Closet organization

I’m trying to sort out my wardrobe and figured that compiling a list of all the things I have in my wardrobe (apart from my lounge wear) might be helpful. Although I haven’t covered all the essentials yet, it’s evident that my wardrobe is bordering on perfect. Yes, almost p-e-r-f-e-c-t! In order to build the perfect wardrobe, I have to pare down my closet to only things that I truly love.

Purple means I’m considering to re-sell the item, blue means the item needs to be replaced, red means it’s no longer my style/too big/too small and will either be donated or passed on to my sister, green means the item is no longer my style but I’ll keep it regardless because I don’t know what to do with it.

Isabel Marant gray bator coat
Isabel Marant navy elali jacket
Isabel Marant maroon boucle jacket
Vintage gray blazer

Shirts and blouses
A.P.C. light blue liberty print shirt
Isabel Marant Étoile black blouse
Vintage white short-sleeved blouse
Vintage maroon/purple-ish silk shirt
Vintage light blue patterned shirt

Long sleeve tops
American Apparel gray raglan pullover
American Apparel navy raglan pullover
A.P.C. breton shirt
Isabel Marant Étoile white linen top

Secondhand breton top

COS navy pocket t-shirt
COS white sheer t-shirt

A.P.C. striped cashmere knit
Acne black chunky knit
COS black crew neck lambswool sweater
Isabel Marant Étoile black open-back knit
Vanessa Bruno Athé navy wool sweater

Cheap Monday black jeans
Levi’s dark blue jeans

Trousers and shorts
Isabel Marant black linen trousers
Zara black tapered trousers
Zara black shorts

American Apparel gray tri-blend cardigan

Urban Outfitters black vintage leather skirt


Bianco footwear black pumps
Doc Martens black combat boots
Ettore Adriano black leather loafers
Isabel Marant taupe suede ankle boots
Zara black suede ankle boots

Balenciaga black city bag
Marc by Marc Jacobs black hobo

= 35 pieces

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  1. This is so nerdy. I love it. I'm really tempted by a leather skirt but I'm quite curvy, so worry that it'd make me look a little cheap. I love the picture with all your shirt cuffs poking out. By the way, I'm really enjoying all your posts lately! Are you making the most of the Easter holiday?

  2. - Kate: Haha, so nerdy, I know but don't point out my pimple, haha!! I'm kind of embarrassed but it's either wardrobe organization or tv marathon, lol. I need to do something that isn't related to cramming chemical formulas or analyzing the music of John Cage and Olivier Messiaen… It makes me happy to hear that you like my posts. Thank you very much! I just want to post more often as I tended to do back in July-October 2010.

  3. - jennifer: I know, I love it but the zippers still bug me + I don't seem to make it work.. I only love it 99% and I know there are lots of IM diehards out there who will love this jacket 100%..

  4. Fleurette: Nerdy in an awesome way! This kind of thing really floats my boat. I could peep inside people's wardrobes and refridgerators all day.

  5. i'm in the process of doing this. Trying to find my perfect wardrobe! I want to have all my essentials, so I can splurge on lust items. Thanks for sharing – made me realize I better get started!

  6. Wow! You seriously practise what you preach – this type of organisation is something I've not seen before….very inspirational :)Couldn't help but notice you don't own any dresses?? I couldn't live without dress, but I would really like to put together a 'capsule dress collection' rather than just adding to what I already own. NHG

  7. I'm actually quite surprise you only have two pairs of jeans and no dresses! How do you manage! It's like you're living out of a suitcase, I'm so impressed. And I thought I had a small amount of clothes.

  8. Your closet looks great! Mine's like this too. I find it is very convenient to see every item at a glance. Your wardrobe sounds amazing, it must feel great, having an almost perfect wardrobe!I'm still building my wardrobe. I hope to reach my perfect wardrobe before the end of this year.

