À bientôt!

I am on an extended hiatus from blogging. I need to focus on studying, the music and fill out various applications. Besides, I don’t feel inspired to blog either (suggestions are welcome). But I will be back soon, most likely after the insanity of the applications deadlines and the horrid exams I am facing. However, I don’t want my past entries to go to waste, so I have gathered some posts that you may not have encountered here.

In the meantime, you should also check out the new daughter blog of my former Norwegian favorite blog, The Vain Villain. Happily, the person behind the blog decided to write her new blog in English so international readers can enjoy it too. The former blog provides lots of helpful advice on creating a capsule wardrobe, how to dress for your body shape, your tonal palette and so on. Furthermore, I recommend you to read her previous blog with Google translate as well.

See you soon! :-)

Inspiration du jour: Balmain Homme

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Fashion is fleeting. I feel that menswear is the only thing that inspires me nowadays. Season after season, it’s all about the classics – with a few alterations.

Photos of Balmain homme F/W 2010/2011 lookbook. Inspirational, always. The photos make me want to raid my dad’s wardrobe and put some golden buttons on his navy tailored peacoat. The subdued gold details on the belt are perfection. Never underestimate the beauty and power of gold.

The classic box bag

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I’ve got a confession to make; I have never coveted the classic Chanel 2.55 purse despite the fact that it’s a wardrobe staple and probably the bagthat every girl and woman desire. On the other hand, I’ve been coveting the classic box bag from Céline for several months now. I am completely obsessed with a simple, rather understated and boxy bag, with a tiny bit of gold on the claps closure and the shoulder strap. This is a bag I can wear both as a nineteen-year-old girl and in thirty years, because it’s certainly a timeless piece. It’s pure perfection and nonpareil. Even the subtle flash of gold is perfection.

I have decided that someday I will perhaps invest in this bag even though it costs a fortune. That said, I need to justify the price, which I assume is GBP 2200. Let’s hope the classic box bag won’t be discontinued in the future as it’s most likely a seasonal item. Otherwise I’d better get my hands on my dream bag soon.

The art of wardrobe building

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“July 23, 2010: Some useful advices from the Englishman. Stop the constant shopping. It’s bad for the earth and the wardrobe. I usually spend months or years finding the perfect garment before I purchase it. Appreciate all the effort you put into finding an item. It’s such a relief when you’ve found it and don’t need to search for yet another perfect navy blazer.”

When I reincarnated Dead Fleurette, I posted this message from the Englishman because I find it incredibly enlightening and quite helpful in the enduring wardrobe building process. At that time I only had a few readers. Every day, my blog attracts many new followers but I suspect that each of you has perused my blog archive and seen this message. Therefore, I’m re-posting it as a reminder to all of you who follow my blog, both new and old readers. This is such a timeless message that contributes to a better wardrobe and planet. If only everyone could green their consumption habits and think like the Englishman…

Style notice: The quest for quality

(via thegentlewoman)

On the subject of quality/quantity and French wardrobe, I found a great and very enlightening excerpt from the book “Elegance” by Kathleen Tessaro:

One of the most striking differences between a well-dressed Englishwoman and a well-dressed Parisian is in the size of their respective wardrobes. The Englishwoman would probably be astonished by the very limited number of garments hanging in the French woman’s wardrobe but she would also be bound to observe that each one is of excellent quality, expensive perhaps by British standards, and perfectly adapted to the life a Frenchwoman leads. She wears them over and over again, discarding them only when they are worn or outmoded, and she considers it a compliment (as it is meant to be) when her best friend says, ‘I’m so glad you decided to wear your red dress – I’ve always loved it!’

Foreign visitors are often shocked by the high prices in Paris shops and they wonder how a young career girl, for example, who earns no more than her British counterpart, can afford to carry an alligator handbag and to wear a suit from the Balmain boutique. The answer is that she buys very few garments: her goal is to possess a single perfect ensemble for each of the different occasions in her life, rather than a wide choice of clothes to suit every passing mood.

I wonder if the Englishwoman wouldn’t profit by replacing once in a while her penchant for quantity with a quest for quality. She might find that not only is her elegance increased, but also the enjoyment and even the confidence that she gets from her clothes.

(Excerpt via tfs)

Musings on my style

When someone asks me to describe my style as in categorizing it, I never know what to say. Style is complex; it is not something you can label right away because it’s constantly in progress. For me, style is about the understanding of proportion, fabric, cut and details.

