Postmortem dissection of last year’s wardrobe curation

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The annual dissection of last year’s acquisitions is no longer on the back burner. After much delay, it’s definitely high time to scrutinize the nitty-gritty of how my wardrobe curation went in 2011, so that I can surpass myself this year. Last year I posted my shopping resolutions for 2011:

1) Admire certain garments from afar and face the truth that they will never work for me

It took me about six months to realize that some of my purchases turned out to be items that I should just have admired from afar. For instance, short fitted jackets à la the Isabel Marant jackets that I ended up reselling. They’re decidedly pretty and chic but truly downright wrong on me. Maybe they are too feminine for me or somewhat revealing, as I’m more partial towards wearing coats or jackets that cover my back. Or generally more lose-fitting jackets and tops. I feel more comfortable this way. Be that as it may, they didn’t work out both wardrobe-wise and lifestyle-wise, period. No reason to hold on to clothes I won’t wear regardless of how beautiful, expensive, or sought-after they are.

2) Not fall into the list trap

I didn’t really make seasonal lists except for the one summer list, which explains why I made so many regrettable purchases last year. I stopped adhering to lists. Quite liberating indeed, but that also made me fail to keep track of my spending habits.

3) Give in sometimes to unpredictable finds

This one works like a charm if I don’t dwell upon an item that I’m rather ambivalent about – which usually indicates that it’s just another unsuccessful buy.

4) Go with my instinct more and quell the over thinking

I do trust my instinct but that totally depends on my mood and situation. What I’m trying to say is that I should stay away from shops when I’m a bit down in the dumps, as I haven’t been fully aware that I’m not just an emotional eater but verging on emotional shopper as well. Anyhow, last year’s successful buys were a result of long-term planning and unpredictable finds bought on a whim.

5) Focus more on the basics

Well, I wouldn’t call my clothes just “basics”, because to me basics are underwear and socks. My wardrobe consists of very simple pieces, which, to some people, are basics but to me they are merely clothes and staples and not just a basic thing to wear underneath a non-basic piece of clothing.

6) Not exceed the limit of 15-20 items a year

I undoubtedly blew this challenge. And I suppose it’s partly because I didn’t keep a list of potential purchases each season. It’s a bit funny though, as I managed to buy less than 10 items in 2010. However, I made more money in 2011 as opposed to 2010, and I befriended my nemesis called “MasterCard”. Hence I could afford buying more, which is a pretty bad evolution. For all I know my income will increase every year as I get older. What if I’m rolling in money in five years? Is that a reasonable excuse to purchase five times as much as I did last year? Nope, it ain’t a valid reason. I’ll be more prudent, I promise!

7) Stop settling for second best

I’m almost nailing this one, but I’m still making mistakes now and then.

And what did I end up buying/adding to my wardrobe in 2011? Let’s start with the successful buys:- A.P.C. navy and white breton shirt.
- A.P.C. light blue liberty shirt
- A.P.C. cashmere/merino wool breton sweater
- A.P.C. navy cashmere/wool ribbed sweater
- A.P.C. blue/gray shirt
- Ann Demeulemeester black sandals
- Barbour navy trenchcoat (gift)
- Cheap Monday light blue jeans
- Dries Van Noten black suede heels
- Hope black winter boots
- Isabel Marant Étoile navy peacoat
- The Kooples taupe suede boots
- Mardou & Dean dark blue jeans (gift)
- Sessun liberty shirt
- Zara black dress

No need for explanation. These items have been worn to death day in, day out apart from the black dress from Zara. I don’t wear it often but I save it for special occasions. Actually, I have only worn it three times since I bought it. I’ve also realized that I don’t have to invest in an expensive dress, as I couldn’t rationalize the so-called investment by using the cost per wear calculation. I rarely wear dresses, maybe when I’m getting older I will wear dresses on a daily basis, but alas I’m not shopping for my potential future self right now.

I also got my hands on a few accessories but I don’t count them as part of my wardrobe planning, as these were more or less necessities.

And here are my out-and-out unsuccessful purchases, which I either returned or resold.

- A.P.C. chambray shirt
- Current/Elliott boyfriend jeans
- Isabel Marant Elali jacket
- Isabel Marant Étoile white linen longsleeve
- Isabel Marant black linen trousers
- Isabel Marant Étoile blue shirt

Fortunately, I know why the abovementioned items didn’t work out: Wrong size or fit, not really my style, weight-gain, purchased online.