  9. - jennifer: :-(- Chic Display: Me too! But sometimes I end up with lust items which equals no money left for basics and essentials.. and you're welcome :)- LINDHO: Yes! Even though I almost don't have any clothes, my closet gets cluttered after one week.- Notting Hill Girl: Thank you kindly! I don't have any dresses (ok, I have two or three dresses kept in a box under my bed..) because I haven't found any dresses that I like. I am very very particular, and I don't want to compromise and buy a new dress for a special occasion and let it languish in my closet. I try to only buy things that are 100% perfect.- Amanda: Haha, I actually only wear one pair of jeans.. the other Levi's pair isn't flattering at all and I bought those jeans 4-5 sizes bigger, haha. As for dresses, read my reply to Notting Hill Girl. I really wish I could find a lovely dress soon. Haha, I like the idea of having a "suitcase wardrobe". I could fit all my clothes into a suitcase. – J: I agree with you. I no longer need to worry about the forgotten clothes kept in the back of the closet.

  10. You're actually my inspiration. Because of you, I'm going more for quality over quantity. I'm actually buying stuff I LOVE and not just cause I can.I've been cleaning out my closet once a month/every two weeks and it's such a surprise to see stuff I own that I never wear. Tragic yet liberating.

  11. I love this closet overview, but if I were you I wouldn't sell that boucle jacket, force yourself to wear it and love it again! It is so amazing, if you still want to sell it let me know!

  12. I find if very relaxing to look at your pared-down lovely little closet of precious items. Very Zen-like (haha, NOW who's nerdy?)I think the 'what would you pack?' is the best rule…really shows a person what they actually like. Keep posting…it's making me very happy.

  13. aha what a great wardrobe ! i would like to have the same haha !i should do like you, spend more on quality and stop zara and h&m.btw i understand you only want to buy item that are 100% perfect but no dress that's not difiicult ? i can't live withour dress haha La if you really want to sell your im étoile linen top or you leather skirt, i'm here !( )

  14. wow je suis impressionnée !! tu me donnes envie de tout virer de ma garde robe pour ne garder que l'essentiel (ce que je suis déjà en train de faire)je crois que plus organisée et inspirante que toi y a pas ;)

  15. Hello Fleurette! thank you for posting this – it's helpful to see how other people structure their wardrobes, what works for them. it's funny how it's one of the 'last taboos' – what do you actually have? lusting, wanting, shopping is all okay to talk about constantly. but a list, set down in black and white – no no, anything but that!!1Allie at Wardrobe Oxygen made a similar post and list (her's is color coded as well :) at this post: also does a lot of outfit posts, so you get a sense of what type of wardrobe can produce the day to day looks she wears. she's a working, married, mom and focuses on realistic, fun, flattering clothing.Cynthia at Be Fabulous Daily has a series where she lists her inventory of particular pieces (jackets, skirts, dresses and so on) and analyzes how her inventories fulfill her needs/wants and where they don't match up to her life. of course the amazing angie of Fashion Me Blog recently pared her closet down to 13 items (!!!) she has been writing a lot about the emotional/practical journey she is on in deciding to stop 'settling' and shopping as a way to 'find yourself'. she is taking the time to find and/or create pieces she truly loves and wants to wear for a long time., i must say i am glad to find a person in you who is as picky about clothing as i am myself! i don't know why i am this way, but once i admitted it and decided to only own what i really love, i am much happier and less frazzled about clothes. i am also very glad i learned to sew and design my own clothes! take care, steph

  16. I like how organized your list is. lol! Very cute. I have several things in my closet that aren't apart of my normal rotation, yet there is nothing "wrong" with them so I figure I may as well keep them. A lot of times it's due to the heat that I don't wear these items more often.

  17. I love the clean, uncluttered look of your wardrobe! I really am inspired by it to continue purging and asking myself questions about my clothes. I do it all the time and reading posts like this just reaffirms how much I enjoy owning less. And that's in all areas of my home. I do wonder… are the quality of your clothes etc so good that you don't need to wear too many layers in winter for warmth? I feel the cold easily and find that I'm feeling bulky with too many layers. I wonder if some of the brands you buy would enable me to wear less layers and still be warm? I am heading to Europe this year and it will give me a chance to take a look at your recommendations.

