Un pull, deux tenues

Outfit: Rachel Comey pullover, Acne trousers, A.P.C. boots, Balenciaga day bag, Faliero Sarti scarf
Soundtrack: Françoise Hardy – Tous les garçons et les filles

Outfit: Rachel Comey pullover, Current Elliott jeans, Chloé loafers, Proenza Schouler PS1 bag, Faliero Sarti scarf
Book: A Moveable Feast – Ernest Hemingway

Frankly, I think I would have been a great stylist. I’d wear these outfits right away but the key ingredients  are missing, unfortunately. Simple, effortless and definitely chic. Anyhow, I’d wear these outfits with my Isabel Marant bator coat.


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My style evolution

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“I’ve noticed that you have become more mature/conservative in comparison with your previous blog. What’s behind the alteration? Fashion and style is supposed to be fun – don’t you miss the exciting aspects of fashion? Comparatively, I also see that you purchase expensive clothes (which is, of course, more rational and eco-friendly than wasting money on poor quality and high street clothing), but I wonder how you can afford Isabel Marant?”

I believe that maturity comes with age. And age comes with time. It is logical that my style and fashion values have evolved ever since the earlier days of Dead Fleurette. I was only 16 when I started this blog, and it’s absolutely coherent that people in their mid teens experience modifications in life. Do you anticipate a person to remain the same three years later? Like alterations in history, literature, movies, music and art, they’re centered around new currents, reactions to given conventions, new influences, etc. For example, classicism was a reaction against the complexity and turgidity of the baroque era.

For instance, why did the French new wave arise? Because the French film critics rejected the convention embodied by the big studios. As a reaction to the classic French cinema, the new wave directors created radical innovations. La nouvelle vague is a cultural phenomenon as a consequence of economical, political, philosophical, aesthetic and social currents that developed in the 50′s during the postwar period. Another example: Stravinsky experimented constantly with different styles and he didn’t become rooted in one particular expression. While starting off as a Late Romantic, he moved to neoclassicism and later on to serialism. He was an outreaching and inquisitive composer and created a radical alternative to this romantic tradition. Russian folk music and folklore, jazz and atonality influenced his music. Earlier composers like Pergolesi, Händel and Bach were also stylistic influences. He even stated that “music is just music”.

With these digressions, I’m trying to indicate that the civilization is incessantly in evolution. Like many other teenagers, I’ve experimented with many different styles because I was younger and constantly attempted to “find myself and my style”. With age, I slowly managed to define my aesthetic and my style philosophy. I travel to Paris very often because my family, friends and relatives live in France. The city has always had an influence on my style, and it still influences me. When I was sixteen, I was utterly inspired by the French teenagers who bought their clothes at a French punk/rock store called Noir Kennedy. I dug into Doc Martens boots, edgy clothes and jeans from April 77, which oddly evolved into an admiration for the skinheads fashion. Six months later, I traveled back to Paris and had a new aesthetic in mind. Fortunately, one of my trips to Paris showed the way to the aesthetic I want to preserve. As you might have noticed, I am quite inspired by French style. I’m inspired by the importance of being well-dressed for every occasion. Inspired by “BCBG” – the French acronym “bon chic bon genre”, that my mother taught me when I was a little kid.

My style philosophy is also a reaction to the over-consumption that is pretty common amongst practically every fashion blogger. The way these bloggers portray their shopping habits is ridiculous. Encouraging their readers to participate in consumerism as if the world is in need of even more excessive consumers. Instead, I embrace simplicity. I want to prove myself that I’m absolutely capable of withstanding new clothes all the time. This is such a paradox – I’m obsessed with finding the perfect garments but I loathe the over-consumption. I use simplicity/minimalism as a way to filter out my actual needs and desires. My style philosophy is also a reaction against the need to stand out all the time. On the other hand, I will not dictate how people should dress or shouldn’t. People have different views on what’s aesthetically beautiful. I just want to look nice and decent, that’s all.

