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What is it about A.P.C. that other brands don’t possess? Why do I have such a soft spot for anything that Jean Touitou designs? After I stopped relying on Isabel Marant, who used to be my go-to designer until her design became too loud for my taste and the prices skyrocketed disproportionally to the quality, I instead started putting my money into more clothes from A.P.C. In terms of designers, this has resulted in a very homogenous selection of clothes in my wardrobe. However, whether you like it or not, it’s a fact that most of our choices, especially the insignificant and habitual ones, are based on brands. And yes, we stick to certain brands if they work otherwise we would have to face a myriad of different brands for each and every product that we need and want – and too many options are driving people crazy, not to mention time-consuming . Fortunately, I didn’t had to go through a hassle of hunting in the jungle of designers to find the ones that cater to my personal taste and style.

Whenever I need something feminine, beautiful, effortless yet luxurious, I shop at Vanessa Bruno. Church’s is my go-to brand for well-made quality leather shoes. I depend on REN and Aesop when it comes to skincare and hair products. I only use Moleskine planners because they always work. And I always go to A.P.C. whenever I need or want something new, whether it’s a pair of sandals or just a warm cashmere sweater for winter. Anything else would be too labor-intensive.

So why do I always choose and rely on A.P.C.? Obviously, it’s by all means because the clothes are incomparably simple, understated, and timeless. Even though it’s just a plain sweater that comes at a hefty price for a poor student like me, I could never find anything remotely similar at Zara, COS, or Isabel Marant for that matter – trust me, I’ve tried looking so many times to little avail. There is something about the classic cut that is hard to unearth, but unlike many other designer labels out there, A.P.C. continuously offers their customer classic pieces slightly and subtly altered every season. The quality isn’t bad either, especially if you take good care of the clothes. Besides, the garments from A.P.C. fit me just right, the sleeves hit at the right place, and so on. A.P.C. covers everything that I look for when I shop – design, cut, fit, and quality, all of which are mandatory.

However, a few weeks ago, I finally grasped why I keep going back to A.P.C. and why I’m obsessed with this designer brand. Jane and I visited the little A.P.C. shop in Toulouse. I was trying on a bunch of clothes, among them several dresses and skirts, and since there was no mirror in the dressing room I had to use the big mirror in the shop where everybody could see me. I hate doing that but I’m glad I had to, because otherwise I wouldn’t have figured out why I love A.P.C. so much. The seller told my friend, who told me that I have the A.P.C. body. Then I realized that he’s actually right. It makes a lot more sense to me now as to why everything I try on from this brand looks like clothes made to measure – which has never been the case before when it comes to other designers that I wear. A.P.C. clothes are designed for my body!

In October, I wrote this little post about the uncomfortableness of wearing dresses. But as mentioned earlier, I tried on several dresses and skirts at A.P.C. – which I wish I had done sooner. They all looked perfect on me and completely changed my body image as I finally found dresses that were made for my figure. Thanks to A.P.C. I no longer feel self-conscious and uncomfortable in a frock.

On a different note, I don’t know anything about A.P.C. and the company’s compliance with ethical standards and labor laws. I know that some of the products are made in third world countries and others are made in France and Italy – but the destination for manufacturing doesn’t indicate anything as to the labor conditions. As much as I try to be a conscious shopper, there is a box that still remains unchecked. But then again, the brand meets all of my other requirements. Nonetheless, to be honest, I think I’m just as cynical as the industry is. Would I boycott A.P.C. if it turns out that they do not comply with fundamental ethical principles? How about all the other things we buy and eat? Who has the responsibility – the consumers or the companies? But would boycotting actually improve the working conditions at factories or would the demand for products drop and eventually lead to unemployment?

