Spring wardrobe planning pt. 4

First off, I have to apologize for my few-and-far-between posts and the lack of response to comments/e-mails these days. No explanation needed (oh, beautiful weather, hello!), though I haven’t felt tingles of inspiration to get back into the bloggy swing of things as of late. Anyway, despite having no time or desire to go shopping at all, I am at long last able to tick off two items from my spring/summer list. Hurray!

1) An in-between-seasons transitional jacket
2) A pair of sandals
3) Wide brim sun hat
4) Ray-Ban sunglasses
5) Tailored shorts
6) A black pouch

My most recent investment piece arrived just in time for the festival season. As a ridiculously super-picky gal, it’s no surprise that it took me months to settle on a pair of sunglasses. I am, however, very appreciative of my picky behavior at times, as it seems to pay off in the long run. Although I’d love to possess a couple of frivolous shades, it’s not really an option as I’m rather nearsighted and need prescription lenses because I won’t consider contact lenses. Price isn’t much of an issue – quality is. Apparently, I settled on the Clubmasters from Ray-Ban, and I’m absolutely content with this investment. There is a bit of kookiness and nonchalance in the look of the sunglasses, to which I’m quite partial. Decidedly, the Clubmasters are offbeat and classic at the same point.

As for the hat, it is by no means a sun hat or what I had in mind, but I am literally fed up with searching for hats – though I have only gone hat hunting in five shops. In other words, I’m not much of a keen hat hunter. Thanks to my friends’ providential moving-out-sale yesterday, I ultimately scored a bargain of a hat, which I bought from Maja. Fortunately, the brim is wide enough to somewhat keep the tan away, and I look kind of cute, eccentric and schizophrenic, style-wise, when wearing it. Anyhow, I’m just a tad concerned that this hat might be too warm on unbearably hot summer days; hence I’m still searching for a summery straw hat. There is nothing more repellent than hair soaked in sweat by virtue of unbefitting headwear. Any suggestions are welcome!

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  1. Yes! Clubmasters are my all time favorite sunglasses–which breaks my heart because they look ridiculous on my small face. But you wear them very, very well :n )

  2. I absolutely know what you mean about shopping for hats. For summer those floppy ones with the huge brims are perfect for sun protection but I think you look out of place unless you're at the beach. But really, where does one go shopping for hats?

  3. - Ringo, have a banana!: Oh no, have you tried the smallest size? Maybe they are more befitting!!- Amalie: Thanks!- L.L.: Haha, good thing I'm not alone! I know, those floppy ones are ideal for a day on the beach but I would feel so uncomfortable wearing one in the city or at a summer festival. I have no idea, apart from shops that specialize in hats (but where does one find this kind of shop??)

  4. Great purchases! Finding sunglasses and hats that work well with the shape of your face is really difficult. I also love Clubmasters, but they don't work on me. I also just got a hat. Mine is made out of some sort of staw/raffia/sea grass with a black grosgrain ribbon and looks vaguely like an Amish boy's hat. However, I'm not sure if I have what it takes to pull off wearing a hat all the time. :)

  5. - jennifer: Thank you! Oh, I know what you mean as to not having what it takes to pull off wearing a hat all the time. I feel the same way! It seems like most people look somewhat forced when wearing hats. Your hat sounds very lovely, though! Hope you'll post a picture on your blog soon.

  6. I have two raybans, black and red ones but they're both wayfarer, so I'd love to purchase the ones you bought. The hat is truly lovely, but as you've said it could be unbearably during summer… but I'm sure you'd find how to combine it with a lovely summer outfit during the not so hot days. I can't recommend you any good hat shop 'cause I'm looking for it too! ps: I've seen a pic of a DJ decks on your tumblr… and as I've been listening to your Spotify playlists, I've thought you may like my boyfriend's DJ sets: http://soundcloud.com/dj_al-1kisses!

  7. I love those Clubmasters and am thinking of getting a pair for myself. I've been going around trying them on and getting a feel for them, but it is expensive and I don't want to make any mistakes…

  8. I look like a perverted old man when I wear the Clubmasters, but congrats if you can pull that off. For some reason, imagining you wearing the glasses with the hat reminds me of jazz musicians! I hope you find a transitional spring jacket – I'm finding the hardest time hunting one down since I don't like anything cropped or leather or military. I guess blazers might work, but it just seems too structured and contrived somehow!

