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I’ve never really had a summer wardrobe. The fact that I don’t even own a white t-shirt pretty much indicates what my wardrobe is lacking. My summer outfits tended to consist of shirts with rolled-up sleeves worn with a pair of shorts or trousers, and suede boots. And yup, this combination is as uncomfortable as it sounds. Looking back, I can’t even get how I survived. Oh well.. Since I’ll be spending a lot of time in the hot coastal Meditteranean weather this summer, I figured that I ought to add a few summery items to my wardrobe unless I’m serious about commiting suicide (read with tongue in cheek, please). Anyway, I’ve realized why I’ve put off buying summer clothes for several years:

1. My taste in lightweight summer clothes was completely undefinable so I never rushed into buying summer clothes that I most likely wouldn’t wear.
2. I mysteriously developed heliophobia in my teens, so I made every endeavour to avoid sun exposure. 

Fortunately, I’ve ultimately overcome the heliophobia. I don’t know how but I guess it was a mixture of maturing, taking physics classes, and jumping on the route of carelessness. And as I conquered that irrational fear of the sun, my summer style emerged as well. Perhaps because I have only been searching and not buying anything remotely summery, so I’ve had plenty of time to digest my potential likes and dislikes. For instance, I found out that I have a thing for rompers, which is a nice man repelling alternative to dresses. Hence no worries about accidental upskirt peeks! Yay!

From left: A.P.C. washed denim romper, Organic by John Patrick liberty romper, Sun-San salt water sandals

For summer, I’ve already got my hands on two rompers, though I know I shouldn’t have ordered them online as I didn’t try them on prior to buying – which would’ve been impossible anyway. Although I ordered both in the smallest size, they turned out to be too big. Well, I wanted the A.P.C. one to be oversized and the size was fortunately spot on, but the size of the liberty printed romper is super misleading. The thing is …. there is a difference between an oversized, loose fit and the wrong size. Vanity sizing? It surely looks like an attempt at inaccurately labeling clothing sizes to appeal to people’s egos. Tsk-tsk…

When it comes to sandals, I can’t even recall the last time I wore a pair. But now I know what I like and I’ve stumbled across so many great pairs that I don’t know what to do. However, I ended up getting a pair of Sun-San salt water sandals for the beach which I’ll be wearing in the meantime, while figuring out which pair of sandals I want. The salt water ones are quite cheap, and rumor has it that they will last for years.

And as for beachwear, I’m also searching for the perfect swimsuit for summer. It’s so difficult to find a simple and flattering one for the beach that doesn’t cost a grand. I’ve checked out the bathing suits from American Apparel but I find most of them overtly sexy. I don’t know with you, but going to the beach solely means swimming in the sea to me, not seduction or sunbathing. Still, I only have ONE bikini that works in terms of style and cut, which I bought when I was thirteen and rebelled against my parents who refused to buy me a bikini instead of professional swimsuits. Eight years later, it still fits me perfectly. The mind boggles…

I’m off to a short and spontaneous solo trip to Mallorca next week, as I’ve got a big two weeks long gap in-between my two exams. Well, it’s totally work-related. Luckily, my purchases, so far, arrived in time for summer and I’m hoping to fill the holes in my wardrobe in Mallorca. If you have some nice restaurant recommendations, please let me know!

Feel free to share your musings on summer style!

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  1. Would be lovely to know where you are staying at.. I know some really good food places on the east coast, near Cala Millor / Son Servera / Cala Ratjada.
    And I can absolutely recommand going to the mountains, in case you enjoy it.

      • Okay, I assume you go by bus right? ‘Cause I have no idea how to get from one point to another without a car, but there are probably buses going to some places..
        One can see a lot of people on a bike there as well, so maybe it is also good to rent a bike. Anyway, I think it is a lot easier to show you those places on this google map instead of just describing them, haha!

