Christmas gift guide

I guess this post is bordering on last minute, but what the hey! For the first time in ages, I actually have a wishlist for Christmas that doesn’t contain just one wish that is a grand piano from Steinway & Sons – well, it’s a perennial wish that will come true at some point. Apart from a grand piano (and handwritten cards and homemade mixtapes), I always wish for unobtainable abstract things such as world peace, immortality, a photographic memory, a sixth sense, and so on. I assume the reason why I haven’t had a decent wishlist for Christmas since I was little is that I normally get hold of the things I need myself, because I’m so picky about what I bring into my life – I guess it’s a virgo thing. Anyway, here is my wishlist for Christmas, which hopefully might come in handy for those of you who struggle with last minute gift ideas for your friends and loved ones:

1. Music sheets, urtext version – I’ve developed a love affair with Beethoven’s sonatas and really enjoy playing them. Music sheets are perfect for musical friends and siblings. 2. A.P.C. O-neck wool sweater – Simple and perfect for the picky ones with a simple approach to style. I’ve tried on this particular sweater a gazilion times and I’m determined to put my hands on it once it hits the sales. 3. Comme des Garçons Play O-neck cardigan – The only cardigan I want. I adore the heart, it’s such a great, subtle detail. 4. iPhone 4S case – My 3 weeks old iPhone and its case were stolen a couple of weeks ago. Since I just purchased a new one, a new phone case would be useful – though I’ve already bought an ugly one. Anyway, I love this particular one with mustaches. It’s humorous and quite stylish at the same time. A nice present for someone who has or is getting an iPhone 4. 5. Books – I love books, but truth be told books are kind of tricky to gift – luckily, I’m surrounded by people with good taste in literature so I’ve got nothing to worry about. Read the extract below from Christian Lander’s “Stuff White People Like”, and you’ll understand – said book is by the way extremely hilarious and probably close to home, perfect for gifting:

“So now that you know white people like books, you might assume that a book is the perfect gift. Not so fast. There are a few possible outcomes from giving books, and a few of them end well. If you get a white person a book that they already have, the situation will be uncomfortable. If you get them a book that they do not want, you will be forever viewed as someone with poor taste in literature. In the event that you get them a book that they want and do not have, they are forced to recognize that they have not read it, which instantly paints you as a threat. There is no way to when you give a book to a white person.”

6. Chanel Mademoiselle body cream – It’s my signature scent and the packaging is so luxurious and nice. 7. Angled blush brush – I just bought a new blush and realized today that I don’t have a brush for it. 8. Velvet slippers – Slippers are the one thing that I need but never get around to buying, because I always get them for Christmas from an unknown aunt who just pops out of nowhere during the holiday. 9. Comme des Garçons pouch – I’d be completely over the moon if someone gave me this CDG pouch for Christmas, but I’ve already planned to get my hands on the burgundy one as soon as I’ve paid off my credit cards. 10. Office chair – I’m currently sitting on a broken chair. The screws and seat have fallen off, and even though it can be repaired it’s about 20 years old, so I guess it’s high time to get a new office chair. I wish my parents read my blog right now, so they could get me a nice chair for Christmas.. well, another thing is that I’ve stopped asking for stuff, so I won’t tell them anything unless they ask.

So, in the materialistic spirit of the season, what do you want for Christmas?

Composition of harmony


It’s hard to talk about the perfect length sans using visuals. Fortunately, the styling over at Totokaelo is so spot on – I love their take on where the pants should end on you, the perfect sleeve length that reveals the right amount of skin before hitting at the wrists, and so forth. Take a look at these photos – the separates are in harmony, which elevate the outfits from being boring and devoid of style to understatedly appealing and just no-nonsense. And the trick is… *drumroll* … to train your eyes to discern the right lengths for your body. I’ve already found mine, which makes shopping a simpler task in terms of eliminating items based on whether or not they create a harmonic silhouette.

Thoughts on blogging

I’m sorry for being such a reserved blogger. I really want to update, but every time I’m about to make a new post on my blog it only strikes me that my blog has unpredictably progressed in the wrong direction, which is quite off-putting. It’s suddenly all about consumption – in a bad way. If I’m not doing a post on online window shopping at A.P.C., then I’m posting my wishlists or another wardrobe planning post. Judging by the lack of inspiration to blog about anything but consumerism lately, maybe shopping actually is my be all and end all, which is beyond creepy. Not to mention, my blog somewhat reflects what I loathe so much about fashion magazines. They do nothing aside from advertising and blurring the distinction between wants and needs – thanks to the endless feed of products and images, which people are blinded by.

But don’t my posts on recent purchases and items of my dreams have a similar, if not the same, effect on people who read my blog? Although I’m not running a trend-focused blog, I assume it is still generating the same desires in people, am I right? I’m afraid that all that talk about wanting and needing this and that must tempt some readers into buying more.

Initially, I wanted to post my purchases and shopping lists to show that being a selective consumer and contemplating potential buys pay off in the long run, but I’m a bit concerned that these posts don’t serve their purpose. I won’t stop doing those posts, though, because they are very helpful to me. I just hope that I don’t come across as a show-off, which isn’t my aim at all.

Puh.. Just a couple of thoughts that have been springing in my head for days that might explain my blogger’s block of late. But seriously, I’m very worried that shopping might be my be all and end all.