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Almost a year has passed since I wrote this post about the search for the perfect rucksack. A few months later I posted a follow-up about the agony of choice, yet I ended up with neither of them. At last I found a (temporary) rucksack – arrived today, to be precise – that fits all my needs for less than a quarter of the price of my dream backpack, which I was, in fact, planning on picking up in London next a week.

In the end, I ordered this nice rucksack from online-only e-tailer Everlane, partially because the brand’s egalitarian philosophy and business strategy really appeals to me, the bag is roomy enough for school, and also since I’m trying to save my bucks for my forthcoming travels and monthly expenses. In other words, it didn’t come with a hefty price tag attached. So, if I’m able to tighten my belt here and there, I would do my best to be a frugal shopper and opt for the most inexpensive alternative provided that neither the quality nor the design suck.

I did mention that it’s quite a spacious rucksack, which already holds three textbooks, two notebooks, a binder, chemistry tables, music sheets, a moleskine journal, a calculator, a pencil case, and essential bits and bobs such as a portable umbrella and so on – and there’s even room for a lot more, but my back could never have handled the weight, though. The understated yet cool design blends in with my style perfectly. The backpack also feels quite sturdy and looks like it can take some serious abuse from hauling it around school. And even though it’s utterly functional, thanks to the scores of pockets and a padded inner compartment for a macbook pro, the rucksack doesn’t sacrifice on style at all. Besides, it’s supposed to be of high quality, but only time will tell whether or not it stands the test of wear and tear.

Yep, the quest for the rucksack is over!

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  1. I love it fleurette! Denim and brown will always be one of those perfect combinations for me. I wish i had started my quest for a backpack sooner, I’ve spent 4 years at uni lumbering around huge totes and probably killing my back in the process. Now, with only 3 months left to go (!!!) I can’t be bothered any more.. Although I may end up doing further study so maybe I should keep the search alive!

    ps. travels?? when? fb me your planned itinerary, I’ll be in Europe in Jan/Feb. x

    • Haha, I’ve never really needed a rucksack until now as my current school doesn’t provide lockers for any of their zillion students. But I should have bought one when in high school, as I would probably have done my homework if I brought the books home. Remember the Tommy Ton backpack you showed me? How about that one (apart from the fact that it’s sold out everywhere).

      As for travels. London next week, Bergen in November, Toulouse, Barcelona and maybe Cadaques in the end of December + start of January, New York in February. Please stop by Oslo while in Europe – the new coffee capital (you do love a good cup of coffee, am I right?)

      • Utrolig fin ryggsekk! Selv har jeg hatt min Fjällräven-sekk i over 3 år. Den er fin og kan bære flere bøker og en laptop, men den begynner snart å bli slitt. Skal du til Bergen i høst? Gled deg :) Hvis du vil shoppe, tror jeg du burde prøve Lot 333 i Kong Oskars gate, de har fantastiske klær. Ellers burde du drikke kaffe eller te på Krok og Krinkel i Øvregaten. Kos deg!

  2. What do you think of the Fjallraven Kanken? I actually live in France, nobody has it, I was planning to get it for school but still wonder about the quality and style.

    • The rucksack itself is really nice, long-lasting material that ages well and is water resistant… I think it’s a nice looking rucksack. But, after the zipper on my last one bit the dust, I decided not to spring for a new one, because the narrow straps aren’t really good for a person’s back. If you’re planning on carrying as much stuff as Fleurette does (laptop, books, etc) then you will probably get really tired of those straps digging into your shoulders!

      I have seen a version with padded straps around, maybe that is worth looking for?

  3. Hej Fleurette!

    What a lovely bag this is!
    I have to ask, how did you get Everlane to ship to Europe? I think they only offer shipping to the USA and Canada at the moment.


  4. I love it! I think it looks beautifully functional. Looking forward to hearing the details of how it holds up. I recently fell in love with Herschel’s Little America:

    And I honestly can’t stop thinking about it. I’ve never invested any sizable chunk of money into a ‘working bag’ but maybe it’s time. It does make such a difference when it’s comfortable and does everything you need it to.

  5. I’ve always just kind of glazed over Everlane items (mostly because they used to only allow access when you’ve invited X no. of people – not sure if that’s the case now). Either way, the bag looks really nice and let us know in a few months if it holds up. I can’t believe how much it costs… you’ve made me rethink about ordering one of their boxy t-shirts.

  6. I LOVE Everlane! Have you tried their basic tees? So affordable and feel much more expensive and well made than their price tag suggests. Have thought about getting one of their bags too – so glad to know you like it!

  7. Congratulations!!! I wonder how you can carry all that mentioned above. Do you happen to have hidden super back muscles?? I used to also have a backpack, but then the agony lies in wanting to carry my house with me to school. So, I just limit myself with the APC tote … a good constrained to carry strictly the minimum :)

    Functionality+style well demo by you. J’adore! Bise.

    • HAHA, before I received my rucksack a few days ago, I carried ALL THOSE STUFF (including water, food and such) in my little APC tote. Not kidding! I wish I didn’t have to bring all these stuff, but I spend the entire at school or work, uggh..

  8. I was also looking for the perfect backpack… Then I found out this brand called Blind Chic, handmade by two girls in Budapest (
    At first I was a little bit skeptical because of the price (is it worth it?). Well, at the end I decided to make myself a beautiful birthday present and I ordered a beautiful blue and red wolfie. I am still waiting for it and I can’t wait, because I’ve used all kinds of bags in these 4 years of university (mostly a Freitag Leland and a Cambridge Satchel) and I was really craving for a backpack :)
    What do you think about them?

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