        So theres this café/restaurant in Cala Ratjada (1) where one has a nice view on the ocean, it is close to the water and they have a Paella day and so on.. The normal food is probably not super fancy but okay! You can get cocktails and so on as well.. And you can go diving there, it’s pretty amazing. Then there’s this beach, Cala Mesquida (2) but I have no idea how to get there without a car, unless you want to hiking from that beach in Cala Ratjada to Cala Mesquida.. I did it, and it was amazing, but kinda exhausting, especially when you have to go back as well.. one cannot see that on the google map but theres a mountain that one has to cross.. Also I did this in the end of April when it’s a lot cooler at Mallorca, I can imagine it to be too hot at this time of the year.
        My top tip is definitely a beach bar at “Costa des pins”. Many locals go there for lunch and icecream (I think they close at 6pm). It doesn’t look too fancy on the map, but it is a nice atmosphere and they have the BEST sea food, e.g. grilled shrimps ( & and the beach is also nice and not as crowded as all the touristy places (but as I said, I’ve never been there at this time of the year, It could be different now).
        And last but not least there’s this restaurant at the hotel where I was staying at. It is a lovely finca on top of a hill, with an awesome atmosphere and amaaaazing food (in the evening).
        I’m sorry but I have no tips for Palma, I only went to the cathedral which is quite nice. And in case you want to see the mountains: This place (5) is breathtaking, but we went by car and the street was consisting of serpentines (probably wrong English, but anyway :D) and I can imagine to be like hell if you go by bus.. I’d probably get sicks. Also it is quite a touristy place, I wouldn’t go and have lunch there, but to see that place was amazing!
        Okay, enough tipps, haha! Have a nice time, I’m soooo jealous!

          • Merci merci for the tips! I HOPE I’ll have time to check out those places, I have to combine studying for my last exam and pleasure… not sure how that will work out :P Would love to go to the mountains.

  2. I love the rompers as the wardrobe of choice for the summer, it’s so simple and effortless. although, I find it can be tricky to find those with the right proportions for one’s body.

    have fun in mallorca! =)

      • I entirely get the desire to avoid accidental upskirts. But what I’ve never been able to get over is the hassle of going to the bathroom in a romper. To be fair, I don’t own any rompers, but I imagine it’s moderately inconvenient. Is it?

        And I can relate to having indefinable tastes for a certain season! Mine is winter/heavy clothing. When you grow up in southern California there’s just no need… shoes are especially an issue. I want to wear shoes I love, but the gravel/salt of a snowy climate just destroys them.

        Thanks for the thought-provoking post; those Salt Water sandals certainly look like winners.


  3. I hear you when it comes to bathing suits!

    I have been wearing my mother’s bikini top from the 70s with a surprisingly stretchy bottom I’ve had since I was 9 (how this makes sense is still a mystery). I was going through my belongings earlier this month, and realised the elastic in the top is completely dried-out and broken. So new bathing suit it’ll be for me this year.
    I’ve been having a look at the ones from AA as well, and I’m considering this top ( the high-waisted bottom. I’ve tried the top on before, and I’ve found it offers more coverage than on the photos, esp. since my chest is quite modest. Otherwise, I’ve once seen someone wear this one ( (not in nude, though, haha!) as a bathing suit, although there’s probably something to be figured out with lining it beforehand.

    I have to say, it’s so nice out I have no idea what to wear. Good luck with finding nice summer items, and have fun in Mallorca!

    • That’s the case with my bikini too, that the elastic in the top is almost completely dried-out :( I actually like that bathing suit (not in nude), it reminds me of the swimsuits I use for swimming, only that they have ugly labels and logos on them.

  4. I love how you seem to really think about all of your purchases, creating the perfect wardrobe. Hoping to learn from you through reading this blog! My wardrobe consists mostly of impulse buys and although that method has left me with some amazing items, it’s hard to style them without some nice basics. Also, my wardrobe is wayyyy to big. I’ve lost track of what I need!

    So please, keep posts like these coming. We need more people like you in the fashion world!

    • Thank you for the kind words! I second the part that impulse buys have left you with some amazing items. Some of my most successful buys were bought on a whim, but I still make a few mistakes every year, but fortunately I’m learning from them.

