Fall’11 wardrobe planning pt. 1

I don’t think I need more clothes. To be blunt, it’s a matter of wanting more clothes, by virtue of my partiality for clothing. In spite of that, owning just a small amount of clothes, some of them high-maintenance, has become somewhat a thorn in my flesh – given my schedule, there’s practically no time for laundering or hand washing my clothes. I take good care of the contents of my wardrobe to ensure long life for my items, so I always wash at 30 degrees for instance. If it weren’t for my mom’s ‘indifference’ towards maintenance of clothes, it would undoubtedly have been a cinch to wash my stuff together with my family’s laundry – but they are not to be trusted. However, I will have to waste twice as much water and electricity if I wash clothes one by one, which I refuse to do. By the time I have a hamper full of laundry to wash at once, I don’t have any clean clothes to wear until everything has dried. So, okay, perhaps I do need more clothes to simplify my rather hectic life, especially tops. I can do with only one or two trousers but I seem to always run out of tops before I run out of bottoms.

A normal person would solve this issue by trying the mall to find an adequate amount of new tops. I, on the other hand, am struggling big time with finding tops that I would actually like to wear and bring into my curated wardrobe, which might indicate why my wardrobe lacks shirts. I’m quite particular about what I like, and I am also super fastidious with regards to fabrics and such. Therefore, this season’s mission is to get hold of some more tops, both out of practicality and as a way to create variations in terms of attires.

Anyway, I like to have a clear picture of what I want to integrate into my wardrobe, so here are some inspiration:

My biggest fear is to one day look like Lorelai Gilmore in the one Gilmore Girls episode, in which she had run out of clothes and showed up in the most hideous outfit at Rory’s first day at Chilton. Oh boy, poor lady!

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  1. "So, okay, perhaps I do need more clothes to simplify my rather hectic life, especially tops. I can do with only one or two trousers but I seem to always run out of tops before I run out of bottoms."That's one of the reason why I didn't get rid of all the clothes that weren't exactly right in my closet. I wouln't have anything to wear anymore (I counted, I have 5 tops – not including sweaters – that I truly like and want to wear, either winter or summer wear)…Anyway the A.P.C. sweater is perfect, I love the colour…

  2. Aren't the varieties of red colours rather new to your existing colour pallet? Not that I mind, I love when you discover new things :) A few seasons ago I rarely wore anything other than black and white, but this season I suddenly felt in love with a mintgreen sweater!

  3. I agree with Diana – do NOT settle for second best just because you're in need. You'll regret it immediately!I love denim shirts, so the Acne shirt is wonderful. I believe the Comme des Garcons sweater is too childish… I also like the APC sweater (in a different color for me though) and the last shirt.The rest is not so much my style or taste :/btw dresses are perfect for your problem: No need to match bottom and top – just put it on and you look amazing. the little black, red and white dress are my favorites :)

  4. I love the IM and Lanvin blouses… also like the cotton shirts, but I despise ironing. Do you steam or iron your shirts? I just can't find the time!I only do laundry over the weekend. The washing machine only ever gets turned on during the week if it is an absolute emergency (eg. this week my partner got highlighter on his new shirt – my quick thinking saved it :) ).I think you have legitimately identified a NEED for new clothes if you can's get through a week without doing washing (in my book anyway).

  5. - Liz: And a pink top, right? Haha!- Alexia: I still have some tops that I never wear, but even when I don't have -any- clean tops left, I don't wear the aforementioned tops… because they're just wrong. I'm too picky! Haha!- Sabrina: Absolutely! I love burgundy but I have never gotten around to incorporate the color into my wardrobe palette.. and I have always wanted a red sweater. – Anonymous: The problem is that I'm even more picky when it comes to dresses. And I don't like wearing dresses.. they're just not "me", if you know what I mean. I'm more of a trousers gal, haha.- catssaymeow: I despise ironing too, but sometimes I iron if I don't have any clothes left and need DRY clothes, haha. Fortunately, some of my shirts don't need ironing.

