at Balthazar and thought it was meh. Again, maybe it was on an off day.
    - Thought the lobster roll at Luke’s Lobster and Pearl Oyster bar was tastier than at Ed’s.
    - Gotta say I had the best ramen at Ippudo, so order extras! :)
    - The blueberry pancakes at Clinton Street Bakery are DIVINE! A definite MUST! My BF always order them and I somehow always let my wandering mind order something else and have always regretted it b/c the blueberry pancakes are just sooo delicious, it beats everything else on the menu.
    - Cafe Habana is not as good as it used to be but, the La Colombe drip coffee they serve is AMAZING! If you like coffee/espresso, definitely try La Colombe for coffee, Joe’s for iced latte, Ninth Street Espresso for latte, Grumpy’s for latte, and Blue Bottle Coffee for their iced New Orleans (taste is somewhat inconsistent at different locations but, when it’s good it’s REALLY GOOD!).
    - Russ & Daughters have good chopped liver and smoked salmon.
    - Had brunch at Cook Shop and much prefer brunch at the sister restaurant, One Hundred Acres, it’s so much better. However, dinner at One Hundred Acres was a disappointment.
    - Good happy hour at Prima (daily from 5-7pm). Their Last Cocktail is delicious as are their oysters and grilled octopus.
    - There are also great cocktails to be had at Angel Share, which is tucked inside one of my favorite Japanese yakitori restaurant, Village Yokocho.
    - NoMad restaurant located inside the NoMad hotel is also really good.
    - Good steaks at Strip House.
    - Beauty & Essex also have really good food, great decor, and a nice ambience.
    - Great pistachio cupcakes at Sugar Sweet Sunshine.
    - Yummy cheesecakes at Eileen’s Cheesecake.
    - Love the chocolate chip cookie at Jacque Torres.
    - Good Korean food at Boka.
    - Really good Indian nizami rolls at Thelewala. The Thelewala Chicken Roll is AWESOME!
    - My fave hot dog is still from Gray’s Papaya.
    - Really good canele at Dominque Ansel Bakery.


  7. Omg, I’m so jealous. Went to NYC two years ago and it was the best trip ever. Try Zucker’s in TriBeCa, 146 Chambers St., for breakfast. Their bagels are awesome and the men behind the desk are hilarious. Very authentic (at least for a Scandinavian like me, ha ha).

  8. I was like… that picture looks really familiar hahaha! Well +1 million for 5 leaves, it was the best dining experience I had in New York last time I was there. I had dinner – pavlova!!!! but the breakfast is great as well. I Went with Siri from Ringo Have a Banana, she is a fantastic dining companion, we also went to Egg together.. another +1 million for that. Diner and Marlow and Sons are also great.

    Peels is great for dinner (FRIED CHICKEN!) or brunch.. I would also recommend this place in the East Village called the Red Head for delicious, delicious fried chicken and bacon brittle, if that is your thing. Along the Bowery I’d also add in The Smile, which is on 26 Bond St, very close to Peels and The Bowery hotel. The food there is fantastic and an awesome, kind of dive-bar vibe. I had this amazing pasta that was smothered in ricotta, lemon oil and herbs. So tasty. Also home-made ginger beer. The dream.

    For treats – I also don’t count treats in my meals hahaha – I would say Van Leeuwen Ice Cream Company, which is the best ice cream (ginger!!!) and they have a truck in Soho, but also heaps of outlets in Brooklyn. Also good for treats is the Momofuku Milk Bar (of course), and their East Village location is quite central. If you want some good street food for a snack – I also don’t count food you can hold in your hand as a meal, really – I would suggest Num Pang, which is a cambodian style sandwich truck thing, on East 12th (close to Union Square). The flavours are great.

    I would suggest a Brunch at Balthazar because otherwise it’s kind of a bit over the top. I mean, it’s like dining in some crazy Parisian bistro on crack, but it’s an awesome atmosphere to be there, and there’s always this sense that someone famous could just walk through the door. My breakfast was great – a really good croissant, some boiled eggs and toast, grapefruit juice, a good bitter cup of coffee..

