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Myriad apologies for my unpredicted blog hiatus and that I totally neglected my promise to post more than just once during the festival. That said, I’m still struggling to get into the online swing of things. To put the matter in a nutshell; traveling, work, family, exhilarating projects, love, friends, and sorrow have indeed thrown a monkey wrench into the blogging lately. I just wanted to break the mold and let you know that I’m alive in light of the recent tragedy in Norway and my city. I’m still completely taken aback and bewildered by the bombing and shooting – it’s completely surreal. I cannot stop thinking of the families and people who suffer from losing a loved one to this terrible event. This national tragedy is the essence of sadness to its core, but I have never seen so much love and solidarity among people before. And Oslo is completely covered in roses. Thank you so much for the kindness and concern expressed through emails, twitter messages, formspring questions, and comments – they are truly uplifting in these dark times. Stay strong and take care of each other!