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Truth be told, it’s been a while since the last time I posted something on my blog, so massive apologies for that unplanned hiatus. A hell of a lot has happened during my absence so I suppose I’ll be updating quite frequently to get this thing current. I’ve also got some incredibly exhilarating news for you soon, but in the interim I have to keep the tidings under my hat. Only 11 days to go – and the excitement is building up, haha.

However, it would have been downright boring for you to read why I’ve been so busy and that my life took quite a different direction, so let’s skip that part and talk a little bit about what’s to the point for my blog’s topic; wardrobe building, personal style and clothes.

Yes, I’ve spent bundles on wardrobe investments since this post. Most of them were scored on sale or sort of bought on a whim, but they have quickly become mainstays of my wardrobe and part of my style. I’ve stopped the excessive wardrobe planning and I no longer try to restrict myself to a particular style or look. Now I’m more open to options I never would have considered otherwise. That’s what I love about personal style – it emerges over time, which is really fascinating.

As for my acquisitions, I found my in-between-seasons transitional jacket in Milan – a navy trenchcoat from Barbour, and it was 40% off. I dragged my family all the way to the Barbour shop in Milan just so I could put my hands on one of those iconic Barbour jackets, but ended up with something totally unpredictable. To quote Edith Piaf: “Non, je ne regrette rien”! I also obtained a pair of Ann Demeulemeester sandals at an outlet store in Milan. And, much to my utter surprise, I even found a lovely, yet quirky LBD at Zara – perfect for dinner parties and slightly formal events. On top of that, I scored a pair of black Dries Van Noten suede heels from one of my readers and favorite bloggers (she’s gone private) for a smidgen of the retail price. In fact, I’ve been trying to track these down for months. In addition, I’ve bought my first pair of jeans in ages, and a new pair of spectacles from Balenciaga. It took me only 4 years to find new eyeglasses, so now I have two poles apart pairs to rotate between. More about them later.

Moreover, I have parted, or am about to part with some of the stuff in my wardrobe – items that eventually didn’t work out somehow. This is how my wardrobe looked like in April, and now it looks like this:

Isabel Marant gray bator coat
Isabel Marant navy elali jacket
Isabel Marant maroon boucle jacket
Vintage gray blazer
Barbour navy trenchcoat

Shirts and blouses
A.P.C. light blue liberty print shirt
Isabel Marant Étoile black blouse
Vintage white short-sleeved blouse
Vintage maroon/purple-ish silk shirt
Vintage light blue patterned shirt

Long sleeve tops 
American Apparel gray raglan pullover
American Apparel navy raglan pullover
A.P.C. breton shirt
Isabel Marant Étoile white linen top 
Secondhand breton top

COS navy pocket t-shirt
COS white sheer t-shirt

A.P.C. striped cashmere knit
Acne black chunky knit
COS black crew neck lambswool sweater
Isabel Marant Étoile black open-back knit
Vanessa Bruno Athé navy wool sweater

Cheap Monday black jeans
Levi’s dark blue jeans
Cheap Monday blue jeans

Trousers and shorts
Isabel Marant black linen trousers
Zara black tapered trousers
Zara black shorts


American Apparel gray tri-blend cardigan

Urban Outfitters black vintage leather skirt

Zara dress

Bianco footwear black pumps
Doc Martens black combat boots
Ettore Adriano black leather loafers
Isabel Marant taupe suede ankle boots
Zara black suede ankle boots

The Kooples taupe ankle boots
Ann Demeulemeester sandals
Dries Van Noten black suede heels

Balenciaga black city bag
Marc by Marc Jacobs black hobo

Evidently, I’m still a nerd! Here’s to a happy weekend everyone! And all of a sudden, it’s summer again.

31 thoughts on “Wardrobe upgrades

  1. These are such amazing purchases. I wish mine was anywhere nearly as great as this. Love how super organized you are about your purchases! May I ask how did you get the three columns in your blog post?

  2. Oh you had just better be apologizing ;) I was in Septemberbacktoschool wardrobe rebuilding mode and needed you! Haha, but that you're back has made my Friday. Love a good closet detox. Though I didn't think you were one to abandon Marant, do what is best for cost-per-wear's sake <3TE AMO,J sanitynotebook.blogspot.com

  3. Sanity Notebook: Haha! You're far too sweet! And no, I didn't think I was going to abandon my elali jacket from Marant either, but I found out that I never wear it, and I'm broke right now, and I figured out that jackets à la Emmanuelle Alt aren't my thing – I prefer coats or jackets that are long enough to hide my back and hips. And the elali jacket doesn't work in Norway. Oh well!

