My Hove festival look of the day

So far, Hove has been great. One of the main reasons why I’m attending the festival is because I’m working for the festival’s newspaper. How could I decline such an opportunity? As promised, here is my festival attire of the day. I’m truly excited for tonight’s gigs – Charles Bradley and The Vaccines + clubbing!

Secondhand hat, A.P.C. shirt, Zara shorts, Marc by Marc Jacobs bag + loafers

Hove essentials

Here are some of my festival essentials. So, in the midst of being the worst-case scenario of a busy bee, I have one way or another managed to launder my clothes and pack for 7 days of escapism from the real world. Tomorrow morning I’m leaving for the divine island Tromøy to attend the Hove festival. It’s going to be such a fun and interesting week, I can tell. Obviously, I’m overly excited, as I’m a virgin when it comes to festivals of this kind. Be that as it may, I have always prided myself on being a light packer, but in this case I think I may have overpacked a bit due to possibly unpredictable weather changes. I can divulge that this photo only presents 1/4 of the stuff I’m bringing. Thank goodness I have accumulated quite an amount of refillable travel-size bottles over the last few years of traveling – they’re such saviors, otherwise I wouldn’t at all be able to fit my bathroom’s cabinet’s top shelf into a small bag.

Anyway, I will most likely blog my personal approach to festival style every day next week. After all, I’m a festival rookie. On top of that, I’ll be tweeting daily snippets from the festival around the clock, only to make your life seem more miserable. He-he! On the other hand, I never got around to announcing the winners of the Hove festival passes giveaway: Olga from Warsaw and Jane from Toulouse. Congratulations! Looking forward to seeing both of you soon. Super stoked!

See you at Hove! (If anyone recognizes me at the festival; pardon my chronic bitchface that might repel you from saying hi, but please say hi regardless!)

My dad's old wife-beater shirt, two striped breton tops, cardigan from American Apparel, COS t-shirt, A.P.C. liberty print shirt, tailored shorts from Zara, Ray-Ban Clubmasters, disposable camera, Coco Mademoiselle perfume, Bumble & Bumble texture cream, Bumble & Bumble curl conscious reactivating mist, Kiehl's ultra facial moisturizer SPF 15, Neutrogena sunblock SPF 100, Chanel rouge noir lipstick, Kiehl's ultra facial cleanser and toner, writing pad.

Spring wardrobe planning pt. 4

First off, I have to apologize for my few-and-far-between posts and the lack of response to comments/e-mails these days. No explanation needed (oh, beautiful weather, hello!), though I haven’t felt tingles of inspiration to get back into the bloggy swing of things as of late. Anyway, despite having no time or desire to go shopping at all, I am at long last able to tick off two items from my spring/summer list. Hurray!

1) An in-between-seasons transitional jacket
2) A pair of sandals
3) Wide brim sun hat
4) Ray-Ban sunglasses
5) Tailored shorts
6) A black pouch

My most recent investment piece arrived just in time for the festival season. As a ridiculously super-picky gal, it’s no surprise that it took me months to settle on a pair of sunglasses. I am, however, very appreciative of my picky behavior at times, as it seems to pay off in the long run. Although I’d love to possess a couple of frivolous shades, it’s not really an option as I’m rather nearsighted and need prescription lenses because I won’t consider contact lenses. Price isn’t much of an issue – quality is. Apparently, I settled on the Clubmasters from Ray-Ban, and I’m absolutely content with this investment. There is a bit of kookiness and nonchalance in the look of the sunglasses, to which I’m quite partial. Decidedly, the Clubmasters are offbeat and classic at the same point.

As for the hat, it is by no means a sun hat or what I had in mind, but I am literally fed up with searching for hats – though I have only gone hat hunting in five shops. In other words, I’m not much of a keen hat hunter. Thanks to my friends’ providential moving-out-sale yesterday, I ultimately scored a bargain of a hat, which I bought from Maja. Fortunately, the brim is wide enough to somewhat keep the tan away, and I look kind of cute, eccentric and schizophrenic, style-wise, when wearing it. Anyhow, I’m just a tad concerned that this hat might be too warm on unbearably hot summer days; hence I’m still searching for a summery straw hat. There is nothing more repellent than hair soaked in sweat by virtue of unbefitting headwear. Any suggestions are welcome!

A common thread

I no longer feel the urge to experiment with style and clothes, which is something I find pretty amazing and relieving truth be told. It’s as though I have ultimately merged with my alter ego, or that my looks are now deeply intertwined with my identity at last. My apologies for the vague descriptions, but it’s almost inexplicable. Sartorially speaking, I feel settled into my own style. As I see it, maintaining a common thread, which runs through my approach to dressing, is as exhilarating as the general thrill most people get out of pushing the envelope.

I don’t mind being a repeat offender; as a matter of fact I embrace my nature. These days I have two pairs of shoes that are practically cut from the same cloth; while the Isabel Marant boots are great for daywear, I reserve the high-heeled twin from The Kooples for casual eveningwear, as I want to dress up a bit for the occasion yet keep things consistent. Evidently, I have found a common thread in terms of style and aesthetics – my ‘going-out’ attires, for instance, are just slightly more dressed up versions of my everyday look. Having a very small wardrobe is, to be sincere, both limiting and challenging at the same time, but I thoroughly enjoy the consistency my wardrobe provides and the fact that I always feel like myself regardless of what I’m clad in.

On the other hand, I’m forever on the search for formal eveningwear that caters well to my style, taste and life. I believe it’s feasible to dress accordingly for a variety of different occasions and still look and feel like myself. ‘Shop and dress with conviction’ has been one of my shopping and style mantras for quite a while now.

(Sorry for the long ramble!)

No time for dreaming

(via kaffeinkatmandu) Title by Charles Bradley

Currently dreaming of sailing away, moving to New York, a career within music supervision, writing or a creative field, ample leisure for literature and movies; wavering between choosing the path of conformity or venturing out into pursuing my non-medical school dreams; looking for internships abroad, a life, things that don’t concretely exist, a way to please everyone including myself. This is the result of a sudden change of plans. After my exams, I’ll be facing an entire year without a particular plan, allowing me to ponder on what to do with my life as I no longer know “what to do”… this is a huge turnaround for someone whose so-called pastime is planning, particularly the future.

I promise I will come back stronger after my final exams. 14th of June is the date! In the meantime, enjoy my favorite tunes of late and the sporadic, unpredictable posts – if there will be any at all.

The Isley Brothers – Go All The Way

Cocoon – American Boy