  18. I would LOVE to be able to pare down my wardrobe like that! I'm compiling a list of clothes I own and my shoes alone (most of which i don't like any more or need to replace) make up 20+ items :/do you own any other accesories (scarves, hats, etc.)?

  19. Lovely post! You made my afternoon!Efficient, succinct and nuanced wardrobe indeed. I think it is very important to be able to see everything that's in your closet. It's the only way to streamline and you have done it well. Hmm… If you ever want to sell the boucle jacket- EMAIL MEEEEE!!! I looked for this style for while, but I go back and forth on everything. This is such an inspiration. I feel strongly that you should only buy what you love. If I don't love it, then it can sit in the shop.

  20. I am liking this increased frequency in posting! :D Gosh you are so organised and neat, my wardrobe is a mess because I hate folding and putting my clothes away. After reading your post it has makes me want to start reorganising my wardrobe. Sometimes I find it hard to let go of clothes that I don't wear because I like the material/style and I think I will wear it one day. Even though I know that will never happen. I have to be more ruthless!

  21. very impressive and inspiring. Imelda Marcos and every A-list hollywood celeb who's given a 'dream closet tour' should take lessons in minimal living from you :)

  22. love this post! you have a small wardrobe, but it's sooo very functional. really inspiring honestly, coming from a person with a much too overstuffed closet who wears only a small portion of it! i want to get to this level of clarity!

  23. Amazing! I'm am truly impressed and inspired by your organization and your closet. It's so streamlined and everything sounds so beautiful. I'm learning so much from you and it really makes me more critical of future purchases. Keep it up! =)

  24. Så flott :-)Eg føler også at garderoben min virkelig begynner å ta form. De siste delene som mangler er ting eg vil kjøpe på sikt, så det er berre å holde igjen tøylene og vente til muligheten åpner seg for litt dyrere kjøp. Den perfekte basisgarderobe er gull verdt.

  25. i love love love your wardrobe. it's exactly what i want out of my wardrobe, but i'm struggling to get it down to as little as i want it to be. you totally inspire me to do so :)xxx

  26. J'aimerais vraiment être comme toi ! Encore une fois, j'admire ta façon, si intelligente, d'investir dans un vêtement. Depuis que je lis ton blog, j'essaye de faire des listes, comme toi, mais j'ai du mal à m'y tenir ! Mon style n'est pas aussi classe et minimal que le tient, c'est peut-être ce qui me pose problème. Je le cherche encore! Bonne journée Fleurette !Louise

  27. Hey Fleurette, I am SO SO impressed by your wardrobe. It made me start cleaning out mine just no, too.What would you do with an item which has lost a lot of its beauty because you have worn it so many times and now you do not anymore. But still loving it.Best wishes!x

  28. Fleur — You inspired me to get out my moleskin and do a current inventory. I'm at 43, with five items slated for ebay. I think you look great in your breton shirt and leather skirt, but if you don't feel comfortable in the skirt, I get that too.K

  29. Hmm…I think if the IM jacket is still bothering you, and there's nothing you can do about the zippers, it's probably best to let someone else have a shot. As you said, it's probably somebody's dream jacket!I have so many "green" items that I can't let go of because I haven't found the right replacements. It's so hard to pare down without wanting to add something new!

  30. Du burde ta med IM jakken din til en skredder og bytte ut glidelåsene med noen du liker! Er ikke sikkert det er så dyrt :) Likte denne posten veldig!

  31. jeg liker din nesten maniske garderobeplanlegging. veldig inspirerende. har faktisk begynt å tenke nøyere over mine egne kjøp. (ikke at jeg var en storshopper, men..)

  32. This is such an inspirational post! Makes me feel like I want to editmy wardrobe more. A lot more. I just need to learn how to let go of clothes that I like, but don't wear. I have way too much in that category.