Anyway, back to where I started. A.P.C. turns out to be the only clothing brand that works for me all the time and I’m happy with it. I believe everything is perfectly designed for my style, taste, and body. It’s no doubt that the brand commendably possesses a strong, consistent style identity that’s never outdated in the slightest. Just take a look at A.P.C.’s looks from 1987 and 2013 – you can’t really tell the difference, am I right? It’s the same silhouettes, the same style… And for someone like me who loathes shopping, knowing that A.P.C. covers everything that I need and little extra truly facilitates the entire shopping process. I don’t have to go through excessively many options and I always find something that satisfies in every sense.

How about you guys? Do you have any go-to brands?

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  1. I like APC for tops, as I unfortunately don’t have the APC body (I have a marked difference between my waist and hips, making their bottoms gap). As for the ethical implication of their products, I am on the fence as well, but I have not bought anything from them since the Madras line, for which I had a particular affinity, was dropped.

    I don’t buy much new clothing, but when I can’t find what I want second-hand, I usually go to American Apparel for bottoms, especially their high-waisted zipper ones and most 100% cotton pairs they market as men’s styles. It’s not that their quality is exceptional or anything, but A is one of the extremely rare places where the bottoms are cut for my body type.

    Lucky you to fit in APC skirts and dresses, I often admire them from afar, but rarely take chances as to their fit as there’s no store near me.

    • I love AA bottoms but they don’t fit my figure at all. All of their bottoms give me something that looks like camel toe :S :( Do you have any idea why they dropped the Madras line? It just suddenly disappeared.

      • I don’t know, it’s very mysterious! I was looking for the Spring collection last year, and after going from site to site, I stumbled upon some forum where participants were expressing their disappointment at the closing of the line, as well as information about Jessica Ogden’s collaborations with other labels (with disappointing results, in my opinion).

  2. I have been a loyal reader of your blog for a very long time, which is one of my favorite blogs of all time. And my little addiction of your blog has caused my big crush for A.P.C which has again resulted into my very first purchase of A.P.C piece(first of many), but my heart has a weak spot for wonderful scandinavian brand Acne. I guess I have weak spot with brands starting with an A, haha.

    I just want to say that you have inspired me in so many ways – food (weak spot for burgers as well), clothes, beauty, everything! Matter in fact, you are the reason for my new years revolution. You see, i have decided to be a strong supporter of your golden rule ”quality than quantity” and therefore thrown/given away all of my bad quality, cheap high end brand to either my family or charity and startig from scratch, I guess what im trying to say here, is that thank you and you are the best!

    PS! I hope you dont think im a stalker now.. haha

    • Hi LH! Thank you so much. You’re far too kind! I don’t find you stalkerish at all. If it’s true that I’ve inspired you to eat more burgers, then I must say I’m proud. Haha! Legalize burgers! Good luck with building your wardrobe.

  3. Same goes for me. I’m quite short & petite and A.P.C. is one the few brands if not the only one that doesn’t have too long sleeves etc. for my body type. And I really like their timelessness. I’m often drawn to COS as well, but their clothes almost never fit me right.

  4. I’ve noticed that too – the more I look, the more I find myself going back time and time again to A.P.C. It’s just those timeless designs that they have every season, particularly sweaters. And I adore their shoes. My go-to brands are A.P.C., Comme des Garcons, Hope, Band of Outsiders and Acne jeans. It never goes wrong for me when I shop those brands.

    • A.P.C. makes the best shoes! I’m waiting for a potential restock of the classic boots in black suede. Kirsten Dunst owns them but I think they are from 5-6 seasons back so eventually they will have to resell them. Maybe next season? I really want to check out Band of Outsiders and can’t wait to do that when I go to the states. Love your little “shortlist”.

  5. I love that you’ve started blogging agian. Your blog dosnt make it on my top 5 blogs, its like waaay above. I dont know. you have a way of writing where you leave all the annoying normal blogger stuff out. You dont blog like other people do, but so much better. i dont even think i know excactly what it is. But i can think of so many annoying bloggers that should have their blogs deleted. Seriously.

    I love the whole minimalist feel of your blog. And your style. Everything.

    Keep blogging!

