An intense, inexplicable desire

One of the assets of being a selective consumer is that I just know when something’s just right for me. Take the infamous bator coat from Isabel Marant, for instance. I literally freaked out when I found out it was completely sold out in Paris, and boy did I go that extra mile to track down that jacket like a loony. AIbeit I must divulge that I’m a weeny bit unfaithful at times, it’s one of my best sartorial love affairs. And how did I know that the bator coat was just right for me? As I realized that it’s not available any longer, it just clicked for me right away. It’s like an intense, inexplicable desire.

The same feeling emerged yesterday, and as a picky shopper, I’m more often than not too late to the party. For months I’ve been eyeing this amazing dress from the Brooklyn-based designer Ilana Kohn, and yesterday I found out that I both need and want this dress. It’s perfect for day-to-day wear and just my cup of tea. The design is so understated and verging on minimalistic, but the beautiful print adds an extra element to the simplicity. I’m such a sucker for the cut and the way the textile drapes on the model. And most importantly, this kind of style matches my taste – the boat neck, the waist, the print, and the dropped shoulders. I only have one dress, and even though it’s more of a black tie dress the cut is quite similar with the boat neck, semi-accentuated waist, and so on.

Unfortunately, I found out that it’s no longer made in the original material and print. So I kind of freaked out, again. I’ve been googling and googling for the original dress to no avail. It’s a long shot, I know, but I think I’m going to e-mail the designer and ask if there are any possibilities to track down the original material. And if I ever get my hands on this dress, I’m positive I’m going to wear it day in, day out.

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  1. Regarding your previous post, for someone who only posts once a week to hit 2000 readers is sensational! Whatever magic you weave (I’m talking about your incredible writing), it’s working.

    Just a reply to your comment on my blog, my Bator is one of my most used coats. It’s probably one of Isabel Marant’s last lined coat too! I don’t mind her 100% merino wool Jemma sweater but the rest of her sweaters which is a mix of several types of fabric is ridiculously scratchy.

  2. I would say definitely try contacting her directly! I sold a shirt to her via the Laws of General Economy a couple of years ago and she seemed perfectly friendly and personal :)

    Good luck! It’s a beautiful dress.

  3. Happy New Year! It seems like you’re off to a wonderful start.

    I’ve only ever heard WONDERFUL things about Ilana Kohn, so I say go for it! This dress would look great on you and I love that she works with natural fabrics.

    Please don’t hesitate to let me know if you need me to pick it up and send it to you from NYC. I would be more than happy to do it:)

    PS- I owe you an email. Argh…

  4. AAAA,this dress is a perfection ! But well, you’re absolutely right that the original fabric was so much better.

    kisses from Warsaw (Olga – from Hove :) )

  5. Story. Of. My. Life. I know there’s the whole “if it’s meant to be it’ll turn up again” thinking but it happens so much I wonder if there’s any way to make myself realize I really do want to get something before I regret it. Here’s really hoping that you find this perfect little dress!

  6. The dress is absolutely beautiful, indeed! I’m a very choosy shopper as well and I tend to do the same thing as you. I found the perfect sweater online that fit all of my qualifications- crew neck, nubby and warm fibers, and an out of the ordinary, yet not too obnoxious color. Alas, as per usual I waited to long to pull the trigger and poof! It was gone. However, as Prêt à Porter P said if it’s meant to be it wil be (or at least that’s what extremely choosy shoppers say to avoid that small twinge of not-buying remorse), so we’ll all be on the edge of our seats waiting to see what 2012 has in store for you and that dress.

  7. Good for you! It’s really really pretty and it looks so good with those Isabel Marant boots. The colors and the shape are also quite perfect :) I’d say: great find! Absolutely worth hanging in your perfect wardrobe.

  8. Oh, I know that feeling well! Although my style is generally a bit more over-the-top than yours (I mean that as a compliment to you – I love your pared back aesthetic and wish it worked better on me), I actually shop in the same way. Deliberate over things for months and months to be sure they’re perfect, which often means that by the time I want it it’s gone and I turn into a lunatic stalking it all over the place.