  6. I really love the addition of bright red here, too. I also gave in and purchased the apc homme marine shirt this week, after gazing at it confusedly over at netaporter for about 2 months. I wasn't at all keen on the photographs of this shirt on the apc website itself, though, and found the images at coggles.com much more helpful. Have you seen it in store at all? I am hoping it works out well for me! It appears to be somewhat more greyish blue than the typical blue shirt, which is what attracts me to it all the more.The inclusion of the sprig print delights me – something about the delicacy/femininity of florals mixed with otherwise boyish silhouettes. My own favourite is a cotton pixel print by Vanessa Bruno, which would round off my seasonal shirt collection perfectly, I like to think. I am also under the impression that these are the most difficult additions to decide upon, for I can literally tear my mind apart over the effort of choosing. I think that this is because tops are still something of a novelty to me after almost a lifetime of living in frocks, so perhaps I will ease into it in time. Still, it was a wonderful discovery to find that I much prefer separates, and that I feel incredibly comfortable wearing them. I recall you bemoaning the difficulties of locating the perfect white shirt….and oh my god do I sympathise! :)

  7. Haha one must be practical – a well-curated wardrobe isn't about small numbers, it should meet your needs. Which is why I find it acceptable to own about 10, of which several are near identical. In a hot country like Singapore you often only wear a shirt once before it needs a good wash. I like the grey/blue APC one very much – it's precisely the kind of shirt you can repeat and no one really notices; the perfect uniform piece.

  8. Excellent post. That scene from Gilmore Girls is one of my absolute favorites. I remember watching this episode with my entire family (we never watched much TV, but this was one of our family shows) and we all were laughing hysterically. Moms at the schools I went to were always giving each others outfits the once over, so we could all envision this. I love the items you picked out- The color of the A.P.C. sweater is so pretty. I'm looking to add a burgundy colored garment into my wardrobe this fall. I'm thinking a scarf or sweater. That Lanvin blouse is gorgeous. It's the type of piece that would get so much wear in my wardrobe. I hear you when it comes to hand washing items. So time consuming, but worth it. Good luck finding a few more items to add.

  9. I love that Comme des Garcons top – just the right side of cute :) My fall list is pretty much empty – I might be tempted by a great jacket, navy/burgundy leather bag or leopard-print ballet flats, but don't feel an urge to get anything at the moment. In recent months I have felt inclined to dress in a more tailored style, which has made me re-examine my wardrobe, so I am still clearing things out and passing them on to happier owners :)

  10. Oh, wow, it's been so long since Gilmore Girls.I love your wardrobe planning posts.I just started doing something a bit more rigid with mine and would love your opinion and advise on it. I desperately want a beautiful, but functional and well-adjusted wardrobe. About my lifestyle, I'm a bit of a nomad, by nature and by need. But I'm a young professional nomad working in an office directly under the command of some high-profile professionals. I also go on assignments from work to work with the public. This Reformation matters because I'm a such clothes hoarder and this wardrobe needs to be down to a 10th of what it is before I have to move again, which will be with a roommate in the next city where I will be working.Let me know,XOXO-La Copine=)

  11. I love your blouses esp the IM one! I know u r picky about dresses but loved the Zara one you picked! Think you looked great in it too. If you have time, what other dresses appeal to you? :)

  12. pretty selections, appropriate to your curated wardrobe. i can see all of these working for you! i always want more tops than bottoms. pants can be worn several times before washing- as you noted.

  13. “wash my stuff together with my family’s laundry – but they are not to be trusted.” LOL! I started doing my own laundry for the same reasons. That Jyron blouse is quite pretty. Burgundy has been a recent addition into my minimal (work) palette, and I find it very complimentary to black.

  14. I love that episode so much! Totally made me smile thinking about it. I'm in the same boat, I feel I have adequate number of bottoms but need more tops. I've been drooling over that jyron top but the chiffon fabric is soooo sheer and delicate. I wish I could fnd a sewing pattern like that (seems like there must be one), I'd have several tops made in that style lol :)

  15. have you tried steven alan shirts? i love mine and will be bringing a stash with me to shanghai. they're also very low maintenance – throw them in the washer and dryer and they just get softer and more perfect.

  16. Oh man, I have the same probelm with the laundry!How many times have'nt my clothes been ruined,washed together with my family's laundry… Better to do your own. Seems like I am the only one who wash at 30 degrees, and NEVER use the dryer, haha.