    A Reader in Copenhagen

  6. I see exactly what you mean here. I hate looking for the perfect garment and when I find a brand which style seems to offer everything I’m looking for, I have a tendency to stick to it too.

    However, I think it’s still good to make a reality check now and then, because things can change in time, quality can drop, prices can go up… What you experienced with Isabel Marant, I did with Comptoir des Cotonniers. Now, each new season, I take the time to check where the clothes are made, the fabrics etc. I don’t assume of the quality just because I was happy with the brand until now.

    Currently, by go-to brands are Repetto and Minelli for shoes, A.P.C, Comme des Garçons for clothes. I’m still looking for a couple more clothes brands though, because these two are a bit expensive and don’t provide all the types of clothes I need…

    • True, CdC’s prices have gone up so much in the last few years, and quality now is almost at the level of Zara. I’m not exagerating, I promise you… Like : 150e for a 100% polyester dress, seriously ? 60e for a scarf that is only 30% wool ?? etc.
      Yet their designs are soooo hard to resist….

      • Haha I agree with you up to last year’s FW collection. These gorgeous shades of brown, camel and navy… But since SS12 they have a new stylist and I hate their new design. To me, CdC became yet another Sessun, Maje or Sandro, it lost its stylistic identity completely. At least, I don’t regret stopping my purchases there :)

  7. I totally hear you. And while I actually love shopping, I actually love going through the jungle of the millions of designers and finding something new, it’s just thrilling to me, I also love knowing exactly where to go when I need something basic. And it’s also totally true that our go-to labels are not going to be based just on taste and aesthetic but on our body shapes as well, because while there are many brands out there whose work I love, their clothes are just simply not cut for my body. I consider myself lucky in that Cos clothes seem to fit me extremely well, so I can depend on them for solid basics (possibly not the best quality, but pretty damn good so far).

  8. I agree with the general theory – I tend to buy from a few designers/shops and often get multiples so I can wear a uniform, as it were.
    That said, I am not crazy about APC quality – I do love the look and fit of their clothing, but prefer higher-quality fabric. And, to be honest, I find the APC founder’s views on China and its role in the world rather offensive – bit much when you think of how so many western nations got rich through exploiting their eastern neighbours, China included.–february-09-2011

    • Ammu,
      Thank you for sharing this interview of Touitou. I’m quite disappointed to hear quite of offensive characterizations of the Chinese. I’m a huge fan of APC, like Fleurette, but this will definitely make to rethink my business.

  9. I’m totally with you on this. My go to brands are Vanessa Bruno and A.P.C. I never tried on something from these two that I didn’t like or that didn’t fit me. I must the A.P.C. body too? :)
    On the other hand, Cos clothes never seem to fit me well, which is a shame because I like a lot of their stuff (and their price tags).

    I particularly like A.P.C. dresses. Because they are so simple and well cut they never go out of fashion and they are the most comfortable thing in my closet.

  10. I don’t quite have the APC body – their dresses are so short and sometimes the shoulders too narrow. Their women’s large or men’s small sizes are my best bets.

    But I’ve always liked APC for the vibe and found their clothes to be of decent quality, but just not quite worth the price. But time and again I shop there because I like the look of their clothes and no one else quite does the same simple things over and over again. Too bad I think Jean Touitou is a douche! Haha.

    But actually I haven’t felt the need to buy anything from APC for a few seasons now because the things I already have are pretty similar to what they’re selling, and they’re still in good shape. I suppose that makes them pretty good buys.

    I do return to the same brands over and over again, especially those with a strong style identity. It’s much nicer to buy from a place you have an affinity for.

    It depresses me when you start to see the quality deteriorate. I see that a little bit with Massimo Dutti (a high street brand) and I saw that a lot with Filippa K, which I used to really like but it’s gotten much harder to find the good quality items in their collections now.