However, who says that my approach to fashion is boring? When did crazy patterns, lots of colors, etc, become equivalent to “fun”? I find it way more adventurous to build the perfect wardrobe, hunt for the perfect garments and do whatever I’m doing style-wise than lacking in style basis. Honestly, I don’t miss the days when I accidentally ended up looking like Mary-Kate Olsen one day, and Faris from The Horrors the other day. I don’t miss my schizophrenic style at all, which was clearly the reason why I experimented in the first place in order to figure out my style.

And how can I afford Isabel Marant? Seems like a big fat mystery to people. Personally, it’s about prioritizing and not go shopping every week. As I’m in a position where I can save my money for the clothes I want, I can easily prioritize. As simple as that.

Trois choses que je veux vous dire

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1. I need the second issue of The Gentlewoman but I must admit that I reckon the previous cover was better.

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2. I’m going to paint my nails rouge noir, the only nail polish I allow myself to wear. So chic. It would’ve been my signature look if it wasn’t for the fact that I’m a pianist and have to cut my nails all the time.

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3. I’ve purchased a new jacket. So expensive but hopefully worth the expense.


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I discovered this invention months ago but it sank into oblivion and I just rediscovered it. Handwashing clothes is such a hassle. But as much as I hate handwashing, I’m going to give this cleansing product from A.P.C. a try. A.P.C. is one of my favorite brands – I’m such a label freak. And I like the design of the bottle. Simple and neat. Hope it’ll make hand wash less boring.

The epitome of la garçonne

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I’ve had this photograph on my computer for a very very very long time. This is just pure perfection. When searching for the perfect suit jacket, I have this one in my mind. Semi-waisted blazer that is a tad feminine yet masculine. Women’s blazers are usually rather waisted and set off my curves, which I completely detest. As mentioned somewhere on my blog, I am a self proclaimed gamine. Or was.. until very recently as I reached puberty and I’m seemingly developing a somewhat womanly figure……

I wish I could pull off this look as genuine as this French woman does. I suppose the key to approximate this look is a slender and tall figure, and of course that certain je ne sais quoi.

Basic wardrobe essentials pt. 1

– A simple black blazer that has an interesting cut
– A perfect white shirt
– A simple, understated but beautifully crafted handbag in luxurious leather
– A pair of black leather flats

Granted, I don’t own any of these essentials but I will someday in the future. The French ballet shoes brand Repetto carries the best and most classic flats, but I haven’t found the pair that meets my demands:

1. The flats must cover my toes, completely
2. More than 1/2″ heel
3. Flats that aren’t too flat (need thick soles)

Beautiful impulse purchase

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If you’re an avid reader of this blog, you may have grasped that I’m not an avid shopper at all. I haven’t purchased anything in a very very very very long time. But today I made my first fall purchase: I found the most immaculate silk shirt from Acne that I bought on impulse. It’s asymmetrical and just pure perfection. Most long shirts make me look terribly stumpy. Happily, the asymmetric length of this shirt harmonizes flawlessly with my proportions. No cleavage but yet incredibly sexy. An easy piece I can throw on whenever I’m going out or want to dress up a bit. I’ll be wearing it tonight with a pair of black skinny jeans and suede ankle boots. So happy to add another perfect piece to my soon-to-be-perfect wardrobe.I’m sure I will not regret even though I purchased the shirt on impulse.

Inspiration du jour: Isabel Marant S/S 2008

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Occasionally, I look at old Isabel Marant campaigns and collections because they remind me of the reason I fell in love with Isabel Marant in the first place. I really really really do miss the old Isabel Marant. The hype did not only increase the price tags on her clothes, it also made her mainline collections somewhat horrible and tacky. Apparently, the hype affected her personality too, as I find her comments in recent interviews quite ridiculous and pretentious. Let’s hope that said quotes were taken completely out of context. I hope the hype will settle down soon to ensure that she returns to what she used to be good at –creating effortless chic clothes with substance.