  5. I find that I actually have the opposite problem! I love summer shopping but I get cold really easily and te only thing I care about in the winter is keeping warm so I’m always wearing oversized sweaters. I don’t mind it weather at all and I live dressing for it, but I don’t like the sun much. I guess it’s a bit contradictory, haha.

  6. I always look forward to reading your posts! I do find that summer wardrobe planning to be the most difficult (for me). Can’t wait to see what other summer pieces you add to your closet!


    • I’ve provided a link that ships to Europe :) I ordered mine via and they were shipped to my grand aunt’s address in California. And my relatives are visiting now so she brought them to me!

  7. I’ve been enamored of those Saltwater sandals for a few years. I hope they work out for you! My summer wardrobe consists mostly of white tees, Birkenstocks, and chambray, with a lot of miscellaneous crap that I’m slowly getting rid of as they wear out. Your summer uniform sounds great.

  8. When it comes to being in the sun, I find it much more comfortable to wear a long-sleeved lightweight cotton or silk shirt or dress than a really skin exposing one. The sun on bare skin feels infinitely hotter than the sun on gauzy materials, and a cool breeze feels better when it has something to billow through. Plus, every time I visit my parents in the summer, I’m stuck in long-sleeves anyways because I have 4 tattoos on my arms that I STILL haven’t told them about, so now they just think I’m a weirdo for being so covered up in the summertime :)

    • Haha, I like the last part! I wonder if it’s more humid where you live? Because wearing longsleeves in the sun here is horrid. You need to expose some skin. But it’s not humid here, just very hot when summer is approaching.

  9. I generally find summer shopping pretty enjoyable (growing up in a warm climate gave me plenty of time to explore my preferences), but I confirm that the quest for a swimsuit is no fun. In particular a classic (but not vintage-y), pretty (but not too revealing), decently cut one-piece that actually allows you to swim in it is nowhere to be found.
    Until that day, old plain triangle bikini it is.

  10. Last night I was putting together some summer holiday outfits and realised that with a cardigan, wool coat, and boots instead of plimsolls, they would work just as well in winter. I blame the cold, Norwegian summers for the lack of seasonal variety in my wardrobe, though.

    Ah, rompers! I think they’re so cute, but I’m always too concerned about the many bathroom-related dilemmas.

  11. I love how meticulous you are with all your purchases! I have yet to perfect a summer wardrobe. Living in Vancouver, I have dressing for cold and wind and rain down pat, but my summer style is bohemian dresses leftover from high school. Still have yet to find something that works for me in warm weather.

  12. Good find on the salt walter sandals, I feel like I’ve seen the hip brands selling similar things for 4x the amount. Feather Factor did a post recently about an alternative to K.Jacques sandals, hers were quite nice. I read a tip somewhere about spending less on summer clothes, esp. if you live somewhere that gets actual seasons. Probably H&M/Zara/F21/Gap/Mango etc… will have nice summer things, esp. if you stick to things that are 100% cotton/linen and machine washable. I think Zara does summer-y things quite well, it always reminds me of the way chic/stylish South American or Miami women dress.

    • Thanks for the tip, I checked out Feather Factor’s post on sandals, which was very helpful. In Norway, we have all the four seasons here, albeit the winters are dreadfully long.

  13. Saltwater sandals are a classic. I bought them in the black last year and wore them all throughout summer, they’re so comfortable too and no fuss, which I really like in a sandal.

  14. Cute denim romper :) My summer staples tend to be cotton dresses, breton tees, short Indian embroidered tunics and cropped trousers. For sandals, few can beat Melissinos sandals (inexpensive, durable and a lovely reminder of my time in Greece) or soft leather thong sandals picked up in Mumbai at this shop (

    And of course lots of sunblock and a lightweight scarf to protect my neck.