  11. I do have go-to brands, but a lot more “detailed.” Like I buy my make-up remover from Bioderma, my moisturizer is Embryolisse, my toner Caudalie… I buy these products again and again … and again. I’m kind of a perfectionist in that matter: I must find the best available product for me and this ‘hunt’ is somewhat a hobby of mine. I would never settle for second best and I would never ever buy something just because of a brand or label.

    I like that you emphasized that APC is the best for you – but not necessarily for everybody else. I like APC, but I’m not as passionate about it as you are. I only like a few pieces of their collections and those are true perfection. This fall/winter I bought a raglan pullover and a blazer and they are by far the best pieces of clothing in my closet at the moment. In the end, I probably don’t have the APC body, though.

    Isabel Marant – the main line at least – is getting wilder, bolder, more artsy every season, if that makes sense. There are very few pieces that I would wear myself but altogether I admire Isabel Marant, she’s a truly brilliant designer. I think her shoes, dresses and shirts (and even jewelery) are still great.

    I like Vanessa Bruno, too. Her black jumpsuit of last season was on my wish list, but way too expensive. As soon as a product costs more than around $200 I usually pass/wait until sale.

  12. I haven’t worn APC for a while for two reasons – ethical and the fact that I find the whole line a bit “young” for me now. My current go-to brands are Acne for jeans and some pullovers. But my all-time favorites are Margiela and Dries. A bit expensive so I always try to buy on sale. In terms of quality it is tip-top. I have a number of Margiela sweaters all made in Italy from the lovely wools with the most amazing fit and the shoes are amazing. All timeless and classic, but every so slightly quirky. I have a number of Margiela shoes that are years old, and still are holding up incredible well. I tend to buy only a few pieces each year, but I chose very carefully.

  13. APC!!! I might have posted “Stick to what works” somewhere in my blog too so same mindset. But, I don’t believe that I have APC body therefore sizing and length needed to be checked and evaluated for each piece at the fitting room… time consuming indeed. I’ll make a good excuse to stop by LA once in a while :)

  14. Big Yes for this article! I completely agree with you. I also find A.P.C. timeless and with good quality and it is quite affordable brand. Well, of course, some pieces are more pricey, but if we consider that the piece of clothing is going to last ages, than I think it is not too bad.

    At the end I would like to mention that I love your blog here on Almost everyday I check it here, if there is new article from you. It is so refreshing to reading about style and fashion in such a ,,grown-up,, and rewarding way. Plus I love your style. (You always remind me some character in Haruki Murakami’s book.)

  15. I totally understand your feeling, that sometimes there are just certain brands that are really reliable for you, and it’s just calming somehow to only have to look in one place and not worry about the rest. APC isn’t *that* brand for me … it’s unfortunately still Isabel Marant, despite the fact that I agree with you about the quality/price ratio and general loudness of the overall aesthetic. Every season, it feels like fewer and fewer pieces call my name, but when they are right, they are *sooooo* right.

  16. I like how succinctly you put it. I feel like there’s a short list of designers and boutiques that I return to because I can very clearly articulate exactly what it is that works. It’s always a relief when you find that.

    You know me- I’m a perfectionist when it comes to design, construction, high quality fabrics, drape, fit. It’s quite easy to get things like the look or styling (in IM’s case) down, but those other things are a bit harder. These days I find fewer and fewer things (at all price points) that call my name. I’ve never been blown away by APC’s quality, but I will say that I like how they cut their clothes. Narrow shoulders in coats, jackets, dresses, shirts, are incredibly hard to find and such a costly tailoring endeavor.

    • But whenever you find the right things that call your name, they really really work, right? Unlike you, I feel like I could buy the entire APC collection every season, which is very bad for my wallet AND the fact that I can’t distinguish wants from needs once I enter an APC store.

  17. Great article Fleurette, I’m glad you’re back !
    I, french student, am obsessed with Petit Bateau clothes. They propose timeless pieces, in the best fabric ever.
    I wear my caban with my wool sweater all winter, and my cirée jaune when it rain. I wear my pair of short all summer long, with white cotton teeshirt. And my school bag is a tote, from….Petit Bateau OF COURSE.
    I guess Petit Bateau is my APC !

