September style

September signals weather on the cusp between a summer exiting and an autumn arriving and blablabla – I’ll spare you the rant about the meteorological conditions (you can thank me later). Some of you have requested more outfit photos on this blog. It struck me the other day that I rarely ever bother posting my non-blog-worthy outfits – even though I run a style or whatever blog –, as I naturally wear the same look day in, day out, and also because the entire process of taking those full body photos and eventually putting them online is, believe it or not, quite labor-intensive. Oh my! Or maybe it’s just me who’s a bit too much of a perfectionist in some areas…

Regardless, here are four looks that exemplify what I’ve been wearing during September, all of which slightly reflect the shift in season. The first photo was obviously taken in the beginning of the month, decked out in A.P.C. from neck to toe. I never thought I would ever put my hands on such a statement piece, but it was love at first sight and I’m also a sucker for liberty prints and jumpsuits. In fact, it’s one of my few successful impulse buys, though I gave in after waiting a day. The second outfit is from my birthday, mid-September, still sockless until last week.

As for the third look, well, it’s one of those boring looks that resembles that so-called “model-off-duty” look apart from that I’m neither a model nor off duty. That said, I love its casualness. The navy merino wool cardigan from A.P.C. has the nicest cut and goes with everything in my closet. It looks good both buttoned and unbuttoned.

The last outfit is a recycled version of this one which was posted more than two years ago. It’s the same scarf, the same shoes, and the same coat. I wish the jeans were the same too but in order to wear them I have to start exercising, and that requires too much willpower and effort than simply getting a new pair. In retrospect, it just evidences that my style hasn’t changed much besides bringing more prints and funny items like jumpsuits, and sneakers into my wardrobe.

On a different note, I don’t think I’ve ever posted a photo of myself without sunglasses here. I’m officially no longer incognito, haha.

1: A.P.C. jumpsuit, cardigan, and tote bag, AiAiAi headphones, Ray-Ban sunglasses
2: Isabel Marant coat, Ettore Adriano lofaers, A.P.C. raw denim jeans, shirt, and tote bag
3: A.P.C. cardigan and raw denim jeans, Isabel Marant boots, Claudie Pierlot linen t-shirt
4: H&M scarf, Isabel Marant coat and boots, Everlane rucksack

The rucksack

Almost a year has passed since I wrote this post about the search for the perfect rucksack. A few months later I posted a follow-up about the agony of choice, yet I ended up with neither of them. At last I found a (temporary) rucksack – arrived today, to be precise – that fits all my needs for less than a quarter of the price of my dream backpack, which I was, in fact, planning on picking up in London next a week.

In the end, I ordered this nice rucksack from online-only e-tailer Everlane, partially because the brand’s egalitarian philosophy and business strategy really appeals to me, the bag is roomy enough for school, and also since I’m trying to save my bucks for my forthcoming travels and monthly expenses. In other words, it didn’t come with a hefty price tag attached. So, if I’m able to tighten my belt here and there, I would do my best to be a frugal shopper and opt for the most inexpensive alternative provided that neither the quality nor the design suck.

I did mention that it’s quite a spacious rucksack, which already holds three textbooks, two notebooks, a binder, chemistry tables, music sheets, a moleskine journal, a calculator, a pencil case, and essential bits and bobs such as a portable umbrella and so on – and there’s even room for a lot more, but my back could never have handled the weight, though. The understated yet cool design blends in with my style perfectly. The backpack also feels quite sturdy and looks like it can take some serious abuse from hauling it around school. And even though it’s utterly functional, thanks to the scores of pockets and a padded inner compartment for a macbook pro, the rucksack doesn’t sacrifice on style at all. Besides, it’s supposed to be of high quality, but only time will tell whether or not it stands the test of wear and tear.

Yep, the quest for the rucksack is over!