The summer uniform

A.P.C. speckled silk blouse and tote bag, Topshop hat, Theory shorts in black,
K. Jacques sandals, Chanel Coco Mademoiselle EDP, Ray-Ban clubmasters 


Steven Alan romper, Clare Vivier tropezienne bag, A.P.C. sandals,
Omega wrist watch, Byredo Blanche EDP, Ray-Ban wayfarers

A.P.C. romper and tote bag, Comme des Garçons PLAY cardigan,
See by Chloé sandals, Diptyque Philosykos EDTRay-Ban wayfarers


There seems to be a consensus that sunscreen smells very bad. I’ve never really been partial towards this scent until the other day when I slapped some sunblock on my face and I realized that I’ve actually missed this particular smell – because the sunblock scent exemplifies summer and good times so well. Apropos of scents, I’m also quite fond of fig based scents for summer – or just fig in general –, well not on me as I’m totally true to my signature fragrance. Oh! And the clean bouquet of freshly washed clothes. I can’t think of anything better. The ‘Blanche’ perfume from Byredo is, in my estimation, the quintessence of said scent. I believe these are the redolences that have summer written all over them.

Regardless, as I’m so pumped about summer, I just had to share my summer collages with you. The weather in Norway has been incredible as of late, which is kind of weird since I was wearing my winter coats last week and now it’s all of a sudden 25 celsius outside. I ain’t complaning, though. I just love waking up to the sun rays lighting up the room in the morning and having long breakfasts on the balcony, while checking out flight tickets for prospective journeys, haha. I’m already planning a trip to Portland, San Francisco, and maybe Seattle in the end of December, not to mention a west coast road trip next summer. You know, I always plan almost a year in advance for bigger trips in order to get the best deals in terms of flight tickets. $1000 for a round trip to America is such a steal, especially during the holiday seasons. At least checking out flight tickets makes up for the need to tumble a bonanza of palms and valleys.

32 thoughts on “The summer uniform

  1. I used to really hate wearing sunscreen (until I discovered a non-sticky one), but I have to admit, it’s one of my favourite smells. That and freshly cut grass as Guro mentioned above, and freshly washed clothes, preferably air-dried outside.

    For me, the perfume that embodies all of this, paired with the sunshine and the sea is Riviera from Fragonard. Although I’m not sure if it’s because of its smell or because of the context in which I visited their museum in Grasse and was given a sample of said perfume, haha. I’ll have to find and smell Blanche, sounds like it could appeal to me very much.

    • Riviera sounds lovely! I will have a sniff when I go to France (I will most likely explore Grasse). You should check out Blanche. It’s so lovely, and the bottle is beautiful as well. i’m such a sucker for nice packaging, haha.

  2. Let me know if you end up traveling through Portland–I can point you in the direction of some fun stuff to do (that’s where I live)! Also, if you’re thinking of doing a Seattle-Portland-San Fran run, you might include Vancouver, British Columbia if you have a little extra time and money — it’s got some marvelous shopping, dining, and eating.

  3. I’m probably in the minority here, but I really love the smell of sunscreen! As you said, it conjures up memories of summer, the beach, and other fun times.

    Yay! Seattle-Portland-San Fran!! Double-yay to your West Coast road trip! I went to college and used to live in Portland, while Seattle and San Fran are like second homes to me. They are all such wonderful cities! Lemme know if you need any tips on things to do!

    • I definitely will ask you! Joanna Karenina told me that you used to live in Portland (I’m visiting her of course!) a few months back. I’ve always wanted to go to Portland. Only heard that it’s incredibly beautiful there!

  4. Ahaha, I thought I was weird for liking the scnent of of sunblock, but I guess I’m not the only one!

    Also, so cool you’re going to Portland this winter! I’m originally from/living in Portland and let me tell you be prepared for a lot of winter time rain (dido for Seattle).

    • I haven’t made a decision yet, so hard! But I’ve decided to wait till I’m going to the South of France or Paris and buy a pair there, since I get to try them on and see the different colors. I know there is a K. Jacques store in Paris!

  5. You have an amazing sense of style, your collages are so inspiring !
    I wanted through this comment to show my gratitude. You are showing us a graceful way of life, where you always feels good and comfortable about what you wear.
    I hope this will give you the strength to continue writing in this blog for a few years !
    Bye bye, Dead Fleurette, see you soon (on the blog of course)

    • You’re far too kind! Thank you for the nice words :) I’ve been blogging behind the alias “Dead Fleurette” since I was sixteen. Now I’m almost 21… I can handle my blog for a few more years to come, ahaha!

  6. You’re making me miss summer with these outfits! We’re just going into winter here in New Zealand (although our winters are quite mild, it just rains a lot). That first outfit is impeccable – so effortless but stylish, I’d wear the sh*t out of that outfit!

  7. So chic!
    If you go to San Francisco, definitely check out City Lights bookstore. Amazing place. And, of course Powells in Portland. xx

  8. Outfit #1 is definitely very familiar to me lol (straw hat, tan sandals, rayban sunglasses, coco mademoiselle, apple tote, black short + whatever top I am in the mood for…) I immediately recognized myself in this outfit :)

    Super cool if you are indeed going to the west coast! I don’t know Portland but I do know Seattle & SF! Recommend SF and the California Academy of Science! It’s true that around the time that you pick it might be very cold and rainy (I went last November) :(

    Give me a sign when you get to the States :)

  9. the weather here has been indeed incredible, the men in my house are now maroon coloured, the are certainly too lazy to put some sunscreen on! During the dark winter times I tend to sniff some sunscreen to get the summer memorys back :)

  10. I second the City Lights recommendation for SF. Also, I am from SF and return there every winter break to visit my family. It’s not usually that rainy in SF in December/January — it’s more likely to be sunny or partly cloudy with highs in the fifties or sixties(farenheight). Check a good weather website like weather underground for average temps and precipitation. When in SF you must travel across the Golden Gate Bridge to the Marin Headlands, for amazing views of the City and Bay .. and while over there pay a visit to Muire Woods to see the Giant Coastal Redwoods. You will love SF and CA!!

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