  15. My summer wardrobe is predicated on the fact that I have incredibly pale skin (I do not tan at all; I go straight to red) and I live in the skin cancer capital of the world (highest rate of skin cancer in the population of the state I live in) and our UV radiation ratings are “high” to “extreme” all summer (I remember looking up the UV ratings for Paris when I was there and their maximum in mid-summer is 3 or 4 – where I live, we get up to 15, thanks in part to being near enough to the hole in the ozone layer that’s over Antarctica). So my summer wardrobe is mainly comprised of lightweight, collared, long-sleeved, cotton button-up shirts (totally minimising exposed skin wherever possible, haha) and either some lightweight, nicely cut cotton trousers of some sort or a basic knee-length skirt. Or a shirtdress. I can easily deal with 35°C heat and 80% humidity in those sorts of clothes, so I don’t feel the need to expose any more skin than that. :) And no need for swimwear for me since I hate the beach and I’m not very keen on swimming in general (I think I’m supposed to relinquish my Australian citizenship after saying such a thing. ;))

    Enjoy Mallorca!

  16. If you’re still looking at swimsuits I think you should check out Eres. I’ve never owned one, but I’ve been lusting after them for years and have seen many and tried them on, just never been able to really shell out the money. But the cuts are beautiful and classic, and the quality of the fabric is kind of mind-boggling, as far as swimsuit material goes.

  17. I love rompers – I have an old chambray one that I’ve been wearing since university…I do wonder at what point will I be too old to look respectable in them. I’ve been admiring that A.P.C. one but I have a feeling the crotch will be too high for me – many rompers are like that.

    I dress for summer year-round, and the best fabric for me is linen. It wrinkles yes but I like the rumpled look and it’s the most comfortable, even more so than cotton. Uniqlo always has something great in line, like their men’s cotton shirts – they make a great beach cover up too.

    Swimsuits are such a pain to buy – I found a great navy one from Seafolly, which is unusual for me because usually I find Seafolly suits too frou frou but I managed to find an understated one this time on ASOS. The quality is excellent for the price, good enough for a vigorous swim in the sea.

    Don’t forget the SPF! Have a fun in Mallorca.

  18. Summer is the time of year during which I do not think about the way I dressed. I only wear light dresses, sandals, sometimes sunglasses and a hat. I love the jumpsuit.

  19. have fun in mallorca!

    finding a good bathing suit is serious business. i have an AA bikini from several years ago that is the biggest piece of crap ever. the material was scandalously thin and unlined. more recently, i got a mociun 1-piece that is fantastic. i wish she was still designing clothes!

    as for my summer clothes, i’m all about simple, cotton or linen pieces…it is way too hot and humid where i live to wear anything else. i pretty much live in light dresses or denim shorts and t-shirts. i also just ordered a jumpsuit. if it fits, i’m hoping it will come into regular rotation too. :)

  20. I have to agree with, df. My wardrobe in summer is rather simple and weather-oriented. A lot dresses, skirts and tank tops paired with sandals. Plus, there are too many things to do to worry about my looks. ;-)
    Have fun in Mallorca! Lucky you!

  21. i want to see an outfit post with your saltwater sandals! every summer for the past few years i’ve contemplate buying those because they’re so inexpensive, but for some reason i don’t 100% like them. though i imagine they’d be super nice for wearing at the beach, as you say, without worrying about being too rough with them. i just ordered some k. jacques ones during shopbop’s sale so hopefully those will be nice and i’ll never have to think about sandals again.

    have a fantastic time in mallorca! it’s gorgeous there. i really only saw the touristy parts crowded with elderly german people but hopefully you’ll get to see more than that, haha.

    • Which k. jacques sandals did you order? Lucky you! I suppose you saw the photo of me wearing the sandals on my instagram already. I want to have my sandals section covered so that I too will never have to think about sandals again, hah. As for mallorca, I will most likely be surrounded by elderly german people and families with kids as well. I’ll be studying physics on the beach, though..

  22. Although not a romper fan, the floral one is rather lovely, and I am certain you shall look utterly adorable wearing it, possibly not what you want to hear! it certainly has its own unique charm and looks perfect for the summer environments you have outlined above.

    Never understood the bikini fuss either. Is it a US thing? I wonder why there is such sexual emphasis on women’s swimwear, whilst male swimwear has rarely carried similar connotations – there is something horribly limiting about it, as well as the whole ‘self esteem’ aspect. I have never worn them, to be honest, but then I seem to have always holidayed on the most bikini-hostile situations, haha!

