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I’m turbo picky when it comes to bags. Frankly, I’m somewhat happy that I have quite an expensive taste so that it takes me a long time to save up for a special item, and as time goes by I might get cold feet or change my mind as the saving process gives me plenty of thinking time – this way I’m sure I’m making the right choice.

Early tomorrow morning I’m heading to London. Since I’m staying for only two nights I’ll bring a carry-on, and a weekend bag would definitely come in handy. Of course I don’t own the perfect weekend bag yet, but at least I already know which one I want to bring if I ever am going to divide my time between European cities down the road. I found the perfect one a long time ago and it’s remained on my wish list ever since. It comes in several colors but I’ve already settled on the navy and black combo as it’s more consistent with my color scheme – plus one can never go wrong with navy, right? The bag is from Ettinger and it’s called the Hurlingham bag:

“The Hurlingham, in London, is an iconic English institution where town meets country and sport is an elegant affair. This bag is designed to be big enough to be used as an elegant sports bag but also small enough to pop in just a few clothes for an overnight stay.” (source)

It’s very elegant in a understated way and the design is absolutely timeless. I love the immaculate mingling of leather and textile – it’s just the right dose of leather.

Hope springs eternal that the price will drop a bit at some point, because I’m not sure if the price of this bag is anywhere near justifiable – unless I become super rich – given that it won’t be used on a regular basis. Or perhaps the bag could serve as the means to motivate me to start going to the gym – it would make a very elegant gym bag and totally be worth the expense if it, indirectly, proves to have a good effect on my well-being, haha!

PS: I’m traveling to London like a boho and would love some tips on very reasonably priced eateries. And as much as I’d love to have a piece of the glorious quiche at Rose Bakery, I ain’t going to wait in line for hours. Last time I went there, the top floor of Dover Street Market was jam-packed. Why aren’t Rose Bakery expanding their business in London?

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  1. Well, my favorite food tip when it comes to London, is “St. Ali”. It is located @Clerkenwell road and I had breakfast there. The banana bread is outstaaanding, it is so delicous! But one can eat lunch there as well.. They also have a website. Have fun in London! :)

  2. No food tips on London, but my boss and I were having a discussion on coffee places and he suggests the Square Mile, somewhere in the city – it was a roasterie last time he went and he was impressed with the beans, wants to see what they’re doing with them now as a cafe! (Yeah, I work in a very fancy coffee shop on weekends, it’s my heaven)
    As for the bag, those are lovely. I think I’ve fallen for the cotswolds version – it would be a nice replacement for my (surprisingly sturdy) H&M version which I’ve been using the past two years.

  3. No restaurant recommendations, I’m afraid, but I do love a good overnight bag and that one is perfect. Appropriate outerwear and luggage make such a difference and you really can’t be elegant without them.

  4. Well, a LV Keepall is still a lot more expensive :-)
    And I don’t find the price too exaggerated. High quality luggage is ALWAYS expensive!

    I’d love to have this bag & a boyfriend so I could use it all the time ;)

  5. It’s beautiful. I also possess horribly expensive taste, but there’s a stopping off point for me, where I simply cannot cross the line (financially) even if I had the available funds. Assigning value to something is always such a personal thing, and it always intrigues me how people’s impressions of it vary. I have been searching for the perfect bag for such a long time now that I’m beginning to feel somewhat jaded! It always seems to come along at the wrong time, or else I will change my mind prior to purchasing. I will possibly have to sit quietly and wait just a little bit longer.

    Enjoy you trip to London! I really need to visit soon myself. x

  6. To be honest, it’s best to stick with wheeled luggage. I used to be all about beautiful luggage, but when I hauled my luggage down 10+ blocks in NYC I’m glad I didn’t have something “precious.” Also I’m sure I’ve seen many similar looking bags for less and still made by reputable companies. Enjoy your trip!

  7. Lovely bag. As for recommendations in London, I’d suggest the new Poilane restaurant in Cadogen Gardens in SW3 or as others have mentioned, St. Ali in EC1. It’s a shame that you’re only in London for a few days, otherwise you could have tried Bistrotheque’s heavenly weekend brunch. Perhaps next time. Enjoy!

  8. Well horribly expensive taste isn’t a bad thing except for your wallet. I appreciate well made things and unfortunately it’s labour-intensive and costs a lot.

    I prefer backpacks over weekend bags. Frees up that hands.