Over the past two years, I have expanded my eye for fit and proportion that elevate humble elements into something interesting. The right fit and the right proportion are important components, but a body-consciousness is required to comprehend. I’ve learnt what kind of cut that flatters my body type, or where a shirt should end on me, which is past my hips. At 5’4”, it can be challenging at times – too long and I’ll look stubby, too short and I’ll look like a member of the Spice Girls. The cut of a garment needs to hang right so the outfit seems poised. I know the right amount of skin that I can reveal before it gets too tacky, where a sleeve should end on my arm, etc. I’ve learnt that waisted clothes and tight-fitting tops are far from flattering on me.

I have figured out that layers don’t work for me. I incline towards a few sleek and pared-down pieces in a composition. Layers get too cluttered and bulky, and draw off the attention of the subtle details. It’s always just a few pieces that compose my outfits. I’ve learnt the silhouettes that suit me and I always stick to them.

The little yet significant details lie in the cut, use of jewelry and fabric. As for t-shirts and blouses, I know the exact thickness I prefer. A t-shirt must drape in the right way and it should flow on my upper part of body. I have this unwritten rule that the softer a garment appears, the better will it look on my body. I love the look of a worn garment with its creases, folds and random deformations, which turn out to be refinements – they’re barely there but bring a certain haphazard nonchalance to sleek outfits.

I don’t wear a lot of accessories. In fact, the only jewelry I wear is a hardly noticeable feminine gold necklace, which is a distinction from the gold men’s watch on my left wrist that oozes of masculinity. Obvious sexiness is not my taste. For me, sexiness comes in the form of subtlety and sensuality. Exposing a bit of the wrist at the end of the sleeve, revealing the collarbones when wearing a boat neck sweater, a flash of ankle, a sensual scent, well-groomed but never overdone hair and subdued makeup – these are the small, subtle details that elevate an understated look into something intriguing.

As I’ve got a grip on my style and know it too well, I can instinctively filter out likes and dislikes. I can image my style in a couple of years – it’s still the same but my wardrobe is richer with important basics and delicate pieces of clothing. Restricting the number of purchases a season has been really helpful in the progress. Rather than making loads of expensive and regrettable mistakes, the restriction helps me learn what works and doesn’t.

The never forgotten creations by Isabel Marant pt. 2

The never forgotten creations by Isabel Marant pt. 1

Spring/summer 2009: The S/S 2009 collection is not my favorite collection but overall it is truly great and inspirational – and definitely way better than her newest summer collection. A simple but intriguing, feminine yet masculine collection that certainly embodies the real Parisian street style.

I love the loose, slouchy but flattering silhouette, the boy-ish cut jackets that Isabel Marant is known for, the color palette and the subdued bohemian vibe this collection has going. The styling, taken as a whole, is not my approach – but most of the staple pieces, especially the jackets, would make my wardrobe impeccable. And hey! I see a lot of black, and I really appreciate Isabel Marant’s use of black as I wear black all year around.

Questions and answers

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One of my favorite bloggers, the lovely Robin from En Voyage, gave me the “I love your blog” prize. Thank you very much. Now, it is my turn to pass on this prize and answer the questions.

The rules of the prize are:
– Do an entry with the prize.
– Answer the questions.
– Give the prize to 10 blogs.

1. Why did you create the blog?
There are many reasons why I revived this blog. One of them is due to the deletion of my favorite fashion/style blog (S, please come back!). I found it terrible hard to find a fashion blogs that met my demands. I didn’t seem to find a substitute for a blog that I’d been slavishly following for one year. And because I couldn’t find the kind of blog I wanted to read, I decided to create one myself. The revival of Dead Fleurette is also a reaction to the excessive consumption amongst the majority of fashion bloggers. And I must admit that I missed the blogosphere.

In a post called ‘Oh no, not another fashion blog‘ published back in July, I explained the reincarnation of this blog and closed the post with this conclusion: “So, I guess the revival is my attempt to create the fashion blog I am constantly searching for. And I guess I am using the blog to deal with depression, loneliness and low self-esteem as well as hoping to inspire someone out there to stop shopping the planet to death. Blogging keeps my mind occupied.”

2. What kind of blogs do you follow?
I follow blogs that somehow inspire me. Most of the blogs I follow share the same aesthetic and taste as me (they’re all on my blog roll!). I also follow some witty blogs, food blogs and blogs about great spots in Paris (for all of my future trips to Paris. I can’t just eat all of my meals at Le Progrès..). But as for what kind of blogs I occasionally visit, I visit blogs that coincidentally annoy the hell out of me. (Unfortunately, they bring out my inner barbarian, lol..)

3. Favorite makeup brand?
Max Factor for mascaras – I have seriously tried every single mascara from Max Factor, and they are all equally brilliant. Incredible and perfect for asian eyes and eyelashes. Estee Lauder for concealer and Bare Escentuals for mineral makeup.