  4. Oh, so glad to hear that you love the Dries heels and that they will be much loved! It was heartbreaking to let them go, but I'm glad they went to someone who will truly love and appreciate them :) I'm surprised you got rid of your Elali, I still very much love mine, although like you, I don't wear it very much. Hmm …

  5. In April I said all your items could fit in a suitcase, and now, even after buying a handful of new items, it could still fit in a 30" suitcase! Yikes. The number of shoes I have already takes up the first column of your table. :-P I'm motivated to downsize even more now. I hope everything is going alright for you, nice to read an update here and updates on Formspring (serious crazies there!)

  6. Great post, very exciting purchases! I am kind of in awe of your list though, is that really ALL you own?! What happens when you have to do laundry? How often to you have to do it? While I absolutely admire your minimalism, there's no way I could survive with only 2 t-shirts. But then, your methodical thoughtful approach to fashion is one of the reasons I am addicted to you blog!http://nomadic-d.blogspot.com/

  7. Fleurette I really adore your blog! You are a great role model when it comes to your clothes. I wonder: was it hard or difficult to name all of your stuff or did you know it by heart? Because knowing my wardrobe that well is something I am aiming for. It makes getting dressed way easier and it shows that there are only perfect pieces inside. At the moment I couldn't make such a list without checking.Barbie

  8. Fluerette … you have less than 33 items on your list … I'm starting the 333 project in the morning where you only wear 33 items for 3 months. It does, however, include accessories, so I picked two leather cuffs and a pair of silver hoop earrings as part of my 33 items. But I probably only have another 10 clothing items that won't be worn. So much fun. I love how you are already living what other people are experimenting with.xoxo Kristihttp://labellafigura.net

  9. - S: I love them dearly, so thank you so much for reselling them! Alas, I managed to ruin them on their first outing. It was my birthday party, and well… one too many drinks, heels and stairs = a very bad combination. Hopefully, a cobbler can repair the damages! I haven't resold my Elali jacket yet, but I've listed it for sale. I'm going to regret reselling it, but right now I need the money more than I need the jacket. – Amanda: Haha! Regarding packing my life, I wouldn't have any problems if I were to move abroad. Lol, regarding the shoes, tell me about it!! In a year or two, I imagine owning at least 20 pairs of shoes. Omg! I've already bought three pairs this year, and I'm planning on buying a pair of brogues and winter boots for fall. My formspring has gone bananas as of late xD Hope you're doing fine as well, and I just wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed the last posts on your blog (but I rarely comment on blogs nowadays).- Nomadic D: Gosh, laundry. I don't even know how I'm doing it. Regarding the t-shirts, I don't even wear them often. I'm going to get rid of the white one soon as it has no function. It's too sheer and too long, and I haven't worn it since july 2010. The navy one is a summer staple, but it's got holes in it. So basically, I don't have any t-shirts. :-O But it doesn't bother me, though, as I survive with the current amount of clothes.- la prescriptrice: Haha, yay!- Barbie: Thank you so much! No, it wasn't hard to name all of my stuff at all.. but of course I had to open my closet to see what's inside.- Kristi: Oh, I've never thought of the fact that I'm living that 333 project! Cool! I assume it will be very exciting for you, and you'll realize that one doesn't really need a lot of clothes. Actually, I don't even wear all of those 32 items that I own. I actually only wear 12 of the items that I own on a daily basis! Have fun with the experiment!

  10. I think I am going to have to list all the items in my wardrobe to figure out what I need to buy. (I really dislike clothes shopping) Can't wait for your big news in 11 days!The shoes look comfortable since they have a square heel, sensible shoes.Take care and I hope real life is calming down (in a good way!)

  11. It seems as though relaxing a little towards making purchases has worked out for you in the best possible way – towards acquiring a wardrobe that you truly love and cherish. Great post, as usual!

