I’ve never been into garments that the vast majority considers as sexy. Perhaps because I’ve always been a self proclaimed gamine or something. Granted, there a three body parts that I find beautiful: the back, the wrist, and the collarbones.

This black knit may look dull and just ordinary to some of you. I tell you, this knit is anything but ordinary. The interesting cut and fabric, the cropped sleeves and the exposed back make this knitted piece a lot more intriguing. In addition, this knit oozes of sensuality, I reckon. Nevertheless I wouldn’t mind owning a perfectly simple black knit with an o-neck. Still searching for it…

Isabel Marant Etoile knit, Cheap Monday jeans + Zara suede bottines

31 thoughts on “Black

  1. hey! thanks for the commenti love your style, i could easily wear this outfitoh and by the way: i am SO JEALOUS at your suede isabel marant boots. i've been craving for them for ages hehe

  2. Beautiful! I love that the whole outfit is black apart from the necklace and the watch in gold. I'm jealous of your gamine figure and wardrobe. Wish I could look both feminin and tomboyish at the same time!

  3. I have such a fascination with collarbones. The knit is lovely though! I've been looking around for some oversized knits lately to wear in the winter.

  4. Beautiful! I too have never liked 'sexy' clothes. Give me a lovely knit any day! Love the IM knit on you, the asymmetrical hem and back detail are just perfect.

  5. conventionally sexy is pretty dulli like how you have rolled up the ends of your jeans (well it looks like you have in the photo anyway), and the jumper shows off your wrists.

  6. Hei, takk for fin kommentar. må innrøme at bloggen din er utrolig bar den og, pleide å følge deg når du hadde den gamle bloggen. Digger gensern forrresten :)M, Ciaomanhattan.

  7. I can see how your obsession with how things should fit pays off. It's a simple outfit but the way each item fits on you is what makes the outfit special.

  8. i really like the close attention you pay to detail in every single garment you own. for a second there, i thought you had bought those marant booties in black as well!

  9. I don't care for what the vast majority calls 'sexy' either.I love the open back part of that knit! Exposure of backs in garments are by far much 'sexier', in my opinion. It enables the simple black knit to have a side to it that isn't so.

  10. Thank you all for the lovely feedback. Nice to know that you're all pro black and simple outfits, hehe.Anonymous #1: Haha.. can't really say that my figure is as gamine as it used to be. You know… teenage metabolism… VIncent: ME TOO! Collarbones <3 koko: Yes, indeed! They're totally worth it as well!Anonym: kjøpte dessverre bootsa for nesten to år siden. :( Pennerad: haha, they're similar to the IM booties.

  11. Aissa: Oh, the cream one is so nice… I think the saleswoman at isabel marant at galeries lafayette (10% discount for tourists, HURRAY!) was really annoyed at me because I asked her 100 times if I should purchase the black, cream or striped one.. haha. Karoline: LOL! leste fort og trodde du skrev "daddy". LOLZ. haha… noen bare får det ikke til… sorry mate. </3

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