The search for the perfect rucksack

I haven’t worn a rucksack since the tender age of fourteen, and all of a sudden I’m in desperate need of one. I need your advice! Where can I find a chic and affordable backpack that is consistent with my style? Something clean, simple, sophisticated…. It must be large and rugged enough to carry three notebooks, four heavy books, a macbook pro 13″, pencil case, food, chargers, water bottle, and music sheets. I like the ones from Fjällräven, but every other teenager in my city wears that backpack, so I’m not really eager to jump on that bandwagon right away.

Merci d’avance!

Winter tunes

In case you’ve noticed, the abnormal bonanza of posts is more or less mere procrastination. Be that as it may, I haven’t stopped making playlists. I just stopped posting them on my blog so as not to clutter the flow. But I do post the playlists (and other things as well) on my Facebook, plus you can find them on my Spotify.

Unfortunately, I don’t have time to make a separate YouTube-list, but you can see the tracks above. Yeah, I guess it’s high time to kick off my duties. Hope you’ve had a wonderful weekend. I spent mine procrastinating, obsessing over a new girl crush, cutting my crowning glory myself very badly, and bingeing all sorts of unhealthiness.

January 2012 playlist on spotify

La Marinière

It’s no surprise that I have a penchant for striped tops. They’ll never cease to be versatile and super chic. Breton tops are decidedly the mainstays of my wardrobe and I’m afraid I will never have enough of them. I’ve come to the point where the distinction between want and need has become indistinguishable to the hilt. Oh well… How many striped shirts is enough? I don’t know, I’m too smitten with all things striped to care, haha.

Anyway, one of my favorite bloggers, Louise Robinson, just created this incredibly chic tumblr dedicated to the perennially timeless breton shirt. Check out La Marinière for some stripey tumbling inspiration. I’m already hooked!

Simplicity is not easy

Haha, so the day after I’d declared that my blog posts wouldn’t be as few and far between, my Internet at home broke for more than a week. Such a bummer! Also, I’ve been utterly immersed in an avalanche of intoxicating, though labor-intensive deadlines, which I can’t wait to blog about when the final product is finished.

Anyhow, someone asked me: “How do you stop getting bored from wearing the same pieces constantly or does it not bother you?”, on formspring. Good question! Truth to tell, I don’t think I’ve ever got bored of repeatedly wearing the simplest pieces in my wardrobe as they are so simple and unfussy. They make me feel good and comfortable. I don’t seek attention. If I were to, I’d perhaps put on something exceptional or eye-catching, but I wouldn’t because I like simplicity. And therefore I embrace it. Wearing the same clothes over and over again doesn’t bother me, because I love them, so I don’t see a reason why wouldn’t I wear them all the time.

On the other hand, I get jaded and blasé of wearing items that stick out such as statement and flamboyant pieces. Easily recognizable pieces. I guess it’s because such items make me feel like I’m wearing the same things over and over again, whereas simple pieces stand the test of time simply because they’re merely invisible and no-nonsense. Take the outfit above, for instance; every separate is true perfection in my estimation yet so simple. The cut and proportions are right, which is very crucial. I like things that most people find boring. I’ve trained my eyes to look beyond the boringness. It’s all about the tiny, imperceptible details. People may not be able to see those details, which is even better – it’s as though I’m wearing a little unintelligible secret.

Quite frankly, I think it’s more complex to wear, design, and shop for simple clothes. Does this make any sense? I don’t even own a white or black t-shirt. You must wonder, “How is that even possible?” Simple clothes ain’t that easy. Just like disco music. On the surface, disco music sounds easy but just listen through the multiple layers of syncopated beats and instrumentations. Not as uncomplicated as you thought, right?

Isabel Marant coat, H&M scarf, COS o-neck sweater, Mardou & Dean jeans, Hope boots, A.P.C. bag

An intense, inexplicable desire

One of the assets of being a selective consumer is that I just know when something’s just right for me. Take the infamous bator coat from Isabel Marant, for instance. I literally freaked out when I found out it was completely sold out in Paris, and boy did I go that extra mile to track down that jacket like a loony. AIbeit I must divulge that I’m a weeny bit unfaithful at times, it’s one of my best sartorial love affairs. And how did I know that the bator coat was just right for me? As I realized that it’s not available any longer, it just clicked for me right away. It’s like an intense, inexplicable desire.

The same feeling emerged yesterday, and as a picky shopper, I’m more often than not too late to the party. For months I’ve been eyeing this amazing dress from the Brooklyn-based designer Ilana Kohn, and yesterday I found out that I both need and want this dress. It’s perfect for day-to-day wear and just my cup of tea. The design is so understated and verging on minimalistic, but the beautiful print adds an extra element to the simplicity. I’m such a sucker for the cut and the way the textile drapes on the model. And most importantly, this kind of style matches my taste – the boat neck, the waist, the print, and the dropped shoulders. I only have one dress, and even though it’s more of a black tie dress the cut is quite similar with the boat neck, semi-accentuated waist, and so on.

Unfortunately, I found out that it’s no longer made in the original material and print. So I kind of freaked out, again. I’ve been googling and googling for the original dress to no avail. It’s a long shot, I know, but I think I’m going to e-mail the designer and ask if there are any possibilities to track down the original material. And if I ever get my hands on this dress, I’m positive I’m going to wear it day in, day out.

The first of many posts in 2012

Wishing you and your loved ones a happy new year! Hope you’ve had a wonderful festive break before that horrendous transition back to the daily grind. I must have jinxed myself as new year’s eve wasn’t at all legendary, but I guess it was faith telling me that 2012 will be a somewhat fulfilling year, knock on wood. I don’t share much about myself or my personal life on my blog, but to recap fall 2011 in a nutshell; I dropped out of university, wasted away four months of my life doing nada, and at some point it felt like my life had fallen apart, hence the lack of posts despite the time off. And after a year of debauchery and decadence at the school of hard knocks, I’ve finally figured out what I want to pursue in my life, and I really cannot wait to start devoting energy towards what matters to me. And I cannot wait to feel empowered for a change. As of next week, I’m going back to education.

And although my schedule and workload is likely to turn me into a hermit, I’ve made a few new year’s resolutions for my more and less dead-end blog. Basically, I ought to get back into the bloggy swing of things and run a healthy posting routine. Blogging is going to be a fun activity when school is kicking off, because when I need a break out of calculus and Newton’s laws of gravity a weekly dose of frivolity will only do me good. So, will I manage at least one post a week?

Thank you so much for your continued readership. My blog hit 2000 followers on bloglovin just before 2011 drew to a close, which is just mind-boggling. Anyhow, I can’t wait to get the show on the road! Here’s to a legendary apocalypse!