    I hope you find victory in the this case – it’s a gorgeous dress!!

    Briony xx

  9. Ilana makes some really wonderful clothes! You should contact her to see if it’s possible to track down that material. Even if she can’t, she has such a keen eye for patterns and always seems to have a really nice selection of ikats that she works with. I’ve talked with her a few times in the blogosphere and she’s really nice. Good luck!

  10. C’est un probleme plutot récurant en ce moment: il faut acheter vite, vite! Je me retrouve souvent à acheter un article bien plus vite que je ne le voudrais, parce que si j’attend: il n’y en a plus! Combien de fois cela ne m’est pas arrivé! C’est ce “fast-fashion” qui gache tout. Parce attendre apres un objet désiré et enfin le tenir entre ses mains, c’est beaucoup plus genial que de devoir se ruer dessus comme si sa vie en dépendait. (j’espere que tu as tout compris – j’avais envie d’ecrire en francais pour une fois ;)) je t’embrasse.

  11. When something sells out and I feel a tremendous sense of loss, sometimes it’s a reflex because I tend to want something more when I can’t have it, haha.

    I like the print very much and good luck tracking the dress down!

  12. Totally agree with Anaelle.

    In fact, I once had a Zara’s sales assistant telling me that it’s the company’s policy to withdraw the pieces as fast as possible from the stores. That way, they create anxiety in the customers – so that they, next time, won’t think twice about buying the garment.

    It’s this out of control consumerism that disturbs me. It creates so much pressure on us!

    Dead Fleurette, kudos to you. This is one of the very few fashion blogs that seems to function way far from this madness.

    • Well, what I do now when I really like something but I am not sure is that I buy it, think about it for a few days and if I have second thoughts I just bring it back to the stores as they fully reimburse you.. But I am not surprise that they do that. It’s a crazy world…

    • I am not surprised either. Especially that Zara does this. In fact, I commonly dither about buying things until they are gone too, and some of my biggest non-buying regrets were definitely Zara items.

  13. But in the end, isn’t it just a dress?
    I can certainly understand the enthusiasm for special, ‘inexplicable’ garments; but this post kind of overshoots the mark.. maybe because I’m used to read other posts on your blog.

  14. Sometimes, a piece of clothing is just right: it suits your sensibilities and you ponder it for a good long time before you’re sure it’s what you want. It looks lovely. I hope you find it!

  15. Hi Fleurette, I know that I may be shot down in flames by other readers, as what I am about to write may be considered blasphemy to some – but would you consider to have the dress copied by a dressmaker? It seems like quite a simple shape, it would then just be a matter of finding a fabric that you like.

  16. Hey there fleurette! Wow, was just logging into my web shop to do some maintenance and noticed a big spike in traffic…And lo and behold! I just wanted to let you know that I was absolutely bowled over, thrilled and flattered that you love the dress so much as to blog it here. God knows I’ve been reading your blog for quite awhile now (clearly we have similar taste!) so this was pretty surreal and awesome to say the least.

    As for the dress, wish I could say there was some way to get some more of that fabric but unfortunately my supplier is flat out of that colorway, as am I. There aren’t any more of them left at any of my stockists either. So sorry, I know the feeling all to well! :(


  17. I have turned into a picky consumer myself also, I don’t know if I am cabable of buying anything that is over 5 bucks and not silk, cashmere, merino wool or leather any more…Good luck with the dress!

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  19. Fleurette!
    I know you posted this more than a year ago but I actually managed to come across this dress somewhere!
    The dress is in a M/L and is secondhand but I immediately thought of you when I saw it up for grabs.
    If you’re still interested, here’s the link:
    Since you’ve probably already forgotten about the dress and would rather save your money for your upcoming West Coast trip, my apologies for bringing up something so far in the past!

    Happy belated Easter and I hope you’re having a wonderful week!


    • Oh my, thank you so much for the tip! I’d love to buy it in a heart but the dress would be too big for my petite frame. Uggh! But thank you so much for being so kind! Happy belated Easter to you too!!

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