  9. - M: I prefer not wearing any headwear when the sun ain't shining, haha. Thanks for posting your BF's DJ sets, I'm listening to the first one right now!- Catherine: I know, I had to try them on at least 50 times before I settled. And when you have settled, you also have to decide which color you want… I think my optician went nuts because I couldn't make up my mind.- Amanda: Haha, you're too witty! I have linked to a image that shows how I look like wearing the hat and the shades together, haha. I'm getting a Barbour when I travel to Milan as there is a Barbour shop in Milan. Isabel Marant Etoile tend to make great transitional spring jackets. You should hunt them down!

  10. Whoops didn't realize that you posted the link. You DO look like a musician which I guess you are. Bravo! Unfortunately, I find that the smallest Barbour seems to run big (and long) on me but I'm only 5'1". Do you have the Beadnell in mind? I hear they run down to size UK6/US2 in case the UK8 is too big for you. Good luck!

  11. J'ai eu la meme difficulte (desolee, pas d'accents sur mon clavier)en cherchant un chapeau pour l'ete- j'ai optee enfin pour un truc de jardinage,car il est tout simple, il me vas bien, et en plus, j'ai payer genre 11 dollars. Il est tres bien (Midwest Glove and Gear). Fait pour proteger, ce n'est pas non plus les enormes trucs "floppy" qu'on arrive meme pas a voir avec- et il a une corde (tres pratique- on peut le jeter en arriere et il pend dans le dos, j'aime bien) Seul bemol c'est qu'il est en fibre de papier- j'ai su apres…J'ai pensais que c'etait de la paille, mais non…enfin, on verra si ca se dissoude ou se deforme sous la pluie!Je pense que peut-etre un "pork-pie" en paille t'irait bien- un truc un peu Havane, passe-partout- c'est dandy et decontract' a la fois-

  12. i love the sunglasses! love how clubmasters look! sadly, i can only admire from a distance… because it does not look good on my facial structure! hope you find your straw hat soon, because i know the feeling of /getting soaked in sweat because my hat was too thick'!can't wait to see more of your planning! :)

  13. Actually, I just discovered that the Clubmasters come in a junior size!! Definitely need to investigate–plus they're cheaper too heheh! Forgot to mention how much I love the hat as well, I have a similar one in in Navy felt. I agree though that they're a bit warm for summer, and I'm still searching for that perfect straw hat as well. We'll find it, damn it :n )

  14. The clubmasters are classic and really suit your face shape.. good choice! I suit a larger frame myself. I'm also on the search for a summer hat but they are so hard to find! Ideally I'd like a panama, I tried one at Lock & Co in London (definitely worth a look on their website) but sadly they are out of my price range at present!!http://herribbonsandherbows.blogspot.com/

  15. Love the clubmasters! I'd be tempted to go check them out myself, but I have 3 pairs of sunglasses right now and I'm telling myself no more. At least not this year. As for the hat, I sort of agree that it's going to be too hot for the summer. I think you do need to search out dedicated hat shops, there must be some around. Here in Madrid there's actually a handful right by my house (lucky, I know) and I've already bought a great crushable felt hat for the winter and a wonderful straw hat with a bit of a wider brim (but not very wide, and definitely not floppy) for the summer. Takes trying on 1000 different models, but go with a friend and have fun with it, it's worth it in the end!http://nomadic-d.blogspot.com

  16. I have short hair and I always feel silly in hats, but I'm quite used to going without them. Sunglasses, on the other hand, are such a godsend. I used to squint like mad in the sun until I got a prescription pair – if I had done so earlier I might not have all these fine lines around my eyes….Anyway, I suppose the hat is a little heavy for the weather, but fine purchases all the same.

  17. I think you look very stylish in the hat and the sunglasses, but I understand your objection that the hat may turn out to be too heavy for hot days. Have you considered a straw fedora? It shouldn't be too hard to come by. It will be definitely suitable for a city, not just a beach, and at the same time very light and summery.

  18. You rock these sunglasses and hat! Love that picture of yours :)And thanks for your comment on my blog… You're such a inspiring person for me hihi. But I have the linen Vanessa Bruno blazer in size 34 and it fits perfectly :D

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