4. Favorite clothing brand?
Isabel Marant, COS, Celine, A.P.C., Vanessa Bruno, Dries Van Noten, Balenciaga, Helmut Lang, Repetto, Martin Margiela, American Vintage, The Kooples, Surface to air, Comptoir des Cotonniers ++

5. Your indispensable makeup product: 
I cannot live without my concealer, my black eyeshadow for my eyebrows (eyebrow powders usually come in brown, which is too light for my black eyebrows!), and perhaps my mascara. And oh, not a makeup product but I cannot live without Neutrogena SPF 100 sunblock.

6. Your favorite color:
At the moment, I adore burgundy.

7. Your perfume: 
Coco Mademoiselle by Chanel, because it’s my mom’s signature scent and nothing is better than my dear mom’s scent. Like mother, like daughter<

8. Your favorite film: 
Oh no, I hate this question. I’m a cinephile and it is completely impossible for me to point out only one favorite movie. But I can point out some of my favorite movie makers: Jean-Luc Godard, François Truffaut, Sofia Coppola, Christophe Honoré, Pedro Almodovar, Wes Anderson, Noah Baumback, Stanley Kubrick, Quentin Tarantino, Michelangelo Antonioni, Luis Buñuel, David Lynch, Claude Chabrol, Jim Jarmusch, Alfred Hitchcock +++

But if I must point out one movie, I’d say ‘The Dreamers’ by Bertolucci, which is one of my many favorite movies. The movie is set in Paris during the student riots of 1968, and it’s about three young cinephiles. The story and the game between the main characters are definitely an allusion to Jean Cocteau’s ‘Les enfants terribles’ (which is one of my favorite books too!). It’s a movie that sums up my passion for le cinema. The fact that I recognize every movie, quote, allusion and movie soundtrack that pervade the whole movie must be some sort of sign.

9. What country would you like to visit and why?
I want to travel to Singapore because I want to see and be in the cleanest place in the entire world. Actually, I was supposed to travel to Singapore next summer. My mom had booked the tickets, but due to illness in my family, we cancelled the trip.

10. Make the last question and answer to yourself: What is your greatest ambition in life?
Devenir immortel… et puis mourir. (Translation: To become immortal.. and then die.)

And the 10 blogs I give the prize to:
Danica from Oh, hello there
Maria from Vanilla Scented
Prêt à Porter P
Malia from Muoti Mielessä
Koko from Res Pulchrae
Miss Woo from Cheapskate Chic
Stevie from Discotheque Confusion
Ingvild Telle
Ladybirds nest
Ringo, have a banana!

La tenue de la semaine

Just an old photograph from May 2010 but this photo could have been taken any time at any rate. My penchant for the beloved Isabel Marant jacket has remained the same for over one year now. My skills at investing in a couple of garments each season pay off eventually.

Isabel Marant mainline jacket, H&M scarf, Balenciaga bag, Zara suede bottines, hat from London and Ksubi jeans. Hats are great for bad hairdays.

Playlist: November’10

Here is the playlist of the month for the readers who have access to Spotify. For those of you who cannot use Spotify; there’s a track list below (it will be updated throughout the month).


01. Last year’s disco guitars – Bishop Morocco
02. Constellations – Darwin Deez
03. Loser – Plastiscines
04. Leave everywhere – Toro Y Moi
05. Yes sir, I can Boogie – Oliver North Boy Choir
06. Only love can break your heart – Saint Etienne
07. First in line - James Yuill
08. Bang bang bang - Mark Ronson & the Business Intl
09. J’ai jeté mon coeur – Françoise Hardy
10. The Moneymaker – Rilo Kiley
11. Orange colored sky – Screamin’ Jay Hawkins
12. No particular place to go – Chuck Berry
13. Crave you – Flight Facilities
14. Losing my patience – Shit Robot
15. Docteur Jekyll et monsieur Hyde – Serge Gainsbourg
16. David - The Radio Dept.
17. Polite dance song – The Bird and the Bee
18. Oslo – The Little Hands of Asphalt
19. Fireheads – Emiliana Torrini
20. Ms. Jackson – OutKast
21. I know what I am – Band Of Skulls
22. What you know – Two Door Cinema Club
23. Dreamin’ – Feldberg
24. Fembot - Robyn
25. Relax in Mui Ne – Onra
26. Wanderland – Hermanos Inglesos
27. Hey boy – Magic Kids
28. When your love is safe – Active Child
29. Learning - Perfume Genius
30. Cash in my pocket – Wiley ft Daniel Merriweather
31. Love again – Palpitation
32. The ghost inside – Broken Bells
33. Leave house - Caribou
34. O.N.E. – Yeasayer