  17. Oh, I love that episode from Gilmore Girls. I usually end up looking a bit like that on laundry days, which is slightly embarrassing… but at least I know I'm not alone.I love how you're so fastidious when it comes to your clothes, and that you make an effort to treat them well. You set a wonderful example, darling!

  18. Oh Gilmore Girls! I miss their witty banters. I have similar trust issues with the family laundry. I've found steaming the clothes usually works until you can give them a proper wash.

  19. I actually have a lot of clothes but none I want to wear. It's silly. I'm getting rid of most of them and buying a few, we'll see how it goes. Love the collection above though- I would wear it!

  20. Amazing blogpost again! I really love the items you picked out. But the burgundy sweater and Isabel Marant blouse are my favourites <333

  21. Dear Fleurette, I have been following your blog for a couple of months now, and I really wanna say thank you. Thanks to you, I've started thinking about how much clothes I actually buy (it's too much) and how much of it just hangs there in my closet, worn just a few times. You've inspired me to organize my wardrobe, stop the impulse shopping and instead saving for the really great items that I actually NEED and go with my style perfectly. My new shopping rule is that I'm allowed to buy ONE perfect item per season, and since I made that decision it feels like such a relief! How great is that? Thank you for being a different blogger. You're a huge inspiration, and I needed to tell you that.All the best,Nina

  22. I literally giggled out loud at your last line!!If you don't mind me doing so, may I suggest trying a classic Equipment blouse? They're not heinously expensive (though not cheap), and are usually of the most beautiful fabrics and cuts – simple, clean lines that seem to go with everything, yet still feminine enough. Briony xx

  23. I really like patterned shirts so I like the Forte Forte shirt the best as it looks a bit more feminine than the plain coloured shirts. The grey and navy one I would find hard to wear without looking like a boy. :S I hope you find one that fits perfectly.Lately I have become more particular about fabrics as well, it's so surprising how so many clothes are made out of synthetic materials!I know what Gilmore Girls scene you are talking about, I especially like how Lorelai styled the rodeo outfit with a very long overcoat.

  24. I'll admit, I used to have an 'indifference' toward clothing maintenance, too, but now I'm trying to take more care for the items that I want to keep around. My boyfriend was the one who sort of opened me up to hand-washing items — I helped him out with a couple of his shirts, and I actually found the process strangely relaxing, even if it is time consuming? Haha, that's probably because I haven't done it regularly yet, though; this outlook will likely change soon!

  25. Personne n'a vraiment "besoin" de nouveaux habits, mais quel plaisir de les avoir et de les porter ! ;D ♥♥♥http://dearliberty.illustrateur.org/♥♥

  26. Ha, having cleaned out my closet, I feel the same way. I'm trying to pick out some nice blouses but I am having a hell of a time with it because it's hard to find some that aren't way too short for my long torso or too wide. Have you seen the silk blouse at Zara that comes in white and mint green? I sort of want something like that, slouchy and easy to layer with a big cardigan or sweater.And I am on a mission to find some decent long sleeved tees this winter. So many of mine have pinholes in them, it's really annoying.

  27. I've given up on 'one-stop shopping'- I just end up returning items later. I've looked so many places to find the right tops! I ended up finding the perfect white blouse in a thrift store! I want all of those shirts, but the striped one is my favorite, oh and also the Marant blouse. I will just dream of the day that I am done with school and can afford to buy such clothing.

  28. Expediency and necessity are difficult masters, as they force us to make purchases often regretted.More than any other item, I also have a need for tops and have recently bought some beautiful cotton pieces from Chinti and Parker. Shirts from Hamilton Paris, too. The Gilmore Girls reference made me smile.Sarah xhttp://stylesouk.wordpress.com

  29. Fine ting og fin blogg du har! Vi har faktisk flere av utvalgte i butikken nå (Acne Wave skjorten, A.P.C skjorten i rosa og strikkegenseren fra A.P.C og CDG play stripes:)

  30. Sorry fleurette, jeg prøvde å finne deg, men har visst glemt hva du heter. Heheee, neida bare nesten. Legg meg til du da, heter karoerkul. Du er lite ikke teit da som ikke erpå facebook lenger!

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