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  1. that is a glorious coat. i also like the bracelet-length sleeves of the breton. also…i thought i was the only person who secretly wants to be fifi lapin.

  2. there is a slight boxy shape to your jacket and the striped top enhances the illusion. really works for you, i must say. the proportions are just right.your marc jacobs handbag is a great piece. i'm starting to look for a replacement for my kooba "sienna" bag, which is showing a lot of wear on the straps.

  3. love this look – per my last post, i'm feeling the same way. this curious american custom of "groundhog day" allegedly says that spring will come early this year. we'll see! :)

  4. This is such a great look on you, is this one of your uniforms? I linked your blog on my last post, I fell in love with the Ferragamos you posted so I had to post them as well and did not want to seem like a copycat. I hope you don't mind! You have an amazing taste :)

  5. Ton blog est magnifique! Je me retrouve totatement dans tes goûts de films, de livres, vestimentaires, de manière de voir les choses… Ca faisait longtemps que j'avais envie de trouver un blog auquel je puisse m'identifier, c'est chose faite! Ca me donne envie de mieux te connaitre. Alors merci et surtout bonne continuation!

  6. Veldig enkelt og fint! Du ser smashing ut. Men et lite spørsmål: Har du ikke sokker på?:) Det er da vitterlig veldig kaldt i Oslo enda. Jeg liker ikke å se folk som fryser for å se bra ut, da prøver man for hardt, synes jeg. Brrr. Takk for fin blogg. Jeg har kastet meg på denne "10 ting per år"- filosofien. Om det blir 8 eller 15 er ikke så nøye, men det er deilig å bli bevisst på hva man bruker penger på og om man virkelig, virkelig har lyst på denne saken.

  7. Thank you kindly for the lovely comments!- K: Happy new year. It's the year of the cat for Vietnamese people, though.. haha!- Meri: Copycat, no! It's a free world, you don't need to link me at all! This is indeed one of my uniforms, or a variation on my uniform. My favorite silhouette!- Tatiana: Merci beaucoup ! Tu es trop gentille!- Juliette: Ah, je suis d'accord. Mes chaussures sont trop parfaites!- Maja: Takk. Er du gal, haha, jeg går ikke med disse skoene i dette været. Jeg går med ullsokker oppi Doc Martens sko. Jeg bor på en dal, og det er mye kaldere, mer snø og is her enn det er i sentrum, så jeg må ha solide sko for å ikke skli på isen og bli påkjørt av forbikjørende biler og busser. Jeg har heller ikke hatt på meg denne skjorten siden jeg var i Barcelona. Det går i ullgensere her! :p

  8. Comme je te l'ai déjà dis, j'adore vraiment ton style. Pourrais-tu me donner des idées de tenues de soirée dans cet esprit parisienne/Marant, que portes-tu toi lorsque tu sors? Des bisous!

  9. Oh I love your outfit, this is simply how I wearing my boots marant. Masculin/féminin is the tittle of a Godard's film which is a fantastic film in my view. Bisous

  10. Merci everyone!- TJP: Haha, i'm not pale at all (i'm more like gray!).. fortunately, it's photoshop!- Tatiana: Merci beaucoup. J'ai déjà écrit quelque chose de similaire, et tu peut le lire ici: http://deadfleurette.blogspot.com/2010/10/what-to-wear-when-going-out.html- Cecilia: The soldes d'été in Paris starts on the 22nd of June. :)- Lucile: Thank you! I own a copy of "Masculin/feminin" and this post's title stems from that movie! It's a great movie, I love Chantal Goya and Jean-Pierre Leaud in it!

  11. I am still pining for those Zara suede pumps that you posted a few entries ago and I can't find them anywhere! I looked on Zara's website and even went by their store to ask about them and no one seems to know. I love them especially because they look like the Louboutin New Helmuts (which I cannot justify purchasing). Do you know of any pumps that look similar. Also, I really love your blog because you emphasize editing one's wardrobe as opposed to overconsumption. It's a really refreshing voice!

  12. - Anonymous: Tusen takk, det varmer å høre slikt. Hensikten med denne bloggen er jo nettopp det å inspirere folk til å shoppe mindre!- Grace: Sorry, I don't know of any similar pumps but I suggest you to visit the Zara stores and look for them online all the time, they may pop up soon. Thank you! You're far too kind, Grace!- Jules Winnfield: Tusen takk <3

  13. hooneeey! Love your blog!I just want to buy isabel marant shoes and I don't know if I have to take 36 ou size 37 ? I always put 36.. but people told me that this modele size small.. is it right? give me your fashion-isabel marant-victim-advice's (Im french, osrry for my bad english ..eheh)kisses !Melissa

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