  9. For luggage, I find looking at what they sell to men quite useful, especially if you’re looking for a light weekend duffel bag type of thing. I borrow my sister’s Jack Spade duffel for short trips and it rocks – not too heavy but sturdy enough for you to not worry about jamming it full of things, and comes with a handy messenger strap. It’s about US$300 but she got it on sale for less, so it was an all round good buy.

    Food-wise, I had some really excellent things at Borough Market. I went on a Thursday, and I think it goes on on weekends as well. There was a terrific burger stand where I had a crazy good bacon burger. And so many good coffee stalls! One was stand out was Flat Coffee. It was the first stall I saw walking in, and turned out to be the best.

    The food at the V&M museum is passably good and reasonably priced (sandwiches, quiches, tarts etc) but the real reason I always go back is because I love eating in their dining rooms – The Morris, Poynter and Gamble rooms are works of art.

    I went to Byron for burgers near the Gloucester tube station at the recommendation of Ammu and found it to be delicious (not earth shattering, but reliably good) and decently priced (7, 8 pounds for a burger), and good service. They have quite a few outlets.

    I really miss the chocolate chip scone at Whole Foods (near Kensington Gardens). They have hot food for takeaways too, but I found it just average.

  10. I think you just read my mind or something. Seriously I was just looking up weekend bags because none of the bags right now fit the bill since I’m traveling to Boston so much nowadays! Hopefully you can get your hands on this beautiful bag very soon!

  11. Jeg er på jakt etter en perfekt weekend- bag, men er så kresen, og finner ingen som er akkurat slik jeg vil ha den.. Har du noen flere tips? Denne var kjempefin, men typisk litt utenfor mitt budsjett akkurat nå. Det er dog snart jul… :)

  12. Ah, London food recommendations! I have to be ruthless to create a highly edited list:

    Koya for amazing noodle soups –
    Spuntino for impressive mini-burgers, truffled eggs on toast, incredible eggplant chips and other very good things –
    Wahaca for Mexican food the way it’s supposed to be (delicious and not expensive!) –

    And I’m glad people above have recommended St Ali – it’s most definitely worth a visit. It’s like it was transplanted directly out of Melbourne – it perfectly typifies modern Australian café culture, being the type of trendy yet relaxed place you’d find in the inner-city suburbs of most major Australian cities (somehow I manage to gravitate towards these sorts of places when I’m overseas, even though I usually prefer to break with familiarity as much as possible when I travel). I think their menu changes regularly, but I had the toasted banana bread with date & orange jam, topped with espresso mascarpone, and it was exceptionally good!

  13. Gorgeous bag! I’m still searching for my “perfect” weekend bag, hopefully it’ll find me soon.

    And I’m with you on loving luxury as a positive thing..saving up for an item really forces you to evaluate its necessity in your wardrobe.

  14. I’ve been looking for a good weekend bag for sometime now. I’m still of two minds about getting a big LV Speedy since my husband has something like yours. As for eateries in London. Let’s see…. cheap eats: ChaChaMoon which is just behind your favorite department store, Liberty. Excellent Malaysian cuisine. For mid-range, I like Nopi which is near Regent St. The service and food there are second to none. Owned by the same guys at Ottolenghi. I could give you a few more but you don’t have a lot of time so these two are very convenient.

  15. It is a lovely bag but I wouldn’t spend loads on a travel bag. Even if you are carrying it on yourself it will still get knocked about. I think no name anonymous luggage is best for public transport. It is best not to attract unwanted attention by looking like you have something worth stealing. Go for something more basic in navy or black. Enjoy your trip !

  16. Wooo! Back from London and thanks so much for all the tips. I bookmarked them all on google maps on my phone, but sadly I didn’t have time to check out all these amazing places (though I walked past some of them). A weeny bit too much wine on Monday night so I woke up late on Tuesday and missed out on both breakfast and lunch which I intended to have on one of the aforementioned places. I went to Byron Burgers though but wasn’t that impressed. The bread was too soft and boring :(

  17. Duck soup in soho is new and amazing – go there for dinner! Lili vanilli on Columbia road does perfect cakes! Go to the corner rooms in shoreditch town hall for lunch! Set is 15 quid and the food and decor is amazing. Pacific social club in hackney for cheap brekkie and amazon sandwhiches! Leilas, Albion and climpson and sons are my ultimate favs for coffee and brekkie.. Mildreds in soho for super veggie food! Xx

  18. Hei! Gratulerer med nominasjon til Årets blogg i Costume awards! Jeg har stemt på deg ;) Kommenterer ikke så ofte, men blir veldig inspirert av ditt forhold til mote, og at du tar avstand fra denne bruk-og-kast-mentaliteten som herjer på alle andre blogger!

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