However, seeing this list of items, I’m at a loss of words. Just from reading all the labels I name-dropped above, I wonder how on earth could I afford all these things in the first place? Well, I did end up reselling the items that didn’t work out, including a few other items that have been languishing in my wardrobe for a while. I also bought several items discounted, through readers, or on eBay.

Nevertheless, last year’s spending habits went a little out of control, so this year I will be more careful as to money management. And perhaps I should start making lists of potential or future buys. I won’t shop online unless I have already tried on the item on beforehand. My style and wardrobe is ever-evolving. It’s an extension of me. So when I’m looking for inspiration, I will look inwards.

But what about the limit? At this point, let’s get back to this one later on as I haven’t completely figured out what to do in 2012 wardrobe-wise. That said I’m all in for quality, not quantity. Quality as in buying things that I will wear to death and hold dear for many years to come. Albeit I added 15 (!) new items to my wardrobe last year, I don’t regret any of them. Yes, that’s hell of a lot but let’s not focus on the amount because I’m content, and that’s what matters!

Speaking of wardrobe editing, how did 2011 go for you?

56 thoughts on “Postmortem dissection of last year’s wardrobe curation

  1. Hello, this is the first time I leave a comment (I think, my memory fails me sometimes) even though I have been reading your blog quite frequently. I have to say that you really inspired me to examine my wardrobe closely and get rid of items that either didn’t fit my body or my life. I sold about 60 items and I’m still culling, even though I probably need some time to part with clothes that I like in theory but ever wear. I had a period in my life when I bought overly trendy and “out-there” pieces, mostly from fast-fashion stores. I am quite embarrassed of how much money I spend on bad-quality clothing that does neither fit nor look good.
    Luckily, my shopping behavior has improved considerably and I have since last autumn only added pieces to my wardrobe that I love and wear. I cannot really give an account of my 2011 shopping because I already sold plenty of the stuff I bought and can’t remember…But in 2012 I bought a waxed jacket, two pairs of skinny jeans (Levi’s and Cheap Monday), a COS jumper and T-shirt (I’m happy with their quality btw) and a Sessun black wool dress (a rare case of online shopping going right!). The only thing I am really lusting after now are the Dicker boots, but I cannot find them anywhere in my size…I am quite obsessively checking all online stores, ebay etc. every day :-)
    Sorry for rambling on here..what I really wanted to say is that I love your blog, you are an inspiration and I’m always immensely looking forward to new posts!

    • Thanks Hannah, for the kind words! I must admit that even though my wardrobe is pretty much empty, I kind of miss the “adrenaline” and feeling of ease one might get from purging. So… enjoy the moments of editing your wardrobe while you can, haha, I really enjoyed the process albeit it was hard to part with a couple of items..

      • Thank you for your answer! Yes, you’re right, it is really satisfying..especially seeing how nice and empty (well, not empty, but definitely an improvement!) my closet now is. I hope I won’t go overboard and end up with nothing left :-)

        • I keep items that I don’t want to throw out just yet in my bottom drawer. I recently pulled out a skirt again and now wear it frequently. I’m very glad I didn’t get rid of it immediately!

      • I have to admit that when I first came across your blog I had this immense desire to purge away my wardrobe, to minimize delete and remove all the crap I have been compulsively accumulating during the years of obsessive impulsive consumption. Since November I stopped shopping in Zara and H&M, the quality has deteriorated and the prices have shot up (especially for Zara). I have tried to analyse every single purchase. To never (if possible) buy the first time I like something, to come back the next day to try it again. To try and buy brands that are more sustainable, original, unique etc. While I was immensely inspired by you, after analyzing my wardrobe I realized that I like colour, prints, structured edgy pieces. I realized that I cannot get your wardrobe because I need to create my own wardrobe. I just want to say thank you because by sharing your aesthetics on consumption you actually inspired soul searching for myself, helping me understand what my perfect wardrobe should look like at least in theory. Thank you

  2. I am so constantly and consistently inspired by your approach to your wardrobe and fashion in general. I am totally an “emotional shopper” (as you say), but I also admit to being sort of a “sport shopper”, in that I love the hunt, I love the find, I love pulling the trigger. I am in and out of stores every week, though, thankfully, not purchasing even half the time. But your approach is so thoughtful, so mindful, just hearing you talk about it brings me an odd sense of peace. It may sound like an exaggeration but I really do feel this way. Please keep sharing your process with us, it is hugely inspiring, and even if I don’t follow the same lines, it is always thought provoking. And who knows, maybe one day I will take a deep breath, calm down, and shop more mindfully too. Thanks again!