  12. Sometimes I miss my pre-internet shopping days–I think it's only made me more anal and obsessive. It's a shame about that navy jacket, it was so beautiful on you. But I know what you mean about being comfortable in longer things. When I think about it I don't wear my "shorter" sweaters that often either, but my longer boyfriend cardigans are worn weekly. Though I have to say I'm seeing a lot of Marant going on your lists. And congratulations on your news, whatever it may be, it sounds good :)

  13. I finally have time to read your post properly;)I am impressed by how organised you are, this is something that I cannot work well with 'on paper' so to speak, and tend to had to visualise as opposed to creating lists. This invariably leads to a sort of mental chaos (or a brain blizzard), so I will eventually have to pull the stuff out of the wardrobe, literally, and take stock of things this way. I'm a little bit broke right now, too. This always happens when I have either finally located a longed for treasure, or when I am on the hunt for something elusive. Typical. I have also fallen hopelessly in love with the black Margaret Howell saddle bag, which cannot be found!

  14. Fleurette, welcome back. I literally jumped in my chair when I saw your post on bloglovin. Sad that you let that navy Marant jacket go – it looked amazing on you. Love the new shoes and a dress!! How interesting. I'm in the process of letting go of most of the items in my wardrobe and starting fresh. Whenever I want to buy something silly on sale that I will only use once or twice, I think back to your post on your 35 items – and I stop myself. Truly an inspiration for us :) please do blog more often!

  15. Welcome back! Your wardrobe is very inspirational, I wish I could edit mine like you do. The Dries pumps are perfection! I don't wear my Elali a lot either, but mostly because I'm afraid my kids will ruin it. I still love it and feel so good about it when I put it on. Exciting about your big news!

  16. Sounds productive and exciting :) good on you for getting rid of things you weren't using, I know how hard that is – I have recently given away quite a few items I love but hardly ever wore. It pinched a little to see them go, but am happy that the person receiving them will get much more joy and wear out of them. As my closet gets smaller, my heart seems to get lighter ;) it's liberating. Love the demeulemeester sandals. Look forward to seeing you style them!

  17. great purchases! the IM navy jacket looked lovely on you but i understand about getting rid of what doesn't work for one's lifestyle/climate/body type/whatever the reason. :)i look forward to your future updates.

  18. DVN heels are drool worthy! :)) I hope one day I'll own a pair too. :)It always amazes me how organized you are!I think the best part of the personal style is that it's personal – you yourself is in charge and you decide where to go and how you want to be. People change and evolve. And that's the best part! ;)

  19. I love this kind of post, but tell me, did you buy the AD sandals at Antonioli? It's a boutique on the navigli, in Milan, I think you'd love it!Annie

  20. - Mary: Thank you! Yes, listing the content in your wardrobe is a helpful way to identify the gaps in your wardrobe. I truly recommend it! The DVN heels are very comfortable!!! – Jamie-Lee: You're absolutely right! – Prêt à Porter P: Hahahaha, I can totally relate to what you're saying about online shopping only made you more anal and obsessive. I do wear my shorter sweaters, but they are usually oversized so I don't look forced or feel uncomfortable wearing them. – Lapin de Lune: Ooh, you should try and write down the content of your wardrobe so that you can avoid said brain blizzard! I went to London on thursday, completely broke, and I knew that I'd find some of the elusive things on my list there.. now I'm in debt thanks to my master card. I got the APC shirt, the one which you considered returning. It's perfect and I even got a compliment from a guy when wearing it yesterday, haha. – Amanda: Thank you! You're far too sweet, really. It makes me happy to hear that you find my "Closet Organization" post inspiring. – L.L.: You just have to carry on stalking them on ebay, otherwise forget about them. :-( They're truly great! – Susanna: Tusen takk! Fint å være "tilbake" igjen. Nesten, hehe!- Karen: You're too sweet! Thanks!- Garderoben: Thank you! I find your wardrobe very inspiring as well. I too love the Elali jacket, but I don't feel good when wearing it for some reason :/ Which is such a shame! Hope you get to wear yours more often soon, maybe as a cardigan under your thick winter coats. Winter is just around the corner, uggh!- Laurie-Anne: Thank you!- LUU H.: Haha, lucky but completely broke and in debts!

  21. - Ammu: I agree with you. It's hard in the beginning, but often when I've gotten rid of my preowned treasures, I forget about them.. and I don't miss them at all. – Odyssey: Thank you! Although my wardrobe is completely pared down, getting rid of some of the items is hopefully a lesson in terms of what actually works and what doesn't. – f.: Pictures are coming up soon… i hope!- Mia: Her og, men jeg har blitt flinkere til å spontanshoppe plagg som jeg ikke greier å slutte å gå med, lol.- balkis: Thanks!- Ginta: Agreed! It always evolves to the better!- Annie: Thank you! No, I didn't have the chance to visit Antonioli. I purchased the Ann D heels at D Magazine outlet.

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