    • Petit Bateau is your APC! I went to Petit Bateau a few weeks ago but didn’t find anything that I liked although I like the things the have online… just couldn’t find them in store I guess.

  18. I have the same attitude as yours so I guess that’s one of the many reasons that I read your blog regularly (other than I find your writing captivating). I find the whole idea of shopping laborious and dreadful. So I memorize which brands work for me.

    My daughter only ever wears Petit Bateau which I purchase during the sales. They wash so well and never date.

    T by Alexander Wang – tees.
    Helmut by Helmut Lang – Long sleeved tees
    Etoile Isabel Marant – General clothes(unlike you, her clothes are made for my body so little alteration is required. I only wish they aren’t so expensive).
    Repetto – my flats.
    Hermes – shawls.
    Rag & Bone – jackets.
    Uniqlo – basics and denim
    James Jeans – denim
    Smythson – stationery
    Petit Bateau – comfy lounge wear
    A.P.C – casual summer clothes
    Gloverall – coats

    • Marlene, you’re way too kind! I’m an avid reader of your blog too, albeit a quite silent reader. I like your list a lot! I shall check out Petit Bateau for comfy lounge wear. I visisted their store in Toulouse to search for some turtlenecks and striped shirts to no avail.

  19. I’ve just recently started to stick with a few selected brands as my go-to ones. I can’t do APC, not impressed with the quality after trying quite a few pieces in the past and they all end up shrinking or pilling. It’s too bad because like you, I do love their cuts and simple designs.

    My current go to is FWK engineered garments for most things but especially blazers, Serie Numerica for knits and a few pieces by Margaret Howell. I’ve tried a lot of different brands for shoes but my current favorite is Marsell, their sizing fits my feet perfectly.

    The biggest advantage with sticking to one designer, especially one who’s designs changes very little from year after year is that any new pieces will most likely go impeccably well with existing ones. I am getting progressively lazier with wardrobe planning and just can’t muster the effort to put together outfits in the morning. Now I can grab a few random items without any thought and look put together most days.

    • Have you experienced shrinking when it comes to other brands? I think three of my APC shirts shrank a lot because I accidentally put them in the dryer or something. Oh, actually, I have two silk tops that are the same style but different color – anyway, the one that I’ve washed (2 times) and worn the most (4-5 times) is a bit smaller than the other one…. hmmm

      I love Margaret Howell, unfortunately her clothes are way too big for me. I can only admire them from afar! Well, it’s good for my wallet though since her clothes are quite expensive.

      Totally agree with you on the biggest advantage part.

      Btw, good to hear from you again, Wendy!

      • “the biggest advantage” : that’s so true !
        another advantage is that you can buy from an e-shop without wondering if you should size up or down : you just know :)

  20. You certainly do suit APC clothing! It’s a great feeling to discover a brand niche which works so well for you.
    I am always impressed by the quality of APC pieces, but find that most of them tend to fit me rather badly (boxy, tent-like, etc). I have no idea where I am going wrong, for we are quite similar in height/size! Do you not find the dresses to swamp you? I must admit to having a thing for the simple cut of their skirts, although I do wish they would occasionally vary the lengths a little bit.

    I’m not entirely sure if any one brand works consistently for me at the moment. I was really enamored of Aubin & Wills until they announced that they closing down:(

    Not sure if I am as convinced by big name brands these days either, however I shall never be able to find satisfaction on the high street – if only I could create my own clothes!

    Nice to catch up with your blog x

    • That is very odd, as you said we are the same height and size. But then again, maybe we have quite different silhouettes, hence the clothes give you a boxy fit etc.. I think the dresses (the ones that I’ve tried on) fit me perfectly. Such a shame that Aubin & Wills are closing down. I’ve never seen the clothes in person, but from what I’ve seen online they make nice, classic clothes.