    • Haha, I too like being a “sport shopper” at times, that’s why it often takes months or years before I find the perfect items. And thank you so much :) It’s alright to be a tad care-free, I was.. and it resulted in 15 successful wardrobe additions!! Just don’t let the attitude affect the you economically..

  3. It is not easy to build up a right wardrobe.
    I try to follow some “requirements” when I buy something, but in the end, I change my mind. It is a long process and it is worth doing it.
    2011 was a quite good year for my wardorbe, I could afford some classic pieces (white shirt, black skinny jeans, black flats etc.) that I will wear for a long long time ! Yes, 2011 was the end of “cheap” clothes which are even too expensive for such bad quality !

  4. a succinct and thoughtful assessment of your 2011 purchases! thankfully most of my last year was spent selling and editing down the remaining bits and pieces and punctuated by some dream purchases. nothing like doing the work of selling off stuff that didn’t work out to remind you not to shop so easily!

    • Exactly my thoughts! As rewarding it is to see the empty closet after a good culling session, spending hours and hours (that I should have spend studying, really :-)) putting stuff up on ebay and running to the post office every second day definitely taught me a lesson!

  5. 2011 was the turning point of my shopping habits. I discovered your blog, read Ines de la Fressange’s style book and travelled to Australia. I buy less, but better, I fell in love with the French way of clothing and I – like you – know now that some things look better on other people. My attitude towards fashion changed completely!

    I gave at least ¾ of my clothes to charity; such a liberating feeling. Not only that, I also threw out a bunch of other stuff. I’m not a minimalist, but I always keep in mind that less is more. Getting dressed in the morning is so much easier now and for the first time in my life I feel like myself in my outfits and not liked I’m dressed up… If that makes any sense. I really look the way I want to look like.

    This season was the first I actually planned. I love lists, so I really enjoyed it (I currently have four lists. SS12, FW12, all-time wishes, beauty…). Still, I caught myself several times in the waiting line at a store, about to buy clothes that were not on my wish list or very poor quality. Every time I stepped back and put the clothes back (my mother probably thought I was crazy, she even offered to pay for me). So proud of myself! I’m not sure how many items I eventually bought, but definitely a lot less than usually and I’ve worn all of them almost daily. Yes, not one mispurchase!

    Thank you so much, Fleurette! Your blog has changed me in a very good way!! :)
    And btw I apply my wardrobe planning habits to my interior planning as well…

  6. 2011 was the year that I purged my closet, but also had to acquire a work wardrobe after getting my master’s degree. So my closet is split into the clothes that I wear in my non-work hours, and my work clothes. I work in a profession that is conservative business casual, but needs to be comfortable as we are on our feet all day long, and need to bend over and lift things without showing cleavage, tattoos, etc. (I teach math part-time in a high school.)

    I’ve found that slim-fitting high-gauge wool and cashmere sweaters are a godsend, as they bridge the gap nicely between what I wear to work, and what I wear the rest of the time. So I’ve ‘invested,’ so to speak, in a number of those (7 total). I hand-wash them and de-pill them regularly, but because I wear them so much I do budget for regular replacement when needed, and try not to beat myself up about it.

  7. I took some decisions : not buying online if I haven’t tried the item, not buying if I hesitate over the purchase, I can still change my mind later, not buying if I’m not 100% happy with the item’s sizing, colour, material, etc.

    Next I’ll try to settle with 24 new items, which sounds like a lot but isn’t that much to me… Actually it’ll be half as much as what I used to buy in terms of clothing…

  8. It’s a shame about those jackets. They looked beautiful on you, but I did notice you sold them all off. I know what you mean about being more comfortable in things with more coverage in the back.

