Shopping rules of thumb pt. 1


Through trial and error I’ve learned some invaluable rules of thumb to avoid repeating regrettable purchases. That said, I’m not an expert, these are merely tips I am sharing out of experience because both my friends and I find them quite helpful. Here’s hoping that you’ll find them as useful, so enjoy the first part of Dead Fleurette’s shopping guidelines.

When in doubt, size up. 
Go for a size bigger if you’re not sure whether to size up or down, as it’s likely that the clothing will eventually shrink – though it depends on the fabric and cut. After all, slightly oversized clothes look so much better rather than something that looks too small, in which you can barely move. You don’t want to look as though you’re stuck in the 90s or that your metabolism is failing you, right? Also, it’s easier to adjust a garment that is too large, not to mention you might even put on a few extra kilos down the road.

Don’t just rely on your size. Shop for you body and try on other sizes as well.
I know so many people who always opt for their regular size even though the clothes may not flatter their body at all. Of course, I’m too chicken and, thankfully, well-mannered to tell them that a size bigger would do the clothing justice. So p-lease don’t buy S just because you’re considered a size small – size L might look fantastic on you if you give it a try. I always take three different sizes of an item into the dressing room just to make sure that I’ve got the right size.

Size down in leather shoes.
In general, I would buy the correct shoe size but when it comes to leather shoes I always size down, because like any leather shoe they’ll expand over time and mold to your foot a lot. You do want your shoes to fit like a glove after breaking them in properly. However, only size down if the shoes fit well in the length of the size.

Don’t buy clothes for a future, skinnier, taller or an alternate self.
Chances are you won’t wear them.

If you need someone’s objective opinion, ask a guy (or an Asian, lol).
I don’t really trust the sales assistants as they make every endeavor to trick you into buying. After all, it’s what they have to do. I wouldn’t consult a female either because of their competitive nature and mood swings (lol). However, guys rarely beat around the bush when it comes to expressing their honest opinion, and the same applies to Asians – I have noticed, truth be told. In my case, I usually turn to my family, as they are brutally honest!

Try on clothes that look ugly on the coat hanger.
Don’t overlook the clothes that look unappealing on the hanger. Once you try them on, you might discover that they prove the opposite. Remember, not all pretty items are tantamount to looking great on your body. Some of my cherished wardrobe staples are, as a matter of fact, items that I more often than not would totally ignore when searching for new wardrobe investments.

London diary pt. 1

Thanks for the tips on eateries in London. I didn’t have time to eat 24/7 but I’ve pinned down every recommendation on the map as I will most definitely go back to London soon. Anyhow, I jumped on the iPhone bandwagon last week and I already have nigh on 100 photos on my Instagram account – so pardon me if my blog ends up looking like a massive Instagram vomit (I go by bonjourtristesse).

1. Outside Liberty.
2. Visited Le Pain Quotidien for the very first time in my life and alas I wasn’t a weeny bit impressed at all.

3. Organic soup of the day. Perhaps the most nauseating soup I’ve ever ingested.
4. At least the lemon tarte was edible.

5. An outfit snippet.
6. Picked up this very bold and daring jacket at Urban Outfitters. It reminds me of last season’s Vanessa Bruno.

7. The roof at Urban Outfitters.
8. London’s Christmas decorations are up already…. just another trick to make people to spend more money.

9. Blue cheese burger at Byron Burgers. Aside from the bread the burger was good.
10. The interior, on the other hand, was cheesy and interesting.

11. & 12. Don’t remember the name of this place, but it’s the neighbor of the Hummingbird Bakery in Soho.

13. Went to Liberty and Selfridges to find the perfect winter boots, to no avail.
14. Diptyque candles at Liberty.

15. Went to Tesco and bought parma ham, brie, crackers, ice cream, chips, and red wine for dessert. Decidedly a great way to wind down after having lugged around a heavy bag since cock crow.
16. Mariell and her fiancé were so kind and let me crash at their place. He made lasagna, and we chatted about everything but the kitchen sink while waiting for the plumber who never showed up.

