Fall’11 wardrobe planning pt. 1

I don’t think I need more clothes. To be blunt, it’s a matter of wanting more clothes, by virtue of my partiality for clothing. In spite of that, owning just a small amount of clothes, some of them high-maintenance, has become somewhat a thorn in my flesh – given my schedule, there’s practically no time for laundering or hand washing my clothes. I take good care of the contents of my wardrobe to ensure long life for my items, so I always wash at 30 degrees for instance. If it weren’t for my mom’s ‘indifference’ towards maintenance of clothes, it would undoubtedly have been a cinch to wash my stuff together with my family’s laundry – but they are not to be trusted. However, I will have to waste twice as much water and electricity if I wash clothes one by one, which I refuse to do. By the time I have a hamper full of laundry to wash at once, I don’t have any clean clothes to wear until everything has dried. So, okay, perhaps I do need more clothes to simplify my rather hectic life, especially tops. I can do with only one or two trousers but I seem to always run out of tops before I run out of bottoms.

A normal person would solve this issue by trying the mall to find an adequate amount of new tops. I, on the other hand, am struggling big time with finding tops that I would actually like to wear and bring into my curated wardrobe, which might indicate why my wardrobe lacks shirts. I’m quite particular about what I like, and I am also super fastidious with regards to fabrics and such. Therefore, this season’s mission is to get hold of some more tops, both out of practicality and as a way to create variations in terms of attires.

Anyway, I like to have a clear picture of what I want to integrate into my wardrobe, so here are some inspiration:

My biggest fear is to one day look like Lorelai Gilmore in the one Gilmore Girls episode, in which she had run out of clothes and showed up in the most hideous outfit at Rory’s first day at Chilton. Oh boy, poor lady!

At Bare Jazz

(photos by Eirik Slyngstad)

Through a passageway hidden in the crowded streets of Oslo’s city center lies one of the most tranquil and coziest backyards in town. Bare Jazz (“Only Jazz” in English) is a watering hole, café, and record shop specialized in jazz, with occasional live music. It’s hands down my favorite haunt in Oslo. This place used to be my hangout when I was in the first year of high school. At the time I wasn’t especially interested in jazz music so I only have pleasant recollections of all the friendly get-togethers and the nice atmosphere that still lingers in the air. But then I became rather ill, both physically and mentally, so I stopped seeing my friends for two years or thereabouts, which made me forget about this little bijou of a café. Fortunately, it was rediscovered back in April and everything has remained the same apart from my taste in music. I cannot stress enough how much I enjoy this place now that I’ve developed a keen ear for jazz music. You’ll find me at Bare Jazz at least twice a week.

Grensen 8, 0159 Oslo

In the photos above I’m wearing my new trenchcoat from Barbour, A.P.C. shirt, Zara tapered trousers, and Isabel Marant boots.

Chanterelle fever

There are millions of things I love about autumn. One of them is the chanterelle season. The scent of freshly picked chanterelles evokes many fond childhood memories – I tended to gather chanterelles in the forest because I knew that my mom would be over the moon about them. Bringing mushrooms home from school outings in the woods was the ultimate trick to make her happy, which is something I ought to do more than just once in a while nowadays. And then she made creamy soups and Vietnamese ‘banh gio’ (steamed minced pork rice dumpling) with the chanterelles. Good times, indeed. Last Thursday, Julie, Maja and I cooked pasta with chanterelle mushrooms. So. Freaking. Delicious. The day after, Julie invited some girls over for delectable risotto with chanterelles and prosecco. I love the way my favorite season is approaching!

Stuck on repeat this summer

(via danfrantheman)

Something really terrible happened exactly three weeks ago; everything on my iPod got erased with no warning whatsoever. I’ve been utterly devastated ever since, and with lots of things going on in life I haven’t had the fortitude to rebuild my music library. I’m talking about 70 GB and four years worth of music. As someone with an obsessive penchant for lists, particularly playlists, I think it’s about time to lay them out here on my blog so that I can always go back in the archives and recall the albums that used to be stuck on repeat. (Hehe, Little Boots, 2008)

So, these are the albums, which have been repeatedly belting out of my speakers in the summer breeze; the sounds that will always remind me of the summer of 2011:

Bar-Kays / Soulfinger
Chad Valley / Equatorial Ultravox
Charles Bradley / No Time For Dreaming<
Chocolate Milk / Action Speaks Louder Than Words
Craft Spells / Idle Labor
Discodeine / Discodeine
Idris Muhammad / Turn This Mutha Out
Inner Life / Inner Life II
The Isley Brothers / Go All The Way
Kisses / The Heart Of The Nightlife
Maya Jane Coles / Humming Bird EP
Menahan Street Band / Make The Road By Walking
Midnight Magic / Beam Me Up
The O’Jays / Back Stabbers
Rimer London / Rimer London
The Strokes / Is This It, First Impressions Of Earth
The Whispers / Open Your Love

And what’s next? Shopping, films, books, life, colors, recaps… I should join listography.com at some point. Hope you’ve had a terrific summer. Mine has been… an unbelievable roller coaster.