    I had a significant closet clean out (-19 items) of things I no longer wear or had quality/fit issues. I sold a few off on ebay. It feels good to cull. Next up I need to tackle my overflowing t-shirt drawer. On the shopping front, I added 25 pieces instead of my originally allotted 20, but I’m not upset about it. The majority of my purchases were successful, and it was more about giving priority to the pieces I really wanted and sometimes waited years for. I’m fine to walk out of a shop empty handed even if I’ve been shopping for hours. I’d rather come home with a few treasures than a bunch of “sweet nothings.” My boyfriend cardigans, black pants, navy/white stripe top, and black crocodile bag have become workhorse pieces. Even last year’s shopping missteps taught me that I should definitely set price caps on final sale online purchases for items that I haven’t seen in person and brands I’m not familiar with. (Not to mention, stop boredom browsing on ebay.) Also that I can swap a cream boucle jacket for the ever elusive white blazer on my list. And well to be honest, I don’t need to be buying anymore heels or casual clothes—as they don’t match my current lifestyle and thus rarely get worn.

  9. Did you buy two pairs of Hope boots (not to be anal but you wrote that twice, so I was just wondering)?

    For me, there is of course there is the THE LIST – where it’s things like the SC bag or a Cartier Watch, but I’ve decided that regular lists are too hard to follow to a tee. So I have a rough idea of what I still need in my closet and when I see something that fits the bill, I’ll just buy it. No. 6 is the biggest problem for me though *wink*

    • Lol, I didn’t notice. Thanks for telling me. And no, I didn’t buy two hope boots. I could barely afford one pair, haha! Your method is kind of what Ive been doing, though I have a list of Specific items I want to obtain someday like a pair of ferragamo pumps and so on. I too have the SC bag on my someday-list but I haven’t worn a leather bag since October and I tend to favor canvas tote bags, so I wonder if I should stick to them until I’m 10 years older and ready for a “serious” grown-up bag.

  10. Hi! I’m so glad to see you update again. I love your blog! I found it about a month ago and it’s been truly inspiring. I’ve long had fantasies about stripping the excess that I have and I’ve even made a few attempts in vain. Currently, I’m going through a breakup. I’m very emotional so naturally, there’s a desire to strip away the past and the pain. I don’t consider that to be a bad thing overall because it’s necessary but your blog is helping me to do it wisely. I visit frequently for the reminder not to replace that which I get rid of. Please keep sharing your thoughts and wisdom.

    p.s i dig your music taste. is there anyway you can update your youtube channel more often? I don’t have spotify/facebook.

  11. your smart shopping method is inspiring and wise.
    as for lists, i am a list-making fanatic. it really does help me, especially when i travel and have access to better shopping. a list keeps me on track. it just goes to show, what doesn’t work for one person may work for another.
    it’s good you were able to find a black dress last year; if i’m not mistaken you were on a mission to find one for quite a while. :)

  12. Hi!
    I truly like your thoughts about clothes and shopping – Through the last years I’ve learned what styles fit me and what I would wear to death. Funny enough the most important lesson for me is learning that buying ten pieces that ‘almost’ cuts it as the the piece that I was really going for is not only time consuming but also much more expensive (which is why I just bought the Mismo backpack – you should take a look at it – it’s gorgeous.)
    Thank you for your inspirational blog.
    Kind Regards

  13. Enough said by the other readers of the blog. The deep dive approach you take regarding self-examination inspired me to track my purchases for 2012 on my blog. Not that I was particularly bad. In fact I think I did pretty well in 2011 but I’d like to be more mindful nonetheless. Ultimately the goal is not to purchase less but to purchase better.

  14. I had a good year shopping wise. I bought some essentials that needed to be replaced (e.g socks & unmentionables) and otherwise I bought a white tank-top and a black over-sized tank-top.

    This year though I am taking a new approach (my previous being don’t buy nothin’ heh) and that is to only buy what I love, that fits into my wardrobe, that is a healthy size (I’m a recovering anorexic) and that is eco conscious. So far I’ve bought a hat & mittens set and a pair of thick winter boots. I have some other things I need this year but I can’t imagine going over buying 5 items or so this year either.

    Nice post! :) Your blog kinda makes me wish I was your friend heh.