  33. I discovered your blog late last night, and it is everything I have been looking for! Your style is simply wonderful; you are a true icon in the making! xxx

  34. 35 pieces! I'm impressed, and this even includes pieces you're unsure of. I love peeking into people's wardrobes and even better if I like what I see.

  35. I've been waiting for this post for a long time! I am thoroughly impressed with your ability to be so ruthless with your edit. I just went through my list and was able to part with 11 more items (just recently did a wardrobe purge myself but after reading your post I was inspired to do a further reduction). I STILL have 98 items including shoes and bags. But I am wondering during summer when you need to change your clothes more often, how do you get by with so few pieces? Do you just wash your clothes more often?

  36. You really are such an inspiration, Fleurette. My wardrobe is nigh on empty at the moment – coming to the end of my studies I am almost penniless and can't go shopping at the moment. Come August I will start work and purchasing quality clothes for a professional appearance will be a necessity. I swear I found your blog at just the right time (about a month ago), you've really caused me to think about what is beautiful, what is neccessary, and which things are simply superfluous. I have the time to consider and now when I'm finally earning again, I'll have a well-considered shopping list to begin building my wardrobe with. Yay!

  37. Oh my God you're so organized!! You should really come over my apartment and do the same job to my closet, will you? :DBut you're really an inspiration: since I read your blog my closet is much better too, and I am leaving behind my compulsive shopping habits ;-)Thanks!!Al-The Red Dot-

  38. Hi Fleurette. I just discovered your blog a few days ago… I was looking for a blog like this for weeks and week. I googled "5 piece french wardrobe", etc. but I found yours by chance! Yipiii.I just wanted to ask if you could tell us more about what to wear in summer. Your basic wardrobe is fantastic and inspiration, but it seems to me it's rather suitable for early spring, autumn or winter.With 35 C° what do you wear? What are your staples? I hope you make a post about this soon.Keep up the fantastic work!

  39. I love how meticulous you are about what suits your body. Are you the same with most things you do? The architecture you appreciate seems to have a similar characteristic. I work in the architecture industry and cant help but feel that your attention to detail may have rubbed off from your dad! Also, I love the IM Elali jacket! I picked one up myself but when I got it home I realized one shoulder pad is sewn differently to the other – so the shoulders aren't even. Ive been trying my best not to look at it when I have it on. Does yours have that problem?I have a blog also. Check it out if you have time

  40. Not only is your wardrobe/list impressive but it looks so good so minimal! I think it's funny that I've been searching for a while now for the Isabel Marant maroon jacket you're considering selling haha. If you're really thinking of letting it go, let me know ;) Thanks for posting this!

  41. Oh god, it took me two hours to answer all the comments here and suddenly blogspot decided to collapse… AGAIN!!!! Bad karma? I didn't manage to copy my replies..:-( :-( Oh well, this is why I want to move to wordpress.However, I want to thank you kindly for the lovely response. I'm truly taken aback and it makes me so happy to read the comments :-) On a different note, I don't know what to with the IM jacket. I have received quite an amount of inquiries about the jacket, and it seems like there are 15 +/- readers who are interested in this jacket. I wish I could pass it on to every one of you, but sadly I only have one jacket. I was thinking of holding a secret auction where you can bid secretly/make a secret offer and I will, after one week, choose the most appropriate offer/the best offer.. what do you think? I don't want to list it on ebay as the jacket might attract non-readers. Incidentally, any suggestions are welcome.I'll reply to the other questions and comments tomorrow.. in the meantime I have to figure out how to conquer the comments system on blogspot. *hatehatehate*

  42. Are the items you listed above your ENTIRE wardrobe?If so, wow, I still have a long way to go in simplifying my wardrobe.Very impressive, Fleurette!