The perfect long weekend bag

I’m turbo picky when it comes to bags. Frankly, I’m somewhat happy that I have quite an expensive taste so that it takes me a long time to save up for a special item, and as time goes by I might get cold feet or change my mind as the saving process gives me plenty of thinking time – this way I’m sure I’m making the right choice.

Early tomorrow morning I’m heading to London. Since I’m staying for only two nights I’ll bring a carry-on, and a weekend bag would definitely come in handy. Of course I don’t own the perfect weekend bag yet, but at least I already know which one I want to bring if I ever am going to divide my time between European cities down the road. I found the perfect one a long time ago and it’s remained on my wish list ever since. It comes in several colors but I’ve already settled on the navy and black combo as it’s more consistent with my color scheme – plus one can never go wrong with navy, right? The bag is from Ettinger and it’s called the Hurlingham bag:

“The Hurlingham, in London, is an iconic English institution where town meets country and sport is an elegant affair. This bag is designed to be big enough to be used as an elegant sports bag but also small enough to pop in just a few clothes for an overnight stay.” (source)

It’s very elegant in a understated way and the design is absolutely timeless. I love the immaculate mingling of leather and textile – it’s just the right dose of leather.

Hope springs eternal that the price will drop a bit at some point, because I’m not sure if the price of this bag is anywhere near justifiable – unless I become super rich – given that it won’t be used on a regular basis. Or perhaps the bag could serve as the means to motivate me to start going to the gym – it would make a very elegant gym bag and totally be worth the expense if it, indirectly, proves to have a good effect on my well-being, haha!

PS: I’m traveling to London like a boho and would love some tips on very reasonably priced eateries. And as much as I’d love to have a piece of the glorious quiche at Rose Bakery, I ain’t going to wait in line for hours. Last time I went there, the top floor of Dover Street Market was jam-packed. Why aren’t Rose Bakery expanding their business in London?

What I wore today

I dress as if it’s still September, which I’m over the moon about. Although it’s the middle of November, the snow hasn’t arrived and the current temperature is indicating that a snowy winter is very far from around the corner – I don’t mind at all, as I can’t stand the snow and have yet to find a pair of winter boots. I’m having such a hard time unearthing the perfect boots for winter – or… I think I’ve found them but I’m ruined to the hilt, so it’s all about strategy. Waiting for the sales, in other words. So I keep crossing everything crossable for a prolonged snowless period of clement winter.

Anyhow, this is what I wore today. I guess no one could ever tell whether or not I overslept and just grabbed the clothes within reach – the latter is what I do every time I dress. Truth be told, I don’t make much effort in outfitting myself, but it does take a lot of effort to become effortless and achieve the look of ease.

Besides, I chopped off my crowning glory on the spur of the moment last week. I might want to go even shorter. And I’m going back to London on Monday – just another spontaneous trip, which I booked on one of my sleepless nights of this week. The control freak in me wants to do some planning now. Yes, I’m such an oxymoron!

Isabel Marant Etoile Coat, A.P.C. sweater, H&M scarf, A.P.C. tote, Cheap Monday jeans, Ettore Adriano loafers

Fragments of my life

Just some odds and ends from my life that don’t fit anywhere else. Well, mainly food.

1. The first and only proper meal I had while in London at a pub in Camden. Even though I was starving like a diet fad – as I had been up at the crack of dawn and traveled all day – I could barely finish half of it. I suppose I was too exhausted to ingest the burger, not to mention the fries.
2. Raclette dinner party with my girlfriends.
3. More hamburgers at a tiny burger joint (Illegal Burger) in Oslo before the Gold Panda gig. The visuals were mind-blowing.
4. Fish and chips from Fiskeriet. A-m-a-z-i-n-g but alas, fried food makes me nauseated.
5. Just another variation of my uniform. Donned in a new shirt from Sessun, which I got my mitts on in London. I found it at Liberty, one of my all-time favorite department stores.