  15. I think your blog is great piece of work, and it´s very refreshing to read.

    I´m going to do a dissection myself now, it´s a endless battle though. Parts of me just wants to buy more, and dive into a piles of new merchandise, while the rest of me wants a empty closet and a simple life.

  16. For the past 3 years, I’ve forced myself to adhere to my 1 in 1 out rule for 2 reasons. 1)so that my closet won’t get out of control.
    2) The second is financial. It’s the same few dollars being recycled albeit with a little top up every now and then. I’m rather impatient with most things in life but with clothes and shoes, I’m happy to wait until I find the exact item I want at the price point I’m willing to fork out.

  17. I loved reading through every bit of this post :)

    Do you think you could post the actual source of where that photo comes from? I looked up “trendoform” on google and it only yielded a random furniture website. Thanks!

  18. I added more than I had anticipated too, but not excessively. It was still an improvement on previous years for me over all, but I have the feeling that my attitude towards this project will probably alter somewhat every year, depending upon my finances/mindset at the time. It is the mindfulness that counts, at any stage, just possessing that extra awareness, remaining open to learning from previous mistakes – which (unless we are so frugal that spontaneity dies a woeful death) will simply happen. It’s tricky……because sometimes we have to live with an item for a while for its true beauty/necessity to occur to us (my apc boots took 6 months, but now I love them and am so glad that I didn’t sell them), so in this sense we cannot always tell if our ‘lists’ are quite perfect from the outset, it will always be a matter of trial and error. And perhaps those perfect items, which seem to have been simply made for us, are not only the result of careful planning and patience, but also a little bit of good luck!

    Oddly, the Sessun shirt didn’t work for me (the colours, Ii think, do not work with my hair/skin, etc) so I am possibly going to let it go. The APC blue/grey shirt only grew on me after many months also…..I think it takes my clothes several months to decide if they wish to stay with me for the long haul, haha!

    I also only recently fell in love with the cropped jackets, and was surprised by how much I love wearing them. I own the JCrew Noir version, and can’t wait for the weather to warm up a bit so that I can wear it more. I had previously, like you, considered them wrong for my body/style, but this was another surprise. At least a pleasant one this time, thankfully. In this respect I still suffer issues with shirts, which however much I love them, they always tend to hang off me, shapelessly. But I am possibly doing it wrong….;)

  19. I did ok last year – added quite a few items to my closet, but kept within my guidelines of 15-20 items (just barely). Ended up making three bad purchases – a tee I failed to try before buying and two poor-quality bags. I have already bought six items this year, but they feel like great purchases, so even though I bought them quite quickly and three of the six were impulse buys I feel like they will fit effortlessly into my wardrobe. I think what I have realised is that while lists are great, I prefer to make retrospective lists instead of wish lists. And, as I get a clearer idea of what I like, I tend to make fewer mistakes. I culled my wardrobe pretty thoroughly last year, and am looking forward to doing it again this year. A good culling always makes me appreciate the ‘hero’ items in my closet.

  20. This is my first time commenting, even though I’ve been following you for a while now!

    I’m sort of new to wardrobe editing. Well, that’s not entirely true. I started blogging years ago because my wardrobe was totally out of control, and I’ve had my ups and downs since. Last year, for the first time, I wrote down every single piece of clothing I bought, and it was eye-opening to say the least. I don’t even dare say how many clothes I bought. It was horrendous. This year I am trying to not accumulate more than 12 pieces, and once I get a better understanding on why I have bought so much stuff in the past, I’ll engage in some serious wardrobe-culling as well.

    As always, you are an inspiration!

  21. I really enjoy your blog and follw it frequently, but dislike that the word CURATING has been so common to use for anything as long its on the web. One does not CURATE when eating a delicate meal with nice wine or shopping some stuff, even though its an act of combining and selecting with a certain taste. I do not consider it a skillful art to put together songs on spotity, filling up a warderobe or having a meal.Its fantastic necessities of life, thank god, and a bless to fill these necessities with a selective personal taste. But please save me from the word curating in every corner of the web. Sorry, its not personal. Keep up the good work with your blog!

    • Okay, I get your point. In my case my wardrobe is like a collection of carefully selected art, hence the word curate. And it’s a fun word and I’m entitled to use it just like any “real” curator.

