Hello 2013

How I wish every morning could be more like this. We had a big brunch at Jane’s parents’ apartment in Toulouse before hitting the road to Spain. It was the day before the last day of 2012, the only day I should have been as fit as a fiddle. Instead, unpredictably, I rang in the New Year with food poisoning in Barcelona – a city close to my heart. It was truly painful, yet a relief at the same time. Painful both in the sense of having no control whatsoever over my body and also because I missed out on the party of the year with my friends and Maceo Plex in my favorite city. A relief because albeit the previous New Year’s eve was a major disaster, 2012 turned out to be second to none in every imaginable way. Hence I believe 2013 is going to be just as supreme. Bad start, bad year doesn’t apply to me (knock on wood). Nevertheless, going back to the daily grind makes me appreciate those few and far between daybreaks a lot more – with great food, great people, tranquility, harmony, and other clichés that are completely neglected in day-to-day life. I spent almost the entire holidays in the South of Europe that only feels untrue in retrospect. A 10-day dream, you know. Everything is an oxymoron in the transition from work to play and from play to work. My body and mind have yet to readapt to an even more hectic schedule and 7 exams to ace before I get my life back. Fortunately, I have a few amazing events before me; New York in 30 days, finally applying to university for the first time in my life which is scary in a way, a short trip to Copenhagen with the rat pack… and in-between all the studying I will somehow find a bit of spare time – even if it’s just my daily thirty minutes break between classes – to organize my West Coast trip in July. To be honest, what keeps me going is the privilege to travel. With the perfect balance, nothing is too overpowering.

Happy New Year everyone! Thank you so much for your continued readership! Here’s to an awesome 2013.

PS: The perfect dress… more about it later.

18 thoughts on “Hello 2013

  1. It looks like a great brakfast with lot of joy :)
    May I ask what kind of studies you choose in NY?
    I wish you “late but still” Happy New Year and persistance with studying nowadays ( we’re all at the same situation, what a horrible time for students…)

    • Thank you and likewise! I’m still not sure as to what I will apply to. Or I mean, i know but I don’t know the order. Now that I’m able to do whatever I want, it’s harder than ever. So I’m trying to decide between med school, clinical nutrition and pharmacy these days. The funny part is that I don’t want to become a physician, dietician or pharmacist… but a scientist in said fields.

      • That’s impressive! My mom is a pharmacist and she is complete freak into medics and healthy life ;p Whatever what you’ll choose i believe it would have a great meaning but you have to really be into it, don’t push yourself and give yourself time to consider all the options :) Good luck and happy winter !

  2. Looks like a delicious spread!
    Happy new year to you! I hope you have a wonderful 2013. My January has been just manic on the work front, but I don’t mind…feel very privileged to have a job I enjoy 90% of the time!
    I spent the holidays in southern India, surrounded by friends and family. It was lovely.

  3. How are things on the West Coast? I hear you’re moving real fine… I hope you get my Interpol reference although you may be too young for that. ANYWAY… where on the West Coast? We should do a meet up!!

    • Seattle :))) I’ve already checked with your blog that you live in Seattle (i somehow thought I could find you in NYC or Philly so I wanted to ask if you wanted to meet up next month) so I was planning to let you know as soon as I’ve booked the tickets. And I’m also going to Portland, San Francisco, San Jose, LA, and San Diego! Haha, I did listen to Interpol when I was twelve but I didn’t get the reference.

  4. I was sitting here contemplating of not going to lectures today but now I feel quite motivated, thanks, Fleurette! Your instagram photos are really nice from that trip!

  5. Love how positive you sound about 2013! I hope it’s a wonderful year for you. I know what you mean about travel- being able to spend time with love ones and travel is definitely something that I look forward to during the intense times. So far January has been a utterly chaotic at work, but I feel somewhat calm because I truly enjoyed our holiday trip.

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