  21. I like your blog very much and have been reading it for several years, thanks for a new post!

    I’m still happy with A.P.C. though I usually buy things only when they’re on sale, with the exception of t-shirts and lightweight cotton tops. I’m a rather tall Scandinavian with a largish frame; unfortunately their style of dresses is unflattering on me, and the trousers are often too slim in the hips. I do love the knits and have bought two beautiful coats as well. Their wedge sandals are very cool.

    I still go to Isabel Marant Etoile (when I can afford it) for linen tees and the occasional jacket – some styles are too short and narrow in the shoulders, but others are quite perfect.

    Current/Elliott suits me pretty well for denim, Theory for work jackets and trousers since they’re long, and because anything high end is out of my budget. I’m very glad that Loeffler Randall, Rachel Comey and Delman make shoes in my size – a lot of brands stop at 10. Now I have my eye on those Acne Pistol boots, which I’ve decided I can’t buy until after I’ve finally finished paying student loans!

    • Hi Anna, thank you for the kind words! I too wait till the sales even though it means that I might miss out on a few items that sell out quickly. Rachel Comey makes good shoes, I have a pair of Comey boots on my wishlist.

  22. This is such a good post about why people sometimes get into a certain groove with regards to buying clothes…

    One thing I’ve noticed is that COS is always my best choice for buying dresses. They always have some nice, unusual cuts that work well on my frame.

    When it comes to other kinds of clothes, though, I am pretty lost. I try on a lot of menswear and search through the sale racks of pretty questionable stores in order to try and find things that will work for me!

  23. Such a brilliant post, thank you so much for writing this ! I had been hoping you would write such an article for a long time…

    I couldn’t agree more on the “difficulty to find classic cuts” part. My God, you really wouldn’t think so, but it’s SO. RIDDICULOUSLY. DIFFICULT !!!! I guess classics won’t trigger any impulse buys, which is what the brands are aiming at for the most part… Anyway I fully agree with you, so I won’t dwell on it.

    Naturally I am just as fascinated as you by A.P.C. Their design is brilliant. What really puts me off though is the quality : not that it’s bad, it’s really not, but frankly, as a seamstress myself, I can honestly say the quality is not worth the price. Let me take an example : they sell leather boots for around 400e. The very same leather boots can be found at La Botte Gardiane, a brand where everything is made by French craftsmen, and of top quality. La Botte Gardiane sells the EXACT same product for 200e… Of course APC is going to be a bit more expensive, but TWICE as much ? Having said that, I completely understand why you still buy it, of course !! All your arguments make complete sense.

    I have a soft spot myself for Petit Bateau. The prices have gone up, but the quality is still incredible and it remains affordable all in all. I’ve worn everything I own by them to death. They have the best knits. Everything lasts for years, possibly decades. Also, most of their production is made in France, and they have an ethical commitment. The website pictures don’t do justice to the products, but I fall in love with their lookbook every single time. Their best items are those you don’t notice right away, yet two months later you can’t live without them !

    As for the “APC body”, oooooh how I understand you…because I definetly don’t have an APC body. In my opinion, “garçonne” look really is slender girl’s best asset…and that’s what I’m not. It’s Ok though, I have my own stuff !! :P

    thanks for this great blog…
    x c.

  24. Thanks to this blog I discovered A.P.C. and went to the only shop in Copenhagen that sells it – I really like the simplicity and the quality of their clothes. They have some nice stuff on sale now but I decided to buy only second-hand for some months, so I’ll go back there in the summer (the shop is Moshi Moshi btw).
    As for my fav brands…as an Italian in Copenhagen I tend to shop mostly in Italy, especially for warm cachemire sweathers (Scaglione and Maglificio Tollegno). I have recently found out that I really like Les Copains! Lastly, I really really like Paola Frani – amazing quality and really flattering clothes and Marimekko dresses. That’s all :) Have a nice trip to CPH!

