The agony of choice

Black sandals from Maryam Nassir Zadeh VS tan sandals from K. Jacques

Rucksack from Makr VS rucksack from Ally Capellino

Pleated top from A.P.C. in navy silk VS speckled silk

The title says it all! Choosing is quite painful. In this case, should the choice be based on price, scarcity – the words “limited stock” or “only one left” often make the item more desirable –, or perhaps the brand as it might be an indication of the quality? Right now I have no idea, but the good news is that I’ve finally managed to pare down the options to two. Yup, it’s the agony of choice – the agony of wardrobe planning… and the agony of online shopping.

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  1. Oh I’ve been in a similar predicament for quite some time! Personally, I’d go for the speckled APC top because it offers a nice bit of visual interest while still being understated, and the Makr backpack because the navy looks more saturated (the Ally Campellino one looks washed out). However, I’m quite stumped on the sandals. I have a tan pair of sandals and I find them absolutely indispensable, but every once in a while I wish I had a black pair as well.

    • I love both tops! I’ve tried the navy one and it’s so terribly beautiful, both color and fabric wise. So flattering on. I thought maybe I could buy one of them now and wait for the other one to go on sale if I feel like owning two of the same top. As for the Makr rucksack, I think it might be too big (just saw some photos of it on a girl), blah! And maybe I can get two sandals? One black and one tan? I could afford buying two, but then again I would probably one wear one of them. Thanks for the input!

  2. I feel you! If I had to choose, I’d do the K Jacques sandals, Ally Capellino bag and the navy top. But, whatever you choose to go with you won’t make a bad choice. Try to go with your gut feeling! :)

  3. I’d go with K.Jacques, Ally Capellino (it looks sturdier), and navy A.P.C. Actually, I’d go for that style of K.Jacques in black, since I find the toe strap of the other sandals odd-fitting around the smallest toe, as if it was placed too low. Difficult choices, but I’m sure that whatever you choose will be right for you.

      • Yeah, it looks like it might cause blisters on your pinkie toe.

        Otherwise – I would probably go with the Makr rucksack as you’ll get to break it in and wear it out yourself (the other choice looks washed out already) and the speckled blouse. Just because it would be easier to pair with black and blue trousers.

  4. I would also choose the left column, but I do not know any of the prices, so maybe that’s all the expensive stuff. I would actually prefer the black sandals in tan though. The “limited stock”-phrase is dangerous to me, as I really fall into the trap and I end up thinking I need the item. Must learn to restrain myself.

  5. The MNZ sandals if you wear a lot of black outfits in the summer, otherwise KJ—it’s a nice neutral color, and I’ve read good things about their quality. And KJ seem to be pretty widely available. I vote MAKR for the backpack, I think it has a neater streamlined look to it. And then the printed blouse.

  6. What about fit? I know that won’t help for the blouses, but I bet that one pair of shoes will fit better than the other, and one rucksack will feel more comfortable than the other. Usually once I’ve narrowed down my choices, trying things on makes it even easier to make a decision.

  7. 1. Black sandals – It offers a dressier feel if you need that option.

    2. The bag’s a toss up, but I think I prefer the right. I like the thicker buckle and chambray look.

    3. The speckled shirt – I like its pattern and it can still work with a lot of the colors you already have in your closet. The blue is nice, but the speckled is more special.

    P.S. I seem to have more definitive decisions when it comes to other people’s choices, but not my own. Of course. :)

    Hope this helps!

  8. for sandals i definitely vote for the k. jacques. they are really, really well made sandals- can’t recommend them enough. i bought a pair 4 years ago and am still wearing them- i get them resoled each summer. i just bought another pair in white!

    the mnz ones don’t look to be as well made and the fit is a little clunky looking to me for some reason…

  9. I agree with Camille, the K. Jacques in black would be so perfect. I’d also go for the Ally Capellino bag, I saw it in person last week (just in a different colour) and it seems like a really sturdy bag. I prefer the shoulder bags from Makr as the backpacks look a bit flat when worn. I would also go with the navy A.P.C top, if you have tried it on and love it then you won’t regret it even if you also like the printed one

  10. I’d got for the K Jacques sandals. I’ve only ever heard brilliant things about them. One of my fellow students in my Uni program swears by them. But on another level, I’ve always, personally, preferred tan/cognac colored sandals in the K Jacques style and black sandals to be T-strapped. I feel that the thick black straps are less versatile as apposed to the softer shade of the other, but that’s just my personal opinion.

    As for the bag, I’d go with the left, the other looks too washed out. I think it looks nicer when rucksacks fade naturally with wear. And the blouse, the print is nice because it’s subtle; yet interesting still.