    Love the sandals, too, perfect colour!

  23. I always look forward to your posts! I find summer style so stressful too! I always kind of dread summer as I never know what to wear. Last year I panic bought loads of items (this was before I discovered your blog and learned about quality over quantity) that didn’t suit me and that I have recently given to the charity shop. This year I plan to purchase a cream v neck oversized cotton jumper, some chinos in khaki and navy (although have no idea where to find good quality stylish ones), k jacques orion sandals, some chunky high sandals, and a black cotton dress. And that should be my summer wardrobe sorted for quite a while!

  24. Since we don’t usually get a hot summer here in the UK, I haven’t truly “invested” in summer clothes. Thanks to a sudden change in weather (we’re talking about mid 20s celsius), I was at a loss just trying to figure out what to wear. I’m not a fan of romper suits but I prefer thin cotton oversized clothes in hot weather. Funnily enough, I saw these Sun-San sandals a month and am planning to buy them for my little girl.

    • The weather suddenly went from like 7 C to 25C so now I could REALLY have use for more summer clothes. You really should get these salt water sandals for you daughter. They are surprisingly super comfortable!

  25. Hi Fleurette, I saw that romper at my local A.P.C boutique and thought that it is really well-made. It looks relaxed and the colour is a rich blue.

    I have been wearing sandals from Massimo Dutti and it has been good and comfortable so far. Have the seen the Merry sandals from IM? They are costly!

    Enjoy your trip and have fun!

  26. I find it so hard to shop for summer clothes! During the winter months I had my uniform that I wore every day, but now I stand in front of my closet every morning & have no idea what to wear.

    I, too, developed a love for rompers, but more for the black, sexy kind. I don’t really want to dress man repelling (anymore), maybe I have been single for too long haha :D

    And your sandals are lovely!

    • As for swim wear: I love Eres bikinis and bathing suits (they are a bit pricey but definitely worth it!). I personally also love Missoni bikinis (not sure if thats your style though), Melissa Odabash and Chloe Mare.

  27. Such cute summer pieces! The saltwater sandals look great on you, in your Instagram picture. Rompers are a bit too cute for me nowadays, but I love the look on others. I have about 2 months before I can realistically wear any normal clothes (you know, pregnancy and all, lol), but I intend to be wearing linen shorts, cotton peasant blouses, and flat sandals. I actually purchased the IM Merry sandals this year, and although very pricey, I really love them and find them comfortable and flattering, even with an ankle strap.

    • Thank you! Is it only 2 months left?? Wow, time goes by so fast, I can’t believe it! Do you feel like the ankle straps shorten your legs?
      As for rompers, I think I can only pull them off as long as I still look a bit childish and young. And when I have children, maybe I’ll stop wearing rompers and salt waters otherwise I’ll look like my kids :P

      • Actually only 1 month left until the baby gets here, but if this time is anything like last time, I need about a month before my organs go back to their normal spot (I know that sounds weird, lol). I don’t find the ankle strap on the Merry sandals shorten my legs. I don’t have any pictures with shorts (and can’t even pretend to wear shorts right now), but I do have some pictures of me wearing them with cropped pants, if you want me to email that to you. I think that’s the thing about rompers, it’s almost like the onesies that I dress my kids in :)

  28. I just got my K.jacques sandals. So lovely and comfortable. I love the french label for leather. I used to be and still very picky about sandals because I hate the way my feet look like but fortunately this one isn’t bad…

    As for swim suits haha it probably is more stressful in California about swimwear :( Either you care too much about how you look (too self-conscious like me) or you don’t care at all and share everything you have.

    Have fun!!!

  29. I love that denim romper, it looks like the ideal summer item! Summer has suddenly hit the UK and has completely caught me off guard… I have no idea what to wear even though I’m sure I had some great outfits planned :s oh well this post and your other summer wardrobe one has definitely inspired me some what so hopefully getting dressed tomorrow won’t be such a pain! haha
    Hope you have a great time in Mallorca!
    - Charlotte x

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