  43. - TJP: Thank you! The "packing rule" should apply to beauty products as well, as I own way too many beauty products (probably not as much as the average woman, but still too much for my quasi minimalist approach to life). When I travel, I only bring the essentials, and I should only keep the essentials in my bathroom cabinet.- Anonymous April 21, 2011 11:05 PM: Yes, it's a bit difficult not owning a dress right now. I'm always on the search for the right dress. Fortunately I know that I gravitate towards the dresses from Vanessa Bruno.- tinyjunco: Thank you for sharing those links. The colors in my post were in fact subconsciously inspired by Wardrobe Oxygen's wardrobe post. When I made this post, I couldn't recall the link but remembered that I'd seen a similar post somewhere on the internet. – Lucent Imagery: I hate to layer my clothes even though I love seeing photos of people wearing lots of layers. Layers simply don't work for me, so I rely on simple, light wool sweaters. I think I've become immune to cold as my thin wool sweaters keep me warm during winter. I never stay outdoors in winter, I'm only outdoors when I wait for the bus, walk from the transportation to the destination, etc. I too feel the cold easily. My body temperature is always low due to my blood pressure. That said, Norwegian winter are very very cold but I've survived all of them and I've never owned a winter clothing that obviously looks like winter apparel. I really recommend the lambswool and cashmere sweaters from A.P.C. and Vanessa Bruno, and you should check out COS for wallet-friendlier wool sweaters. :-)- wendy: Yes! I have a drawer filled with scarves but I have been wearing the same scarf since October 2008 now.. haha. I don't really need the other scarves but I don't want to toss them.. I also have a Hermes scarf that I inherited from my mother almost 6 years ago! – S: It took me years to get to this level, to be honest! A couple of years back, I couldn't even close the doors of my closet – the clothes were literally bulging out of my closet.

  44. - Anonymous April 22, 2011 2:33 PM: Sincerely, in my estimation, worn clothes achieve a level of beauty that only worn clothes can attain. Like leather bags, they only get better with time. All the signs of wear, creases, random deformations, scratches, etc, that a garment incurs merely indicate that the item is well loved. After all that’s what clothes are about, right? Anyway, if you really love an item, you'll most likely find a way to repair it if it's on the verge of falling apart. But if the item is no longer your style, or doesn't fit you anymore, you don't love it for the same reasons, perhaps it's high time to part with it?- Anonym April 22, 2011 6:32 PM: Dessverre kan jeg ikke fikse på denne jakken siden den er laget av strikket ull, og det er ikke noe fôring eller lommer. Så hvis jeg hadde fått glidelåsene fjernet, ville det bare vært to store hull i jakken. Det er ikke bare glidelåsene som plager meg, men selve fargen går veldig dårlig med resten av garderoben min. Synes heller noen andre skal ha glede av dette plagget enn å la det visne i klesskapet.- Kowie: Haha, manisk! Du får meg til å høres gal ut, men jeg blogger jo ikke om så mye annet, hehe. Heldigvis er det ikke merkbart i “virkeligheten”. Garderobe-planleggingen har ført til at det kun tar meg 2 sekunder å kle på meg om morgenen. "It takes a lot of effort to become effortless and achieve the look of ease..", haha!- Helena: I'm going to sell it by auction!- Anonymous April 23, 2011 8:17 PM: It fastens with a invisible button!- Sartorial Nerd: Oh my, thank you very much for the award! I'm literally beside myself! – lin: I know!! If I subtract the garments I'm unsure of from the amount, my wardrobe would consist of only 26 pieces.- Anonymous: Thanks! 98 items aren’t as bad as you make it sound like. My wardrobe will most likely accumulate 100 pieces over the years but as long as I love each piece lurking inside my closet, I'm content with the number. Yes, I wash my clothes more often + I roll up the sleeves of my shirts and long sleeves when I wear them in summer.