    Hmmmm what else? In SOho you might want to check out La Esquina/Cafe Esquina and Cafe Habana – although do you like Mexican/South American food? La Esquina is great tacos and mexican food, I had the most delicious ceviche when I went for dinner last time in NYC… The service is a bit shit but the food is amazing so it doesn’t matter! Cafe Habana is NEXT LEVEL good though, I was dubious about going because it’s not normally the kind of food I like but friends dragged me there and I feasted. This amazing pulled pork salad with carribean rice and pineapple (!!!) it was delicious. Apparently they do a good brunch there…

    I know you’re a fan of burgers, so – Le Parker Meridien on the UES is quite an experience. They are fancy burgers, you have to go through a special curtain to get there. Very close to the Plaza Hotel etc. Also very close to the Paris Movie THeatre which is a beautiful, beautiful movie theatre at the foot of the park that shows art-housy movies. An excellent experience to get burgers and see a movie there! Another place to get burgers around there is Pop Burger which is a chain but isn’t bad, the burgers are like sliders, and you get a few… Shake Shack, of course, and Dumont Burger… Shake Shack is still the one, though, you know?

    Alright that’ll do! If I think of anything else I’ll add it on!

    oh oh oh just remembered: Lucky Strike in Soho, it’s the best!!! and owned by the owner of Balthazar so you can still get that experience. :) And bagels from The Bagel Store on Bedford in Williamsburg.


    p.s tried to go to honest burger yesterday and there was a 1 hour wait !!!! Will try again soon, we went to BYron though, burger was pretty good!

  9. Best burger: Shake Shack
    Best cupcakes: Babycakes

    Madison Eleven Park
    Mario Batali’s restaurants (Otto, Babbo)
    and of course Whole Foods!!!!!!!

  10. You should have a look at Angelica’s kitchen. it a very nice place. It has a “bobo bio” ambiance as we say in French. if you know nanashi or rose bakery in Paris, it is very similar.

    Have a good day!:)

  11. If you like Southern/Speakeasy style food then I had one of my favourite meals ever last summer at The Redhead in the East Village. Their buttermilk fried chicken served cornbread and strawberry balsamic salad is just incredible. Instead of a desert menu they give you freshly baked cookies to take away as a favor which is a really nice touch. Also their peanut bacon brittle is legendary!

  12. YOU MUST go to milkbar after noodlebar— they super close to one another. so good! at noodlebar get the spicy chilled noodles with sausage. good luck! xoxo

    ps. M. Wells @ MoMA PS1 is fantastic, too!

  13. You guys…. you rock! Thank you so much for all the wonderful recommendations and anti-recommendations. I’ve updated the post with more places hahaha. Can’t wait to try out some of the places on the list.

    However, I have no idea how many burgers my stomach can handle in a week. So what are the top three places I should go for a out-of-this-world burger experience? Burger Joint at Le Parker Meridien, Shake Shack and Five Guys? I’m more into hand burgers than fancy gourmet burgers. haha

    • As a native New Yorker, I would go for Shake Shack. Also, if you’re considering going for inexpensive and delicious Taiwanese and Korean food, anywhere in Flushing, Queens will be awesome! Also the Jackson Diner in Jackson Heights, Queens, for Indian.

      For banh mi, Banh Mi Saigon makes an excellent sandwich on Grand Street in Chinatown/Little Italy. And for my favorite donuts in the city (lemon poppy and blood orange!), Dough is a good place to stop by at Bed Stuy.

      Also, I’m a huge fan of your blog! Keep up the great work!

  14. Ohh, if there is one thing I do know, it is NYC and food! Café Gitane is a favorite of mine- go to the Mott St. one if you do decide to visit. Schiller’s, Russ and Daughters [get the salted caramels], and Murray’s are some of my other favorites off your list. Don’t bother with Five guys Burgers and Fries, it’s an overrated American chain-fast food restaurant. Clinton Street Bakery is really good, but I must advise it’s difficult to get a table [you have to get there very early and wait outside until you eat], worth it… but difficult.

    Here are a few of my favorite place:
    Caffe Reggio- Macdougal St between 3rd and Bleeker St. [for coffee/cappuccinos/good food/Italian renaissance art]
    B Cup Café- Ave B at the corner of 13th Street
    Pinisi Bakery- 4th Street between 1st and 2nd Ave [closer to 1st though]
    Rocco Ristorante- Thompson Street between Houston and Bleeker St.
    Mamoun’s Falafel- MacDougal Street between 3rd and Bleeker St.
    BareBurger- LaGuardia Place between Bleecker Street and W 3rd Street.

    Enjoy your trip!