  11. I have both the Makr bag and an Ally Capellino for Norse Projects one — while I love the Makr bag, it doesn’t really hold too much for me since like someone mention, it is a little flat. A lot of Ally Capellino things seem overpriced to me especially since they are made in China. If I could afford it, I would actually buy the Archival Clothing Rucksack in waxed cotton – waterproof, Made in USA and would age magnificently. My vote is for the K-Jacques and speckled APC! Paired those with a pair of black shorts and I think it makes a perfect summer uniform.

  12. k. jacques, makr, speckled a.p.c.!

    I think the Ally Capellino rucksack would look better without the logo stitched on the front. I agree with Amanda above that it seems a bit overpriced…in the end, my vote would still be for a Filson rucksack or a Fjallraven Kanken :)

  13. I’ve had really good luck with K. Jacques so far–I ordered them w/out being able to return them, and the sizing turned out fine, and the sandals themselves were comfortable–the leather is fairly soft, and the soles quite sturdy. They’re also constructed in a way that comfortably hugs your feet. That’s just my 2 cents, though!

  14. I would say right, right, left. I have heard great things about K. Jacques and Ally Capellino. I am not crazy about APC quality, but that saturated navy shade is just gorgeous.

    • APC quality is comme ci comme ça, not very consistent. But I must divulge that I sometimes buy APC for the design, but I prefer to obtain the clothes discounted or on ebay as I don’t really think APC is worth the retail price, and most of the stuff goes on sale anyway.

  15. Når det kommer til ryggsekk vil jeg si den til høyre er det beste valget, fordi den har puter i både stropper og rygg – viktig når du skal bære på bøker og data.
    Den til venstre er kanskje finere, men den vil ikke være like god for ryggen din.

    • Takk for hjelpen! Du har rett. Skal tross alt bære en del og jeg har ikke lyst til å forverre ryggproblemene jeg har fått i det siste. Synes den til høyere er like fin, på en annen måte. Liker at fargen er utvasket!

  16. The strap on the black sandals looks troublesome, especially over time, when the leather might stretch some. I prefer the K Jaques sandals, do they have them in black? If so, that would sort of be meeting in the middle.
    I like the Makr bag because it seems more simple, yet not as sturdy as the other. In terms of fit, you should measure yourself,and see if it will be okay on your proportions.Or if you find a store near your home that sells a bag with similar dimensions, perhaps try it on and see how you like it.
    I’d say get the navy top, if by the time the speckled one goes on sale and you still like it, get it as well.

  17. I have feedback on the Makr bag. I snatched the black version when it was it stock and on sale. I’ve been kinda of disappointed with the quality. I don’t use it daily or heavily. The white threads on the buckles are coming loose as though the weren’t tied to begin with. The leather straps are wearing already because of the friction with the metal fasteners. Lastly, the bag attracts a LOT of lint. It never looks like its true black color because its grayed out by lint. Hope this helps.

  18. Jaques is very loose in the toe area and has a thich stripe just at the end of the leg, thus makes it look shorter. Zadeh makes the leg look longer and the foot smaller.
    From what I see, both rucksacks have similar proportions, but Makr has a strong horizontal line in the middle, while Capellino has more complex division (7×11 grid basically). Capellino looks more jeany.
    I’m not into pleats, sleeveless tops, pussy-bow, nor prints so I can’t help you with that one.

    I shop the other way around: imagine my desired item and try to find something resembling it as closely as possible and in a reasonable price range. More and more often I end up at my dad’s tailor.

    • Thanks, I didn’t notice. I used to shop the way you do, but that never worked. This year I’ve found so many things that I like at once, so it’s difficult to make a decent decision that I won’t regret down the road.

  19. Fleurette, I have a question for you about your wardrobe transformation. How did you do in the beginning, when you had just decided to get rid of all the clothes that were cheap, disturbing or just not you (and actually done it)? I want to do the same, but if I were to follow the mind set completely by just buying 5 items per season and only leave perfect items that fit like they were tailored for me, I would be left with practically nothing. Did you have a good base to start from, or were you forced to keep some “wrong” items until you could slowly find and buy perfect ones?

    • I kept some bad quality clothes that I’ve now replaced with better quality. Of course you need to have something to wear in the meantime while you’re building a new wardrobe from scratch. I guess you also have to figure out your style when you start paring down your closet. Keeping the basics, albeit they’re not flattering or bad quality, is a great starting point.

  20. The MARYAM NASSIR ZADEH sandals are amazing ! They are better than the K.Jacques. Even if K.Jacques is a french brand (you looooove french brands), they are not as cute as the MNZ ones. They look like men’s sandals.
    For the bag, I prefer the one without the logo. Ines de la Fressange was saying “What is more rude than a logo ???” and she’s right. So I prefer the Makr.
    And for the blouse, it’s hard to choose because the two are cute. Pick the one with flower if you think you need “summer” item….

    Thank you for everything, you’ve help me so much ! bye bye Dead fleurette :)

  21. I’m french, living in Paris so I’ll go for K Jacques of course ;-)
    Have a look on their web site, it’s available in English as well and you’ve got a e-shop !

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