  22. I really admire your honesty when conducting this wardrobe analysis – I too often try to lie to myself and pretend I like something when really I don’t, just because I’ve spent a lot of money on it and I don’t want to admit I made the wrong decision. in future I will certainly try to emulate this kind of honest reflection of my yearly shopping habits.

    the choices you made in 2011 are all wonderfully curated – they seem to blend seamlessly with your existing wardrobe whilst also adding something fresh and new, a perfect balance. I think you did amazingly well to only add 15 things last year, I can only hope my 2012 will be as successful!

    p.s. I love the word ‘curate’. I do consider creating a list on spotify, filling a wardrobe or making a meal a process of curation. Perhaps an even more important one than the process of curation in a gallery or museum, because these are things we use and encounter every day.

  23. Truly inspirating article, especially when all the blogs are all about – I purchased this, I got this, this is new in my wardrobe – I am getting SO tired of the blogs where every new post is about two or three new purchases. Sometimes when I know the blog really well, I think whether the blogger herself realises that she owns three blouses of nearly the same print – what for? I used to be an emotional shopper as well but now Im having quite an opposite problem. Anytime Im in a charity shop and I encounter something I really like and I know it probably wont be there the next day, I feel guilty buying it – just because I had only like ten minutes to think it over. I got so used to window shopping and then returning to the shop next day if I really want it… It happened to me few times that I purchased something on a whim and then few days later returned it! Lately Ive been lucky to add a few pieces to my wardrobe which are versatile. Most of them are from charity shops – they are good quality and were cheap (Im a student) and its a sort of recycling as well. I have to say I admire how strict you are with your wardrobe and even though I couldnt think about my clothes that way – but who knows, maybe in the future – you truly inspire me and your articles give me food for thought! Thanks! xxx

  24. This post was incredibly inspiring. I love your sense of style and the attention you pay to each and every item of clothing. I have learned a lot from your approach to style and I am trying to do the same, although decluttering your own wardrobe is not so easy, particularly at the beginning. But I’m constantly improving :)

  25. I did well in 2012, but I’m not going to lie, it was definitely a wardrobe-building year. My budget confines me to “fast fashion” pretty much, I ended up getting two pairs of Cheap Monkey jeans (one black, one gray) and two Cheap Monkey t-shirts, one beige and one black, as well as a great gray COS long-sleeved shirt. These have really been important as I can combine them with my cardigans. I also got a ton of clothes for Christmas – two roomy long-sleeved tees, a light silk blend cardigan in black, this Gap cardigan: except in gray, AND a wonderful black cashmere cardigan. Wow, I’m spoiled. :) I also picked up a nylon tote that isn’t my dream black bag, but fits all of the stuff I have to carry around and looks pretty professional, and a basic black blouse.Adding it up, that’s 13 items.

    Now that I have some updated basics, and frankly most of my old stuff was 5 or more years old, cheap and falling apart, I hope that I can spend 2012 getting some small extras. I’ll be on the hunt for colorful shirts and flea market scarves to pep up my very black and gray wardrobe. There are also a few key basic things I didn’t find this year – I would love a pair of black Chelsea ankle boots and a white or creme blouse, and I really need a pair of summer shoes of some kind. I’ve given up on dresses for the moment, I love wearing COS’ very simple trapeze dresses from 4-5 years ago, but mine are finally starting to show their age a bit after years of weekly laundering. I’m pretty sure I’ll have to replace them by sewing my own as most of the dresses I see are too short, too tight or too embellished for me these days.

    Like others, I’ve also got a big bag of clothes waiting to be sold at the flea market this summer. It’s the second of two major edits I’ve done within the past year. Just did a rough count of my wardrobe, it’s like 35 items counting shoes and purses but excluding accessories. Whew.

    • It is not pretentious. She uses it perfectly well and in the right context. At the end of the day, art is merely art as well. I don’t think you or Ingrid knows what curation really means.

      • curate 2 |ˈkyoŏˌrāt|
        verb [ trans. ] (usu. be curated)
        select, organize, and look after the items in (a collection or exhibition) : both exhibitions are curated by the museum’s director.
        curation |kyəˈrā sh ən| noun

        • Don’t bother with providing definitions. You don’t need to justify nor explain your choice of verbs. Constance and Ingrid starting a catty fight based on semantics.

