The October uniform

Presenting my uniform for the last few weeks, which includes three of my most recent sartorial acquisitions. Well, it’s no secret that I have quite a propensity to wearing my new clothes till death, neglecting everything else. It’s like a fresh crush, an unhealthy love affair – falling in love with someone to whom you’re unable stop talking or be away from for more than three hours at a time without having a meltdown. In my case, I cannot stop donning my new Isabel Marant peacoat and A.P.C. shirt and canvas tote bag. On top of that, it seems like my subconsciousness always opts for teaming said items with a similar pair of jeans in a wee bit lighter shade, also from Cheap Monday, and the noted taupe boots from Isabel Marant. When I find a combination that does the trick, I abuse it massively until I fall out of love, and then find a way to rekindle the fling.

Be that as it may, I really adore this uniform. It’s no-nonsense and fuss-free. Seven colors, yet tremendously subdued. No one would take me for a harlequin. I feel completely at ease when wearing this attire, which is supremely vital in terms of style. Who wants to look uptight and forced anyway?

Sartorially speaking, I might lack imagination. But as cliché as it probably sounds, I can’t help but embrace what I love even though I know that I will eventually become fed up with my love affairs. No, I’m not that fickle! I might be surfeited with things I love, but I nevertheless won’t stop loving them – just like a favorite song stuck on repeat for six months. There’s a reason it’s being played over and over again, and I’ll love it as much as I used to when I revive the aural affair after a break from the intense overdose.

Isabel Marant peacoat and boots, A.P.C. shirt and bag, Cheap Monday jeans, Faliero Sarti scarf, Omega watch

Psst! All the technical bumps have been taken care of, so it’s finally safe to add my blog to your reader, bloglovin, etc. Hurray!

On eyewear

(photo: private)

As some of you might have gleaned from reading my recent posts, I have at long last invested in a new pair of glasses. Here they are as promised!

Aren’t these spectacles just glorious? It’s in moments like this that I’m embracing the fact that I’m as blind as a bat without my glasses. They are rimmed in gold and designed by Balenciaga, and more often than not an accessory in itself. Decidedly offbeat, yet timeless and reminiscent of a monocle. It’s no doubt that they add an instant quirk to all outfits, even just enough to repel the opposite sex from hitting on me. Indeed a very bold choice for someone who has been hiding behind a black pair of horn-rimmed glasses since 2007. Yes, it was high time for a change.

John Lennon, Harry Potter, Sigmund Freud, Mahatma Gandhi, or whatever – I’ve never felt more like myself than when I’m decked out in these glasses, haha!

Blog warming party

(via ivacukic/flickr)

Welcome to my new blog! Feels good to finally take the wraps off my new place. Evidently, I’m still tidying up some final details to make my new place feel more like home, so pardon the clutter.

Truth be told, I’m terrible at introductions, so let’s keep it short and sweet. Fleurette is my pseudonym and alter ego, I’m a 20-year-old self-proclaimed gamine from Oslo, and my blog is just another cyber-example of navel-gazing at its finest; a fit as a fiddle sporadic fix of frivolity and vanity that may or may not add something to the equation.

And to warm up my new blog, I’ve put together a blog warming party playlist with catchy tunes by Drop Out Orchestra, Gene Dunlap, The Salsoul Orchestra, Toro Y Moi, Fleetwood Mac, Tom Tom Club, Melba Moore, Ashford & Simpson, and many more for your aural perusal and pleasure.

I hope you’ll like it here and don’t forget to say hi to my room… oops, blogmates!

EDIT: I’ve received a couple of e-mails and comments regarding issues with the RSS feed and other things. Please let me know if there are any other issues and I will have them fixed as soon as possible. Also, I suggest that you don’t subscribe to my new blog yet until everything is allright! I will let you know.

Hair crush

(via jeanasohn)

I don’t know who the alluring girl is in this picture. She’s perhaps famous or something, as I’m pretty sure I’ve seen her somewhere on the interweb before. But one thing I know is that I have a major girl crush on her right now. Oh my! And I suppose it’s because of her hair. No, I really do have a crush on her hair. She makes me want to rummage my drawers for a sharp scissor and shed my locks right away, which is something I’ve been contemplating doing for a little while now.

Oddly enough, I’ve been feeling a compulsion to reinvent myself in terms of appearance as of late – I’ve already purchased a whole lot of new clothes, new spectacles (it was about time), and additionally I’ve put on 100 kilograms, so basically I should stop this reinvention before I go overboard with sex reassignment surgery and such, lol. And although I saw my hairdresser a month ago, I feel like I have to do something drastic to my hair pronto. But chopping off my hair is like a leap in the dark for me. These days, I wear my hair in a bun or a high ponytail, largely as it makes me feel and look less feminine. Not really sure whether or not it’s a good thing, but I’m currently all about looking boyish. Quite frankly, it’s more of a psychological matter on which I might elaborate another time – if I dare broach the subject myself.

That said, if I all of a sudden decide to chop off my precious locks, it’s going to be comme ça.

How I’d wear a pea coat

Isabel Marant Etoile Atea coat
I’ve been eyeing this beautifully structured pea coat from Isabel Marant for quite a few months, and now I’m finally able to tick it off my wish list. Hurray! I compromised and went for a very dark navy one, despite the fact that I’ve always had both a black and navy pea coat on my list of dream purchases.
The timing couldn’t be more perfect as it’s started getting beastly cold outside. As with almost every new wardrobe addition of mine, I make collages. Not that I’m breaking any new ground, but it’s a great way to visually pinpoint my taste, preferences and style. I like doing collages with items I already possess and items of which I’m planning to get hold in the future.
Well, I’m aware that there are a lot of different shades of blue in these outfits. I think I tend to wear blue more than black nowadays, or any other color for that matter. And whoopsy daisy, there are oodles of A.P.C. items in the collages below. Obsessed much?

Thakoon cigarette trousersAcne denim shirt, Comme des Garçons Play cardiganChurch’s burwood brogues,
Sofia Coppola x Louis Vuitton bag, Omega Watch


Those of you who have been following my blog for some time are most likely aware that I have a penchant for scented candles. I love burning candles, especially when the colder seasons are approaching and melancholy has settled in.

I went to London on Thursday and finally got my hands on this covetable “Cannabis” candle from Malin+Goetz. It’s rapidly become a new favorite of mine. The peppery redolence is hands down extremely seductive and addictive – but fortunately it won’t put you behind bars, so I wouldn’t mind getting drugged on this candle. And burning it makes me high, lol, even though it doesn’t contain a sprinkle of cannabis. It also smells like men’s perfume, which might explain why I can’t stop sniffing at it – yes, I also have a soft spot for mens’ fragrances. One word: LOVE!