  45. - Lotte: I tell you, it's a long's all about weeding out the excess accumulation of clothes.- Anonymous April 24, 2011 4:48 PM: Thank you very much for the kind comment, and welcome to my blog ^_^ as for summer apparel, last summer I didn't wear weather appropriate clothes due to the fact that I didn't want to get too suntanned (I tan very easily and quickly), but I've realized that my behavior was rather silly so I'm going to wear clothes that won't make me sweat like a pig this summer. A little suntan won't hurt. I presume I'm going to wear the same clothes over and over again. Fortunately, Norwegian summers are very comfortable and not that hot (but with the wrong clothes it can be uncomfortably hot).- Katrina K: Yes, I am! I'm a perfectionist and all of my school assignments, presentations, etc, were completely flawless. I too believe that my attention to detail has rubbed off from my dad; he is a perfectionist in his own effective way, whereas I spend hours to edit the layout of a school paper. I wish his efficiency could rub off on me as well. As for the shoulders pads, I find your situation very very odd. I don't have the same problem, though. You should go back to the store you bought it from; perhaps they can give you a new jacket. You don't pay a lot of money for a jacket that is sartorially defected! You have the right to express your discontentment.- Jane A.: I still have some clothes stored in a box under my bed because I have nowhere else to store them.. clothes that I'm going to pass on to my sister. I've also kept a couple of jackets that belonged to my grandmother in my closet, because I can't store it anywhere else. I also have loungewear and some thermal underwear in my closet but that's all. If I move out, these are the clothes I'm bringing.

  46. @KatrinaK: I have the exact same problem with the shoulder pads. Kind of disappointing for such an expensive jacket, and of course, I should definitely have been more attentive in the fitting room, but I fell too much in love with the jacket itself…

  47. Tullemor: I think i did the exact same thing as you. I was so distracted by the beauty of the jacket that I didn't study it on me enough before purchasing. It's interesting that yours is the same. I guess we have reason to be more attentive next time. im still glad I have it though! :) And fleurette: thanks for your reply! :) i would complain about the jacket but I dont want them to take it away from me hehe.

  48. Let me start by saying i love every single piece of your wardrobe and if you ever decide to sell that Acne Knit you already have a bidder.As much as I appreciate all the effort and love you put on the clothes you chose, it all strikes me as slightly unrealistic, your wardrobe is the wardrobe of someone that has absolutely no outside constrains. Real active life shapes your wardrobe, it demands, you cannot always control it. At the moment your wardrobe looks crystallised in it's beauty.

  49. To Justine: all of Fleurette's posts are about her, what she likes and doesn't like, how SHE wardrobe plans for her lifestyle and what she strives to achieve for HER. I don't think she's ever made remarks on what other people should do. She's just sharing her tastes with her readers. So I don't quite understand why you say her choices are 'slightly unrealistic'. To whom? Is she preaching about her choices? This post is about sharing her wardrobe since many readers have asked her to make a post on this topic. If her "wardrobe is the wardrobe of someone that has absolutely no outside constrains"..So what? How does that affect people's interest in reading her post. Your comment just came out of left field, criticism that has no relation to the topic at all.

  50. I do not think Fleurette makes post like this just for the sycophants to give her validation, this wardrobe it's her choice, that is my opinion about HER choice.

  51. I've been saving this post. It's definitely inspired me to do the same with my own closet and get rid of things I own that are no longer in use. Someone else can use those items.. why waste them in some corner in my closet? Plus, I always feel like there's not enough space.. but surely I don't use all these things that are taking up this much of my limited space?! I'll keep you posted on my own list ;) Have a good week!

  52. It's always so nice to see other people's closet, as creepy as that may sound! haha.Thanks for the show!Also,wanna follow each other? You know how it is starting a new blog…Smiles,AinaTHE DUSTY LOFT

  53. sheesh.. and I thought I had a small wardrobe :) (currently 65 pieces not counting shoes).Really like your style! Please give the boucle jacket some more time.. in case your style evolves towards silver details or a more warm color palette?

  54. I sometimes sift through your old posts for inspiration. Hence, this outdated comment.So far, I have pulled a small plastic tub's worth of clothes out of my drawers and closet. Baby steps!

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