  15. ah! welcome to new york!

    cafe gitane is great (i second the recommend above to go to the mott street location; it’s adorable; and i love the neighborhood it’s in.) (if you’re into bookstores at all, mcnally jackson is just down the street, and housing works is a few blocks away.)

    for cupcakes, i recommend two little red hens on the upper east side (i love their cream cheese frosting, and their banana cupcakes). there’s a shake shack nearby, too!

    also going to second another comment that says that cafe habana isn’t as good as it used to be. my favourite cuban place is cubana cafe in brooklyn — i’ve only been to their park slope location, but the restaurant itself is adorable, and their food is delicious. get the corn! and i’m also partial to their cafe con leche. :D

    also in brooklyn (cobble hill neighbourhood), there’s buttermilk channel that has delicious fried chicken. there’s a momofuku dessert bar nearby, too, apparently, although i haven’t been to that location. there’s a van leeuwen in brooklyn as well. oh oh and the chocolate room! i like taking everyone who visits to the chocolate room.

    the breslin has an awesome lamb burger. and it’s in the ace hotel, which is fun, and stumptown is attached for coffee!

    for japanese, i love/recommend ootoya in flatiron; their food reminds me of food i ate when i was in japan (their mackerel sets are delicious); plus the city bakery is across the street for dessert (love their cookies)! (the strand is also nearby if you like bookstores … as well as joe coffee.)

    i’m still on the search for good pho, but i liked the pho at pho grand on the lower east side. admittedly, i don’t necessarily know what “good” pho is, just what i like, and i liked the pho there!

    enjoy your time here! (:

  16. John’s pizzeria on Bleeker is really delicious. I second Gray’s papaya- worth going just to experience it! For something fancier Les Halles is great. For cocktails Employees Only was good,there is another one with a phone booth entrance near Luke’s Lobster that’s also meant to be fun. Enjoy!

  17. fleurette-
    from your liste here are my recommendations of places you should not skip:

    Marlow & Sons for Oysters
    Buvette has the best brunch in the city, by far.
    Cafe Haban is a must- get some mexican corn on the cob
    Momofuku is always great (my husband worked there for a while)
    Skip Five Guys (too american, in a bad way: ie the video dayum) and get shake shack instead

    Also, I would check out the following- Mission Chinese, Takashi, and the best cafe is OST in east village- best latte in the city.

    For the best cocktails (I am super into cocktails) go to Dutch Kills or Wayland- have fun and you will not be disappointed!

  18. It is just magical and heartwarming how much you fucking love to eat food. I hope you review the places you went to – I might be going to NYC this fall, and I’d love some recommendations! :)

  19. This list is just great! I’m planning to travel to NYC this summer so your list comes in quite handy. Can’t wait to read your comments on the places and how the food was – and of course, I would love to see lots of pictures from New York. It’s too bad you don’t find the time to post as often anymore, but I understand you don’t have the time right now. Anyway, keep up the good work!


  20. Sorry…har ikke set din post om NYC før idag. Men du må forbi Prune, hvis du kan få bord. Autentisk lokal newyorker resturant. Fantastiks. Ligger på Lower East.

  21. My husband’s recommendations: Porterhouse in the Time Warner Center (59th and B’way) is good for lunch – nice view of Central Park. All the way downtown on Stone Street (it is actually a cobblestone street in lower Manhattan) is Adrians is worth a visit, too.

  22. Spiste den beste biffen (mener det var entrecote) i hele mitt liv på Pastis! Og jeg er utrolig glad i biff. Den var rett og slett himmelsk; husker fortsatt hvor saftig og mør og smakfull og perfekt den var, haha. Min mor spiste derimot en ytrefilet som var litt tørrere og med noe mer sener og fett i; god, men ikke fantastisk etter hva jeg har skjønt. Av egen erfaring vil jeg altså anbefale Pastis på det varmeste, men jeg antar man kan være uheldig med kjøttet også der.

  23. Hey, there! First time commenting here, but a huge fan of your Instagram for some time now (yeah, i’m the creepy girl liking each one of your photos)

    So, I’m heading to NYC next month for 10 days and one of my goals – if not THE goal itself – is to try some food and restaurants i’ve seen in pictures and read about on reviews for too long.

    Is is too much to ask you which ones of these were your favorites?

    Also, you’re super cute and i have a huge girl crush on your internet persona :) there, i’ve said it..

    * Maria

    • Hi Maria! Thank you so much for the sweet but not at all creepy comment. I’m waiting for my photos from NYC and I’ll make a little post on the places I liked and some food reviews as well. Stay tuned!

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