  25. I like A.P.C.’s classic and easy to wear designs but after buying 2 of their lovely blouses (couldn’t try it on because I don’t have one near me) I quickly realized that apparently in no way do I have the A.P.C. body. I definitely don’t consider myself to be busty but somehow that is the only area that is completely thrown off on me. I can’t move my arms because the bust becomes too tight and it’s almost impossible to button. I’m still incredibly sad because the 2 shirts I got are so perfect. I’m hoping to sell mine and then try the risk of sizing up. As for go-to brands, I must say that I’m rather envious of you for having one! I wish I did, it certainly makes things a trillion times easier and would make me less guilty about the frivolity of clothing.

    • Oh no, that is such a shame! You don’t have any stores near you that sells A.P.C.? The sizes can sometimes be a bit inconsistent so you normally should have the chance to try them on before buying OR free return/exchange. I’m pretty sure you’ll find *the one* brand at some point if you keep searching. It’s a tiring and a long process, I know, but once you’ve found it everything shopping related will be much easier!

  26. i think people only like APC and Aesop and Rose bakery etc etc to feel cool. they are all about the marketing campaign and packaging.
    i cant stand that odeur of butter and cakes sticking to my clothes at rose bakery, and eating next to market stalls with cabbages which looks like an arab epicery , i find it so humiliating.
    APC makes a girl look ugly and repellent, i mean everything is so shapeless. my go to brands are jil sander and hermes for clothes and la Prairie for skincare.

      • hahaha, this one is funny, especially since APC cuts basically are the same as Jil Sander. but I think, what she tries to say is: there are so many brands that were kind of new and different, and now the have become mainstream very quickly. and big thanks to bloggers, btw for example, name 2 things you really don’t want to wear: Isabel Marant’ 12 boots + Celine bag etc.

  27. Visiting your blog and seeing 3 new posts has made my work day bearable :)
    I’ve pretty much decided (again for the second year in a row) that I need to lose a few kg before I can confidently say that any of my clothes (obviously shoes and bags excluded) fit me perfectly, but like you I have decided that this year I will at least just stick with what I know (and probably what I own already).
    For me it’s Isabel Marant for jackets, Aussie label Country Road for workwear and Nudie for jeans. Still looking for a label that makes the perfect skirts for me and a label that makes dresses with sleeves all year round sans polyester lining.

  28. I love this post! I got to know of A.P.C. through reading your blog and indeed, you do cut a lean and lovely figure in their clothes. I don’t think I have an A.P.C. body but their blouses, dresses and skirts fit me to a T. I alternate between a xs and s. Spring/Summer is the best time to buy as they make lots of cotton stuff.

    I like Vanessa Bruno for events and weddings. Like you mentioned, VB makes feminine and easy clothes, and there is such an easy grace.

    I like selected pieces from IM. When she does it right, it is VERY good.So people tend to go for the same things. I love the linen jackets from 2008 and 2009 most. It has a very worn-in, relaxed cut that I love.

  29. T by Alexander Wang and COS are my go-to brands. I’m tall, skinny and don’t have a waist at all, but these always fit. :) COS had some brilliant cashmere sweaters last season, and I was surprised to find it long enough without being boxy. Knowing your brands makes shopping easier when you have ‘issues’ to look after, like being tall, hating body-con garments (how am I supposed to eat a burger when you can see my insides through my dress?) and avoiding anything with a cinched waist/belt.

  30. What I find interesting is most French women (and men) do not know A.P.C.. Comptoir Des Cotonniers, Maje, Sandro, Claudie Peirlot, the kooples and dozens of other brands are all popular in France, but not A.P.C.. I was suprised when so many French girls/woman said they’ve never heard of A.P.C.

    A.P.C. is my favorite, but it’s too expensive. I’m tall and skinny so I guess kinda A.P.C. body. Comptoir Des Cotonniers used to be my go-to brand till it was sold to the big japanese company who owns Uniqlo and Theory. I do often settle for 2nd best because I don’t want to spend too much hard-earned money on clothes or cosmetics since they are not that important to me.

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