  26. Så glad for at du blogger igjen, det er alltid interessant å lese bloggpostene dine, og jeg finner alltid inspirasjon og gode tips til mitt eget garderobe-prosjekt. Når det gjelder feilkjøp, så leste jeg nylig et sted at det var et tegn på at man var i utvikling og at det var viktig at man ikke så dette som noe nederlag, så kanskje har disse feilkjøpene sin misjon? Det er selvfølgelig bra at du fikk solgt en del av dem, det er jo endel penger det er snakk om. Ha en fin helg!

  27. Fleurette,
    After finding your blog and reading through pages and pages of your posts, I’ve really become inspired to change my ways. This year, instead of buying cheap, silly things that I’ll probably only wear once, I’m going to try to save my money and invest wisely. Though I may not be able to afford the things that you bought (I am still kind of a kid afterall…), I hope that I will be able to clean out my wardrobe and find things like the pieces you have.

    Thank you for really inspiring me to make a change!

    I’m going to start today by taking inventory of my clothes and setting goals for myself! :)


  28. Great post! I think my least successful buys of last year were the result of scrounging to replace items that no longer fit. I lost about 10 pounds, and that really put a dent in my plans. My jeans didn’t fit and some dresses/skirts didn’t fit anymore either. It was tough because there were a lot of things that I NEEDED to buy (like a winter coat–I didn’t have one!–and a school bag!), and then there were now things that I thought I could rely on having but were now too big! I ended up just trying to buy cheap jeans that fit instead of quality jeans that didn’t stretch out too much. Well, the cheap jeans were awful and really made me depressed to wear because they stretched out within a day! That made me feel like I never had clothes to wear, which prompted me to want to buy more things to make myself satisfied with my wardrobe. Luckily, I didn’t go over too much (just a dress and another pair of jeans), but it really sucked feeling like I didn’t have any bottoms to wear!

  29. Hva er dine favorittbutikker i Oslo? Jeg leter og leter, men alt jeg finner er HM og Zara(+ Acne og annet åpenlyst). Vet du om noen bortgjemte skattekammere, eller shopper du mest i utlandet?

    • Jeg handler omtrent aldri i Norge, men hvis jeg skal handle går jeg til Kemt nederst i Hegdehaugsveien. De fører APC, Isabel Marant og mange andre fine merker. Ellers titter jeg innom Freudian Kicks, der har de Surface to Air og APC, men synes APC-utvalget for damer er sykt dårlig (whatthe..? de burde få seg en kvinnelig innkjøper). Titter også innom Henrik Vibskov Boutique i Tollbugata og Babel i Markveien.

  30. 2011 started crazy and ended quietly.
    It was a race to get the perfect wardrobe: basics that reflect who I am. I found exactly my style also, which helped! But it was a lot of disappointing purshases, that I ended up giving away. Asking myself the right question on: why I am buying so much?

    2012 is perfect so far. I am saving money hence I am not buying that much at all comparing with before. I have all what I need at home!

    Love your blog.

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  32. In 2011, I moved in with another person, out from my moms house and I ended up parting with a lot of clothes. I didn’t buy a lot (around 5 new items, second hand does not count…), but I bought two pairs of the same Acne boot in different skin because I got a good deal. I don’t regret it because they are really good quality and I will wear them for ages. This year I’ve bought vintage Helmut Lang shirt from local ebay and that’s it. At this moment I can’t afford and don’t need anything new – a good combo!

  33. You just inspired me to go through my 2011 purchases. Only 13 (a pair of Ferragamo pumps, and a bunch of less expensive necessities). I feel so proud, because that was the year when I transitioned from a relaxed university environment (hard science, mind you) to a hyper-conservative workplace, and believe me at some point I felt pressured to acquire some corporate attire.

    Incidentally, I decided to apply the same guidelines to beauty products. After years of junk, now I own a lipstick, mineral foundation (that I will eventually get rid of, as I never wear it) and blush. I figured out I could as well invest the money in some decent skincare and then mostly walk around barefaced. Admittedly, it took a lot of time to become friends with my natural looks, but now that I’m here, I would never go back.

    Thanks for your inspiring thoughts Fleurette!

  34. This is the first time I have come across your blog, but this post has really inspired me to think before I buy! And I have already started cleaning out my closet :-)
    So thank very much!

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